(6:29:09 PM) You have just entered room "The Elite."
Im Ngamer (6:29:12 PM): back!
katslover42 (6:29:13 PM): Jon's back!
J Eternia F (6:29:21 PM): welcome back Jon
Im Ngamer (6:29:32 PM): we're 850 from #1 million now
Rshepherd1000 (6:29:41 PM): jon can i be added to the elite gamefaqs thing?
Im Ngamer (6:29:45 PM): should go down a little later tonight
Im Ngamer (6:29:57 PM): which one? the Ghost Busters?
katslover42 (6:30:05 PM): Other one.
Rshepherd1000 (6:30:07 PM): nah, the main one
Im Ngamer (6:30:21 PM): did you fill an actual bracket?
Rshepherd1000 (6:30:25 PM): yup
Rshepherd1000 (6:30:32 PM): i did it a month or so ago
Rshepherd1000 (6:30:48 PM): remember, i have ge beating oot ;-)
zelll99 (6:31:00 PM): lol
katslover42 (6:31:31 PM): That's true fandom for you 8-P
Rshepherd1000 (6:31:40 PM): w00t i just flopped four of a kind lol
zelll99 (6:31:47 PM): loll
zelll99 (6:32:00 PM): talk about luck :P
i337O (6:32:21 PM): ding ding
Rshepherd1000 (6:33:03 PM): any had a guy reraise me to max on turn and river!
zelll99 (6:33:12 PM): lol
zelll99 (6:33:16 PM): poor guy
Rshepherd1000 (6:33:48 PM): there were two 8s and two aces on the board, he must have had a full house
J Eternia F (6:38:21 PM): js t'as une idée comment occupé un samedi soir%
J Eternia F (6:38:26 PM): *?
zelll99 (6:38:42 PM): etudier
J Eternia F (6:38:50 PM): quelquechose de plus intéressant
zelll99 (6:39:09 PM): ju, film, club..
zelll99 (6:39:14 PM): jeu*
katslover42 (6:39:18 PM): Bah, not French again >_<
J Eternia F (6:39:33 PM): something free.
J Eternia F (6:39:38 PM): I'm broken
zelll99 (6:40:04 PM): AIM >_>
J Eternia F (6:40:09 PM): haha
J Eternia F (6:40:15 PM): oua...
i337O (6:40:17 PM): je comprend que tu dit :P
J Eternia F (6:40:20 PM): jva passer mon tour
katslover42 (6:40:30 PM): Does anyone ever go to the IRC chatroom?
Rshepherd1000 (6:40:30 PM): et moi
Rshepherd1000 (6:40:37 PM): whats that kats?
J Eternia F (6:40:42 PM): didnt go there since summer 2002
i337O (6:40:45 PM): Im on IRC all the time
katslover42 (6:40:48 PM): BrB
i337O (6:40:51 PM): didnt know elite had a room
OLLE boll e007 (6:40:52 PM): tu as une folle
i337O (6:40:54 PM): that works now
zelll99 (6:41:00 PM): lolll
J Eternia F (6:41:16 PM): mmm une folle
Rshepherd1000 (6:41:20 PM): oh i didnt know elite had one either
J Eternia F (6:41:23 PM): tant què cochonne ca me convient
zelll99 (6:41:50 PM): lol
J Eternia F (6:42:04 PM): russe ou asiatique...c encore mieux
zelll99 (6:42:16 PM): no more chicken wings.. no more pepsi.. :(
zelll99 (6:42:22 PM): wtf russe lol
J Eternia F (6:42:26 PM): oua
J Eternia F (6:42:30 PM): yen a des calissement chix
zelll99 (6:42:39 PM): jconnais pas de russes lol
J Eternia F (6:42:55 PM): ca manque a ta culture ;)
Rshepherd1000 (6:42:58 PM): enough with this 9-3 off suit rubbish dammit
J Eternia F (6:43:08 PM): tu connais des asians jespere? ;)
zelll99 (6:43:45 PM): lol shep
zelll99 (6:43:55 PM): jen connais pas personnelement non :-P
J Eternia F (6:46:37 PM): tsss tsss
J Eternia F (6:46:43 PM): tu me déçois
zelll99 (6:47:07 PM): faut jetudie :-P
zelll99 (6:47:11 PM): bonne soirée
zelll99 (6:47:32 PM): *is out*
J Eternia F (6:48:07 PM): salut
J Eternia F (6:48:08 PM): have fun
Rshepherd1000 (6:49:08 PM): im on a straight flush draw!
Rshepherd1000 (6:49:35 PM): meh missed it
Rshepherd1000 (6:49:46 PM): but won anyway
Rshepherd1000 (6:53:47 PM): is there a way to save your stats?
i337O (6:54:11 PM): no, dont think so
i337O (6:54:19 PM): unless you cn copy your hand histroy
katslover42 (6:57:39 PM): Back
Rshepherd1000 (6:58:30 PM): yeah may just take a screenshot at end of each session
katslover42 (6:59:39 PM): Or, you could write it down....
Rshepherd1000 (7:00:32 PM): hmm its a lot to write down
Rshepherd1000 (7:00:55 PM): but either way id have to get the info into excel somehow
zelll99 (7:01:41 PM): what stats do you want to save?
Rshepherd1000 (7:02:05 PM): it shows alot of stats
Rshepherd1000 (7:02:19 PM): you been to ultimate bet zell?
zelll99 (7:02:25 PM): no, where can i dl it
Rshepherd1000 (7:02:30 PM): ill take a screenshot
Rshepherd1000 (7:02:34 PM): one sec
Rshepherd1000 (7:03:16 PM): http://www.ultimatebet.com/
zelll99 (7:07:48 PM): shep
katslover42 (7:07:56 PM): pehs
zelll99 (7:08:01 PM): If you have been referred by another player, please enter their Screen Name below. Referred By (screen name):
Rshepherd1000 (7:08:01 PM): yes
Rshepherd1000 (7:08:07 PM): darth rob
zelll99 (7:08:13 PM): what will you win with this ;)
Rshepherd1000 (7:08:19 PM): i have no idea
katslover42 (7:08:19 PM): Chocolate.
Rshepherd1000 (7:08:28 PM): didnt know i did
zelll99 (7:08:34 PM): you have a tracking code? If so, please enter it below.?
Rshepherd1000 (7:08:35 PM): must investigate this!
Rshepherd1000 (7:08:38 PM): no
Rshepherd1000 (7:08:46 PM): no tracking code as far as im aware
zelll99 (7:09:02 PM): ok thanks
zelll99 (7:09:58 PM): i am not 21 >_>
Rshepherd1000 (7:10:06 PM): so what
Rshepherd1000 (7:10:14 PM): so long as you dont play for real money youre ok
zelll99 (7:10:25 PM): alright
zelll99 (7:10:38 PM): the legal age in canada is 18
Rshepherd1000 (7:10:50 PM): yeah so youre covered both ways
Rshepherd1000 (7:11:36 PM): http://www.geocities.com/rshepherd1000/ultimatebet.JPG
Rshepherd1000 (7:11:41 PM): for example of stats
zelll99 (7:13:04 PM): cool
Rshepherd1000 (7:13:16 PM): yeah its good info to have
katslover42 (7:13:39 PM): Haha, why is my name clicked in that screenshot, Shep?
Rshepherd1000 (7:14:06 PM): er
Rshepherd1000 (7:14:09 PM): hmm
zelll99 (7:14:15 PM): lol
Rshepherd1000 (7:14:16 PM): *thinks of excuse
katslover42 (7:14:19 PM): LoL
katslover42 (7:14:25 PM): I was just picking on you.
Rshepherd1000 (7:14:26 PM): probably cause i sent you those files
katslover42 (7:14:34 PM): Right now in mine, Zell's name is clicked, and I can' ttink of a reason why.
katslover42 (7:14:43 PM): Except you know..the usual...he's sexy.
Rshepherd1000 (7:14:49 PM): lol
Rshepherd1000 (7:15:48 PM): you playing zell?
zelll99 (7:16:41 PM): <3 kats
zelll99 (7:16:45 PM): im looking at it yes
zelll99 (7:16:53 PM): but i have to study >_>
zelll99 (7:17:03 PM): what are these turbo mode game
Rshepherd1000 (7:17:15 PM): im on play chip 101h
Rshepherd1000 (7:17:31 PM): i3370 told me it was just super quick play
zelll99 (7:19:07 PM): the blue "checks" are for when players check?
Rshepherd1000 (7:19:14 PM): yup
zelll99 (7:19:34 PM): when they bet or raise you just see the chips?
Rshepherd1000 (7:19:51 PM): yeah
Rshepherd1000 (7:19:59 PM): but you can turn on dealer text
Rshepherd1000 (7:20:23 PM): if you want
Rshepherd1000 (7:20:39 PM): wow
Rshepherd1000 (7:20:42 PM): check this out
zelll99 (7:20:50 PM): you are noweligible for our 50% refer-a-friend bonus on your first deposit. Your friend,darth rob, will also get a bonus when you first deposit!
Rshepherd1000 (7:20:54 PM): are you watching this?
zelll99 (7:21:07 PM): yes im at your table
Rshepherd1000 (7:21:21 PM): look at my cards
zelll99 (7:21:25 PM): good hand
zelll99 (7:21:34 PM): what you got?
Rshepherd1000 (7:21:52 PM): i had ace/jack diamonds
Rshepherd1000 (7:22:04 PM): flop came with king/queen of diamonds
Rshepherd1000 (7:22:18 PM): and a 10
Rshepherd1000 (7:22:23 PM): so i had the straight
zelll99 (7:22:23 PM): lol
Rshepherd1000 (7:22:24 PM): but
zelll99 (7:22:26 PM): u know what..
Rshepherd1000 (7:22:33 PM): i needed 10 of diamonds for a royal flush!
Rshepherd1000 (7:22:53 PM): but it never came :-(
zelll99 (7:22:54 PM): if i ever make a real money deposit, you'll have that amount in bonus.. so if i deposit 100$, they,ll give you 100$ O_O
Rshepherd1000 (7:23:00 PM): never had a royal flush before
Rshepherd1000 (7:23:24 PM): wow really?
zelll99 (7:23:28 PM): yeah
Rshepherd1000 (7:23:30 PM): omg
Rshepherd1000 (7:23:34 PM): zell deposit money
zelll99 (7:23:38 PM): but i doubt ill play real money
zelll99 (7:23:39 PM): lol
Rshepherd1000 (7:23:47 PM): but you can always take it out again
Rshepherd1000 (7:23:54 PM): you dont have to play with it
Rshepherd1000 (7:23:57 PM): or do you?
zelll99 (7:24:10 PM): well you probably have to play with the money they give you at least
zelll99 (7:24:39 PM): what do you have in teh hole
Rshepherd1000 (7:24:55 PM): but do you have to play with your deposit in order for me to get the bonus?
Rshepherd1000 (7:24:59 PM): 65
Rshepherd1000 (7:25:11 PM): off suit
zelll99 (7:25:28 PM): i dont know maybe there are rules, or it would be too easy to get money from them lol
Rshepherd1000 (7:25:35 PM): yeah exactly
i337O (7:25:40 PM): if you get royal flush you get free money
Rshepherd1000 (7:25:45 PM): omg
i337O (7:25:47 PM): my friend got $200
zelll99 (7:25:50 PM): omg
i337O (7:25:59 PM): not sure about free tables, but you probably get like $20
i337O (7:26:15 PM): ive never been near one yet :/
Rshepherd1000 (7:26:27 PM): that was the closest ive ever been in mmy life
Rshepherd1000 (7:26:43 PM): only ever had two straight flushes ever
zelll99 (7:26:45 PM): how many free money to they give me to start with
Rshepherd1000 (7:26:49 PM): 1000
Rshepherd1000 (7:26:57 PM): but you can get more whenever you want
zelll99 (7:27:04 PM): alright
zelll99 (7:27:23 PM): we should play together sometime
Rshepherd1000 (7:27:27 PM): yeah
zelll99 (7:27:33 PM): in a month when school is over or something :-P
Rshepherd1000 (7:27:40 PM): yeah definitely
Rshepherd1000 (7:28:09 PM): raising before the flop doesnt seem to get rid of enough people here
Rshepherd1000 (7:28:20 PM): maybe this one is just a loose table though
zelll99 (7:28:22 PM): just by looking at your table for 10 mins, it looks like a higher caliber of play, compared to empire
Rshepherd1000 (7:28:33 PM): yeah i went to empire
Rshepherd1000 (7:28:44 PM): got dealt QQ first hand
Rshepherd1000 (7:28:50 PM): raised
zelll99 (7:28:57 PM): everybody called >_>
Rshepherd1000 (7:28:59 PM): and ALL other 9 called
Rshepherd1000 (7:29:06 PM): exactly
zelll99 (7:29:07 PM): its always like that
zelll99 (7:29:16 PM): you cant bluff and people always call
Rshepherd1000 (7:29:17 PM): i left immediately lol
i337O (7:29:55 PM): people tend to call when not playing with real money
zelll99 (7:30:08 PM): yup.. cause its not real money :-P
Rshepherd1000 (7:30:17 PM): yeah
zelll99 (7:30:52 PM): i feel like a high-roller with the las-vegas background
Rshepherd1000 (7:31:04 PM): haha its cool
Rshepherd1000 (7:31:09 PM): i like the ub software
zelll99 (7:31:45 PM): at teh casino, are there always big tables like that? 10 players? seems like alot
Rshepherd1000 (7:32:02 PM): well yes
Rshepherd1000 (7:32:14 PM): ive only ever played tourneys at casinos
Rshepherd1000 (7:32:19 PM): never limit games
zelll99 (7:32:34 PM): you played no limits?
Rshepherd1000 (7:32:38 PM): but its nearly always 10 to a table
Rshepherd1000 (7:32:42 PM): pot limit
Rshepherd1000 (7:32:59 PM): the tourneys were pot limit at the casinos
zelll99 (7:33:00 PM): okay.. wah i would have the guts
zelll99 (7:33:20 PM): how did you learn the "rules" of casino?
Rshepherd1000 (7:33:29 PM): i wouldnt play pot/no lomit outside of a tourney!
zelll99 (7:33:34 PM): i know at blackjack you cant touch your cards with both hands and stuff.. but with poker
Rshepherd1000 (7:33:50 PM): you can play with your cards as much as you like
Rshepherd1000 (7:33:59 PM): tapping the table = checking
zelll99 (7:34:04 PM): yeah but.. i mean how do you learn these rules
Rshepherd1000 (7:34:08 PM): hmm
zelll99 (7:34:22 PM): look at others play before going in? :-P
Rshepherd1000 (7:34:33 PM): well id watched poker on tv before i went to a casino
zelll99 (7:34:36 PM): thats what scares me the most, my 1st time i dont want to look like a complete idiot
Rshepherd1000 (7:35:05 PM): watch it on tv if you can
Rshepherd1000 (7:35:13 PM): but
zelll99 (7:35:14 PM): i watched a tourney the other day
zelll99 (7:35:19 PM): but didnt notice that
i337O (7:35:28 PM): zelll are you from UK?
zelll99 (7:35:37 PM): no
Rshepherd1000 (7:35:37 PM): if you look like an idiot then it may work to your advantage anyway
zelll99 (7:35:39 PM): Canada
Rshepherd1000 (7:36:01 PM): as people will underestimate you
zelll99 (7:36:10 PM): lol yeah
Rshepherd1000 (7:36:30 PM): but yeah, you could go to a casino and just watch a tourney or whatever before you actually play properly
Rshepherd1000 (7:36:43 PM): its not that complicated
zelll99 (7:37:06 PM): yeah i guess but i wouldnt want to be stressed with these little things.. ill have to worry about my game :-P
Rshepherd1000 (7:37:25 PM): besides
zelll99 (7:37:29 PM): how much is it usually to enter a tournye?
Rshepherd1000 (7:37:37 PM): the dealer will always prompt you when its your turn to act
Rshepherd1000 (7:37:42 PM): and announce all bets and stuff
Rshepherd1000 (7:37:59 PM): well it can vary alot
Rshepherd1000 (7:38:33 PM): i played in ones where it was only £5 to enter
zelll99 (7:38:54 PM): thats the kind of tourney i need :)
Rshepherd1000 (7:38:55 PM): but if you got knocked out in first hour you could rebuy in gfor another £5
Rshepherd1000 (7:39:06 PM): i never had to do that :-P
Rshepherd1000 (7:39:09 PM): but
zelll99 (7:39:10 PM): lol
Rshepherd1000 (7:39:14 PM): what it means is
Rshepherd1000 (7:39:27 PM): you get alot of people playing fast and loose early
Rshepherd1000 (7:39:39 PM): as if they get knocke out they just rebuy in
zelll99 (7:39:43 PM): yeah..
zelll99 (7:39:51 PM): and how many chips did they give you
zelll99 (7:40:08 PM): nice flop :-P
Rshepherd1000 (7:40:10 PM): so you pretty much have to be prepared to go all in if you play a hand in first half an hour
Rshepherd1000 (7:40:14 PM): yeah
Rshepherd1000 (7:40:29 PM): er maybe 1000 in 50s
Rshepherd1000 (7:40:35 PM): i cant quite remember
zelll99 (7:40:42 PM): heh, must be fun though
Rshepherd1000 (7:40:44 PM): blinds 10/20
zelll99 (7:40:51 PM): i should go to teh casino to get informed
Rshepherd1000 (7:40:52 PM): yeah it is
Rshepherd1000 (7:41:24 PM): its a hell of a lot more nervewracking than playing online though
zelll99 (7:41:37 PM): yeah i guess
Rshepherd1000 (7:41:40 PM): but there are loads of tourneys you can play online too
Rshepherd1000 (7:41:49 PM): which are equally as fun
Rshepherd1000 (7:42:13 PM): as i3370 will tell you
zelll99 (7:42:15 PM): yeah, how do you pay for them?
Rshepherd1000 (7:42:25 PM): credit card?
Rshepherd1000 (7:42:37 PM): but there are tons of freerolls
zelll99 (7:42:51 PM): tourneys you dont have to pay to enter?
i337O (7:42:51 PM): party poker has 8 man tournaments every 2 minutes
Rshepherd1000 (7:42:59 PM): yes
zelll99 (7:43:01 PM): nice
Rshepherd1000 (7:43:14 PM): i3370 was playing one at ub with 1500 entrants earlier
zelll99 (7:43:34 PM): i know he played one yesturday
i337O (7:44:06 PM): and finished 169 due to some lucksack :-p
zelll99 (7:44:16 PM): lol
zelll99 (7:44:24 PM): 169 out of 1500 is good imo
Rshepherd1000 (7:45:37 PM): god im getting dealt nothing
zelll99 (7:46:00 PM): what do you wait for to call preflop?
zelll99 (7:46:07 PM): suited? pair?
Rshepherd1000 (7:46:09 PM): well
Rshepherd1000 (7:46:20 PM): it depends on position
Rshepherd1000 (7:46:27 PM): from button
Rshepherd1000 (7:46:56 PM): if youre one of first to bet you want really good cards
Rshepherd1000 (7:47:36 PM): i have a word doc i can send you which shows basic guidelines
zelll99 (7:47:46 PM): id love to
Rshepherd1000 (7:47:51 PM): ok
Rshepherd1000 (7:47:53 PM): one sec
zelll99 (7:47:58 PM): i read a couple of internet sites but more is always good
Rshepherd1000 (7:48:44 PM): i copied these out of some of the books i have
zelll99 (7:49:18 PM): nice
Rshepherd1000 (7:49:46 PM): you have to accept transfer
zelll99 (7:49:53 PM): i got nothing
Rshepherd1000 (7:50:00 PM): hmm
zelll99 (7:50:19 PM): maybe the network here :-/
Rshepherd1000 (7:50:24 PM): damn it
Rshepherd1000 (7:50:30 PM): rivered
zelll99 (7:50:56 PM): i got the cancel transfer screen >_>
Rshepherd1000 (7:51:03 PM): does get file work?
zelll99 (7:51:15 PM): i think so
Rshepherd1000 (7:51:21 PM): one sec
Rshepherd1000 (7:51:26 PM): ill copy stuff in there
zelll99 (7:51:41 PM): You already have a file transfer occurring with this buddy.You must wait until it is finished before starting another.
zelll99 (7:51:51 PM): wtf
Rshepherd1000 (7:51:53 PM): hmm
Rshepherd1000 (7:52:06 PM): right try getfile
katslover42 (7:52:39 PM): Good lord, that's a lot of poker talk.
(7:52:54 PM) Dark Avenger 2K1 has entered the room.
(7:53:22 PM) Dark Avenger 2K1 has left the room.
Rshepherd1000 (7:53:29 PM): the one startinghands.doc is the best
Rshepherd1000 (7:53:43 PM): the advanced on eis very complicated
zelll99 (7:54:32 PM): ill get them all if its ok with you
Rshepherd1000 (7:54:39 PM): sure
Rshepherd1000 (7:54:46 PM): cant remember what some of others are
zelll99 (7:55:53 PM): thanks
Rshepherd1000 (7:55:57 PM): no problem
zelll99 (7:56:15 PM): whats the difference between folding and mucking
Rshepherd1000 (7:56:20 PM): same thing
J Eternia F (7:56:21 PM): off
(7:56:23 PM) J Eternia F has left the room.
Rshepherd1000 (7:56:24 PM): later
Rshepherd1000 (7:56:26 PM): gah
zelll99 (7:56:38 PM): oh alright
zelll99 (7:57:25 PM): ill go back to study now..
Rshepherd1000 (7:57:35 PM): ok
Rshepherd1000 (7:57:37 PM): later
zelll99 (7:57:54 PM): "I'd say good luck, but I know it's not about luck in your game."
zelll99 (7:58:01 PM): later
Rshepherd1000 (7:58:02 PM): ha
zelll99 (7:58:19 PM): *is off*
(7:58:30 PM) Stickmansam 1024 has entered the room.
Stickmansam 1024 (8:00:27 PM): A man sees God in his car. He crashes.
(8:03:06 PM) Stickmansam 1024 has left the room.
Rshepherd1000 (8:13:03 PM): UNBELIEVABLE
Rshepherd1000 (8:13:11 PM): i have pocket 8s
Rshepherd1000 (8:13:23 PM): and have flopped 4 of a kind AGAIN
zelll99 (8:16:26 PM): O_o
zelll99 (8:16:36 PM): tonight is your night
Rshepherd1000 (8:16:40 PM): ridiculous luck
zelll99 (8:16:45 PM): go play real money and WIN :-P
zelll99 (8:16:53 PM): *goes back to his books*
Rshepherd1000 (8:17:01 PM): well i got no action on the hand so it was more or less useless
Rshepherd1000 (8:17:53 PM): http://www.geocities.com/rshepherd1000/sweetflop.JPG
Rshepherd1000 (8:21:13 PM): right ive had enough
Rshepherd1000 (8:21:17 PM): going to bed
Rshepherd1000 (8:21:19 PM): later all
(8:21:31 PM) Rshepherd1000 has left the room.
(9:12:17 PM) Joshheuer has entered the room.
Joshheuer (9:12:31 PM): Dude
Joshheuer (9:13:14 PM): UNBELIEVABLE./
Joshheuer (9:13:50 PM): Losers.
i337O (9:16:57 PM): lol
i337O (9:17:08 PM): Cant be banned from here
i337O (9:17:28 PM): I heard expert is one unhappy man :-p
Joshheuer (9:20:23 PM): Haha
Joshheuer (9:20:26 PM): What a fuckass
Joshheuer (9:20:32 PM): I deleted a bunch of gay old TS2 topics
Joshheuer (9:20:38 PM): like anyone plays that shitass game anymore anyways
Joshheuer (9:20:42 PM): and the only ones who do post at the other boards.
Joshheuer (9:20:50 PM): I warned him
i337O (9:20:57 PM): are you IP banned?
Joshheuer (9:20:59 PM): They still deleted/moved/locked my topic.
Joshheuer (9:20:59 PM): Yep
Joshheuer (9:21:06 PM): I can't get into the boards at all.
i337O (9:21:30 PM): a few topics being the entire forum :p
Joshheuer (9:21:32 PM): Now I can really be the first person to say I'm leaving and actually not come back a week later and post.
Joshheuer (9:21:34 PM): Yep.
Joshheuer (9:21:40 PM): It was only 9 pages of old retarded topics.
Joshheuer (9:21:53 PM): The last topic ont he first page was probably last posted in like November of 2002
i337O (9:22:00 PM): heh
Joshheuer (9:23:06 PM): Man
Joshheuer (9:23:13 PM): I loved seeing those words to me from Expert
Joshheuer (9:23:21 PM): XprtGamer64: What the fuck is your problem man?
Joshheuer (9:23:43 PM): Normally he gets on and is all like, Joshy!!!! I <3 u!
Joshheuer (9:25:01 PM): peace ouuttttttttttttttttt
(9:25:01 PM) Joshheuer has left the room.
Im Ngamer (9:25:19 PM): what a fag
katslover42 (9:25:28 PM): LoL
katslover42 (9:25:36 PM): I've never seen Jon say anything bad about ANYONE.
Im Ngamer (9:26:04 PM): eh, I'll rip one off every now and again
katslover42 (9:26:32 PM): Yea, I just seen that, it was most impressive.
katslover42 (9:26:36 PM): A regular Jedi maneuver.
katslover42 (9:28:16 PM): Who is that guy, anyway?
i337O (9:33:24 PM): Jon, IM :)
i337O (9:37:38 PM): jon, ding ding
katslover42 (9:38:03 PM): Don't be waving that thing around, man, even if it is for Jon.
katslover42 (9:49:49 PM): Hmm, what what DID happen to Jon...not like him to go idle for no reason like that.
Im Ngamer (10:03:48 PM): haha
katslover42 (10:08:56 PM): Well welcome back ! I thought you had died.
(10:11:25 PM) Jug A Dorj 3 has entered the room.
OLLE boll e007 (10:25:57 PM): hello everyone
i337O (10:30:47 PM): hello
Im Ngamer (10:31:55 PM): anyone have the song "My Band"
Im Ngamer (10:31:57 PM): by D-12?
Im Ngamer (10:32:13 PM): Karl needs it
i337O (10:34:56 PM): i have it
katslover42 (10:34:58 PM): I can get it awfully quick if it's necessary...
katslover42 (10:35:01 PM): Or he can give it up 8-P
(10:38:27 PM) i337O has left the room.
zelll99 (10:40:51 PM): katslover42 (23:34:33): I can get it awfully quick if it's necessary...
zelll99 (10:40:57 PM): shareaza is slowww :-P
katslover42 (10:41:29 PM): Not for meeeee.
zelll99 (10:41:36 PM): :-/
katslover42 (10:41:51 PM): I get speeds of 1MB or more per sec.
zelll99 (10:42:14 PM): it has a great design though
katslover42 (10:42:17 PM): heheh
zelll99 (10:44:41 PM): i just thought of a strat for adventure while brushing my teeth
katslover42 (10:44:46 PM): Haha...
zelll99 (10:45:54 PM): grab bat, go take white key (still holding bat).. open white castle (have to run from green dragon).. let bat go, grab bridge, go take black key, hope the bat doesnt screw you up.. then the sword is near the black castle
zelll99 (10:46:24 PM): (where the white key was), so you dont have to backtrack much to get it, kill red dragon, get chalice.. bring back to yellow castle, drop it.. get yellow key, unlock and finish...
zelll99 (10:46:58 PM): the part i dont like is leaving the chalice near the end to get yellow key :-/
zelll99 (10:47:33 PM): lemme try that right away
katslover42 (10:48:42 PM): Hmm that might be a good strat.
zelll99 (10:58:13 PM): well..
(10:58:13 PM) Jug A Dorj 3 has left the room.
zelll99 (10:58:31 PM): it could work but its harder cause of the bat
zelll99 (10:59:18 PM): up to the white castle its definitely faster
zelll99 (10:59:36 PM): but then i trapped the bat in the white castle and he started to fuck with the black key
(10:59:56 PM) mikerspd has entered the room.
zelll99 (11:00:08 PM): but if i could get the black key and get out of the castle letting the bat trapped it would be great..
mikerspd (11:00:24 PM): !?
mikerspd (11:00:31 PM): that sounds like Adventure...
zelll99 (11:00:44 PM): thats what im talking about
mikerspd (11:00:45 PM): though there was no black key...
mikerspd (11:00:48 PM): was there?
zelll99 (11:00:53 PM): there IS a black key
mikerspd (11:00:53 PM): green/red/gold I thought...
mikerspd (11:00:57 PM): Wait, yes there is. :p
zelll99 (11:01:03 PM): gold, black, white
mikerspd (11:01:03 PM): Only on the hard difficulty, right?
mikerspd (11:01:10 PM): Why in the fuck are you talking about Adventure anyway?!
zelll99 (11:01:12 PM): yeah, game 2 and 3
zelll99 (11:01:17 PM): im speed running adventure
zelll99 (11:01:27 PM): and i just thought of a new strat and tested it
mikerspd (11:01:32 PM): Hahahahaha... I never did get that "blind" room figured out very well.
zelll99 (11:01:48 PM): i have a vid if you want :-P
mikerspd (11:01:56 PM): You actually have an Atari, or are you playing an emulater?
zelll99 (11:02:00 PM): on emulator
mikerspd (11:02:10 PM): Well, I mean, I've beaten it, of course (on the Atari baby!), just never mastered that room...
zelll99 (11:02:13 PM): but i cant save state with my emulator so its like if i played for real
mikerspd (11:02:22 PM): And GOD do I love the magnet. :)
mikerspd (11:02:31 PM): So why are you playing that game anyway?
zelll99 (11:02:31 PM): lol, teh magnet is useless
mikerspd (11:02:39 PM): it just fucks stuff up. :)
zelll99 (11:02:41 PM): i just want the WR
mikerspd (11:02:44 PM): there's a WR?
mikerspd (11:02:46 PM): omg...
zelll99 (11:02:46 PM): yes
mikerspd (11:02:49 PM): do I know you? :)
zelll99 (11:03:13 PM): probably not.. youse didnt add me to the elite yet ;) im in the Ge n00b rivalry
mikerspd (11:03:23 PM): :) okay, just checking...
mikerspd (11:03:28 PM): were you talking to anyone before I got here?
zelll99 (11:03:36 PM): kats, but he doesnt answer :-P
mikerspd (11:03:46 PM): don't think I know who that is either...
zelll99 (11:03:53 PM): he was the only one who seemed interrested with my adventure speed running, but it looks like he's grown tired of it hehe
mikerspd (11:04:12 PM): So would they count the WR on an Emulator?
zelll99 (11:04:15 PM): no
mikerspd (11:04:19 PM): ... where is this crap anyway?
zelll99 (11:04:23 PM): but its just for fun
mikerspd (11:04:24 PM): do you have an Atari? :)
zelll99 (11:04:29 PM): i already beat the WR on difficulty 1
mikerspd (11:04:49 PM): that's like a straight-run isn't it, no nonsense at all...
zelll99 (11:04:49 PM): no i dont but if i could beat the WR for game 2 maybe id try to find one to record an elligible WR
zelll99 (11:04:59 PM): yes its a straight run, mostly
mikerspd (11:05:13 PM): hehehehe, I have one in AK... but we haven't been able to find all the cordss for a while.
zelll99 (11:05:21 PM): lol
mikerspd (11:05:55 PM): That is SO my project when I visit again. :)
zelll99 (11:06:08 PM): what is AK?
mikerspd (11:06:11 PM): Alaska
zelll99 (11:06:16 PM): oh
mikerspd (11:06:19 PM): where I used to live (and Sucram still does).
zelll99 (11:06:27 PM): where are you now
mikerspd (11:06:36 PM): New Mexico
zelll99 (11:06:47 PM): a little warmer huh
mikerspd (11:06:53 PM): It snowed today...
zelll99 (11:06:58 PM): >_<
mikerspd (11:07:05 PM): A LOT... actually caused the DISH to lose signal.
zelll99 (11:07:14 PM): lol
zelll99 (11:07:26 PM): i live in Quebec, Canada so our dishes are used to snow :-P
katslover42 (11:20:13 PM): Sorry, I was playing Gunstar Heroes 8-P (awesome fucking game)
katslover42 (11:24:30 PM): Actually Gunstar Heroes...you could probably do speed runs on that, Zell.
(11:26:23 PM) JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd has entered the room.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:26:26 PM): yo
katslover42 (11:26:27 PM): Guru!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:26:37 PM): kats!
katslover42 (11:27:00 PM): What's going down, man?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:27:17 PM): Just got home from work, eating mexican pizza
katslover42 (11:27:48 PM): Last time I ate a mexican pizza, I figured out why it's called that...it's nasty.
katslover42 (11:28:51 PM): Ever played Gunstar Heroes, Guru?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:29:54 PM): Nope
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:29:58 PM): Is it good?
katslover42 (11:30:02 PM): It's fucking awesome.
katslover42 (11:30:08 PM): I've been playing the hell out of the ROM.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:30:23 PM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:30:28 PM): Cool
katslover42 (11:30:38 PM): I'll have to add it to my measly Genesis collection soon.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:31:21 PM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:31:30 PM): My fiancee has a Genesis
katslover42 (11:31:38 PM): Does she have any good games for it?
katslover42 (11:32:32 PM): My fiance has the PS2 so our collection on it is limited to FFX-2, Kingdom Hearts, and Drakengard 8-P. I'll get a lot of kick ass games for it when we move in together, though, heheh.
Comeasur37 (11:32:48 PM): back!
Comeasur37 (11:32:51 PM): reading chat!
katslover42 (11:33:10 PM): Skip the poker talk!
zelll99 (11:33:22 PM): i think im going to kill that bat
katslover42 (11:33:38 PM): LoL
katslover42 (11:33:42 PM): Is he fucking you over, Zell?
zelll99 (11:33:46 PM): yeah
zelll99 (11:33:52 PM): but i have a couple of new strats in mind
zelll99 (11:33:58 PM): he just wont do what i want
katslover42 (11:34:16 PM): Yea, that's why he's called "that fucking bat"
zelll99 (11:34:22 PM): lol
OLLE boll e007 (11:34:25 PM): Today I got to ride a firebird with 450 hp... V8 engine... aahh the sound
OLLE boll e007 (11:34:31 PM): the acc
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:34:36 PM): they dont come with 450hp
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:34:49 PM): was it modded?
katslover42 (11:34:52 PM): They do if you stick your dick in the tail pipe.
OLLE boll e007 (11:34:53 PM): dunno
zelll99 (11:34:55 PM): i cant trap him in the yellow castle if i killed the green dragon down there because he will fly downwards and get out of the castle
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:35:03 PM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:35:13 PM): kats: she has all crappy games
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:35:16 PM): I'll check in a bit
katslover42 (11:35:20 PM): Aww, not even Sonic?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:35:30 PM): no :-p
katslover42 (11:35:31 PM): Fuck I don't even have any Sonic games 8-(
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:36:03 PM): lol
katslover42 (11:37:01 PM): I have: Jurassic Park(shit), NFL Football '94 Starring Joe Montana(shitshit), Shining Force(my reason for having the system), Spider-Man-Venom: Maximum Carnage(fucking awesome game), and Wolverine: Adamantium Rage
Comeasur37 (11:37:10 PM): wow
katslover42 (11:37:14 PM): W:AR is shit in my opinion, but a lot of other people seem to like it.
Comeasur37 (11:37:16 PM): you guys suck at making an interesting log
katslover42 (11:37:24 PM): Hey, I didn't talk about poker!
Comeasur37 (11:37:33 PM): good job kats
katslover42 (11:37:37 PM): Thank you.
zelll99 (11:37:58 PM): come, you want me to talk about adventure more?
katslover42 (11:38:24 PM): You know Come has the hots for Adventure.
katslover42 (11:38:41 PM): He makes it have 450hp, if you know what I mean ^_~
Comeasur37 (11:39:00 PM): no thanks
mikerspd (11:39:39 PM): Adventure rules!!!
katslover42 (11:39:45 PM): It does, indeed.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:40:02 PM): omg teh adventure!!!!!!!1111
zelll99 (11:40:05 PM): but the bat is a fuckin idiot
mikerspd (11:40:10 PM): hehehehe
katslover42 (11:40:14 PM): Zell, ever played Gunstar Heroes??
zelll99 (11:40:22 PM): no.. what is it?
katslover42 (11:40:29 PM): Genesis game...it fucking rocks.
katslover42 (11:40:31 PM): The house.
katslover42 (11:40:35 PM): And raises the roof.
katslover42 (11:40:40 PM): And puts it's weight down on it.
zelll99 (11:41:00 PM): lol
zelll99 (11:41:05 PM): do you have it on emulator or somethin?
katslover42 (11:41:10 PM): I have the ROM if you are interested.
Im Ngamer (11:41:11 PM): has drag been in yet?
katslover42 (11:41:14 PM): Nope.
katslover42 (11:41:20 PM): He was on earlier though and IM'd me.
Im Ngamer (11:41:21 PM): he'd better hurry
zelll99 (11:41:25 PM): sure kats, tell me where to get it :)
katslover42 (11:41:33 PM): So I gave him my prediction.
katslover42 (11:42:05 PM): For the love of me, though...I can't remember what I predicted.
zelll99 (11:42:09 PM): lol
zelll99 (11:42:36 PM): i dont know what to predict either
katslover42 (11:42:42 PM): Did you accept, Zellneno?
Im Ngamer (11:42:42 PM): yeah, it's a tough one
mikerspd (11:42:46 PM): predicted?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:42:49 PM): for this one?
mikerspd (11:42:53 PM): oh, for the ghosts...
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:42:58 PM): The Chrono match?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:43:01 PM): I'm really close
mikerspd (11:43:02 PM): yeah, I tried to message him, that's actually why I came in here. :p
zelll99 (11:43:03 PM): kats, didnt receive shit.. can you put it in getfile?
katslover42 (11:43:11 PM): I'll do so.
zelll99 (11:43:14 PM): thanks
zelll99 (11:43:25 PM): who's the closest for the chrono match?
katslover42 (11:43:59 PM): See if it's in there, Zell.
mikerspd (11:44:00 PM): Guru it looks like...
katslover42 (11:44:02 PM): Should be.
mikerspd (11:44:28 PM): But Ngamer will be under 1% like he was hoping. :)
mikerspd (11:44:40 PM): Err, that's Neo, nevermind.
mikerspd (11:44:49 PM): Jon was way off. :p
zelll99 (11:45:05 PM): katslover42's software does not support Get File requests
Im Ngamer (11:45:13 PM): wha...
zelll99 (11:45:20 PM): i thought Jon predicted around 78
Im Ngamer (11:45:23 PM): Pat, you're playing along with the experts now?
mikerspd (11:45:26 PM): Jon.......76.79%
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:45:28 PM): sure
zelll99 (11:45:39 PM): its not that bad, i predicted 77.00 :-P
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:45:40 PM): in the Oracle topic?
Im Ngamer (11:45:43 PM): ever since I linked you up?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:45:52 PM): yup
katslover42 (11:45:56 PM): Ok, Zell.
katslover42 (11:45:59 PM): It should work now, sorry.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:46:01 PM): i pretty much just guessed
katslover42 (11:46:03 PM): I didn't do it right 8-P
Im Ngamer (11:46:04 PM): aw, that's sweet
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:46:11 PM): yeah
zelll99 (11:46:21 PM): kats, does the same thing lol
katslover42 (11:46:25 PM): Well fudge.
zelll99 (11:46:34 PM): katslover42 does not have any files available for download
zelll99 (11:46:44 PM): different error, youre getting there!
Comeasur37 (11:47:02 PM): I'm coming up on having 10GB of stuff in Get File
katslover42 (11:47:43 PM): Try it now, I think I got it 8-P
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:47:58 PM): LESS THAN 1000 accounts to go until account 1 million!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:48:00 PM): wow
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (11:48:08 PM): *creates 50 hotmail accounts*
katslover42 (11:48:11 PM): Heheh
zelll99 (11:48:15 PM): how can you see what number its up to?
katslover42 (11:48:17 PM): I guess you do need a different email.
katslover42 (11:48:35 PM): Are you getting it, Zell? It just keeps saying Waiting to Connect....
zelll99 (11:48:54 PM): havent gotten the list of your files yet
katslover42 (11:48:58 PM): oh
(11:49:17 PM) GoldenJimbo007 has entered the room.
katslover42 (11:49:41 PM): Should I put a number in the "port number to use:" box?
Comeasur37 (11:50:29 PM): try 8888
katslover42 (11:50:32 PM): ok
Comeasur37 (11:50:40 PM): or any other port that your firewall will allow
GoldenJimbo007 (11:50:41 PM): Come, you have me blocked
GoldenJimbo007 (11:50:42 PM): wtf
Comeasur37 (11:50:43 PM): Hey Jim
Comeasur37 (11:50:47 PM): Different SN
Comeasur37 (11:50:52 PM): wont let me in chat on other one
GoldenJimbo007 (11:50:53 PM): Yes, I know
GoldenJimbo007 (11:50:55 PM): wtf
katslover42 (11:50:57 PM): Try it one more time, Zell.
Comeasur37 (11:51:00 PM): this one has everyone blocked
GoldenJimbo007 (11:51:03 PM): Oh
GoldenJimbo007 (11:51:08 PM): Finally got 0:26 Depot
katslover42 (11:51:10 PM): Even his mom.
Comeasur37 (11:51:13 PM): I saw, good job
GoldenJimbo007 (11:51:14 PM): It was so easy.....That makes 5 WRs for next update
Comeasur37 (11:51:18 PM): Yup
GoldenJimbo007 (11:51:20 PM): :)
Comeasur37 (11:51:23 PM): Gotta add yours and dans
GoldenJimbo007 (11:51:27 PM): 2nd most I think
Comeasur37 (11:51:33 PM): other than that, my updating part is done
Comeasur37 (11:52:03 PM): you know where i throw my updated files if you wanna see them, right?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:52:13 PM): Ues
GoldenJimbo007 (11:52:14 PM): Yes*
Comeasur37 (11:52:19 PM): K
Comeasur37 (11:52:25 PM): Tell me if you find any mistakes
GoldenJimbo007 (11:52:30 PM): lol, my 0:26 looks fake
GoldenJimbo007 (11:52:33 PM): Seriously
Comeasur37 (11:52:39 PM): and yes, i'm counting wouters real times..
GoldenJimbo007 (11:52:42 PM): No cinema, no completion screen, and the 6 is very blurry
zelll99 (11:52:47 PM): does the same thing kats
katslover42 (11:52:50 PM): Shtity.
katslover42 (11:53:09 PM): http://www.rom-world.com/file.php?id=14617 you can get it from there...a bit of a hassle, but it works...it's where I got it the other day.
katslover42 (11:53:37 PM): You have to click yes on the thing that pops up.
zelll99 (11:54:37 PM): whats the name again? lol
katslover42 (11:54:42 PM): Gunstar Hereoes
Comeasur37 (11:55:19 PM): Jon
Comeasur37 (11:55:22 PM): Send your IM already
katslover42 (11:55:30 PM): If I were you, I'd get the game ASAP and then get out of the site 8-P
Comeasur37 (11:55:30 PM): "Im Ngamer has entered text"
Comeasur37 (11:55:42 PM): thats getting quite annoying
zelll99 (11:55:55 PM): how do i download it
GoldenJimbo007 (11:56:18 PM): God, Wouter's 0:58 Jungle 00A is SO loud, wtf
Comeasur37 (11:56:35 PM): That was when he was having problems capturing sound
GoldenJimbo007 (11:56:41 PM): Stupid...
katslover42 (11:56:56 PM): Click the rom name, and then you will go to another place and then it will come up with one of those windows where you click yes or no, click yes, and then wait for the window with the number to come up and then you enter the
GoldenJimbo007 (11:56:56 PM): Probably most annoying vid ever
Im Ngamer (11:56:58 PM): 590 left to 1 million
katslover42 (11:57:00 PM): number in the window and then click d/l
GoldenJimbo007 (11:57:01 PM): Lukcy 1:42 Caverns didn'thave that
Comeasur37 (11:57:14 PM): brb, gonna shower
Comeasur37 (11:57:15 PM): Jon
Im Ngamer (11:57:20 PM): yup
Comeasur37 (11:57:22 PM): Send an IM or delete the text in the window
Im Ngamer (11:57:39 PM): haha
Comeasur37 (11:57:43 PM): while i shower, that is
zelll99 (11:57:45 PM): no "yes/no" window showed up in the ROM page
Im Ngamer (11:57:48 PM): using you as a clipboard
Comeasur37 (11:57:54 PM): ass
katslover42 (11:58:00 PM): LoL
katslover42 (11:58:03 PM): LMAO
GoldenJimbo007 (11:58:12 PM): lolz0r
GoldenJimbo007 (11:58:13 PM): I rule at GE
katslover42 (11:58:14 PM): Zell, do you have a pop up stopper?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:58:17 PM): Trent sucks.
zelll99 (11:58:20 PM): no
katslover42 (11:58:25 PM): Hmm, strange.
katslover42 (11:58:28 PM): I'll find you a better site.
katslover42 (11:58:29 PM): Hold on.
zelll99 (11:58:43 PM): it says "warning you must vote before dl the file" and stuff
katslover42 (11:58:47 PM): I think that site put a lot of shit on my comp, so I don't trust it.
zelll99 (11:58:50 PM): but theres no link
katslover42 (11:59:03 PM): It didn't do this shit last night, though...
katslover42 (11:59:08 PM): And I've been to that site before...
OLLE boll e007 (11:59:36 PM): shit I'm starting to get tired!
katslover42 (12:00:53 AM): http://www.romnation.net/index.php/roms/id/18713/ that seems to work fine, Zell.
(12:00:59 AM) GoldenJimbo007 has left the room.
katslover42 (12:01:12 AM): And, while I'm here, I'll get Vectorman.
zelll99 (12:01:43 AM): i need an emulator now
katslover42 (12:01:53 AM): Get Gens.
katslover42 (12:02:04 AM): www.zophar.net
katslover42 (12:02:17 AM): If they are up...they have seemed sporadic lately.
(12:03:30 AM) dragondragon18 has entered the room.
katslover42 (12:03:49 AM): http://www.zophar.net/Files/wgens211.zip
dragondragon18 (12:04:32 AM): whats there, kats?
katslover42 (12:04:40 AM): Gens
katslover42 (12:04:43 AM): Genesis Emulator
katslover42 (12:04:48 AM): Best one, IMO.
zelll99 (12:05:37 AM): alright
zelll99 (12:05:39 AM): playin
zelll99 (12:05:48 AM): uh.. the music is superb lol
katslover42 (12:06:48 AM): Haha
mikerspd (12:07:07 AM): ... this is boring.
katslover42 (12:07:18 AM): What is?
Im Ngamer (12:07:40 AM): drag!
mikerspd (12:07:41 AM): the chat
katslover42 (12:07:49 AM): Who's in drag?
Im Ngamer (12:07:49 AM): got all the predictions collected?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:08:35 AM): no im still thinking
zelll99 (12:08:36 AM): kats, how do you grab items they drop
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:08:38 AM): not really
(12:08:43 AM) katslover42 has left the room.
(12:09:11 AM) katslover42 has entered the room.
katslover42 (12:09:14 AM): Damn Cable tests.
katslover42 (12:10:13 AM): Think CT will break 80?
Im Ngamer (12:10:52 AM): no way
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:10:56 AM): I hope is stays on 80 :-d
katslover42 (12:11:20 AM): Heheh
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:11:20 AM): it
katslover42 (12:11:21 AM): I bet you do.
katslover42 (12:11:53 AM): Playing it Zell?
zelll99 (12:12:37 AM): yeah
zelll99 (12:12:41 AM): defeated bravoo man lol
katslover42 (12:12:46 AM): Haha
katslover42 (12:13:02 AM): What way are you playing it, where you can move and shoot or where you stand still but can shoot in any direction/
katslover42 (12:13:03 AM): ?
Im Ngamer (12:13:12 AM): only moving by 0.01 these latest updates
katslover42 (12:13:28 AM): Oh, it wil succeed.
katslover42 (12:13:52 AM): Did you give Dragon your prediction, Jon?
dragondragon18 (12:14:02 AM): everyones in except come
dragondragon18 (12:14:09 AM): is he away?
katslover42 (12:14:09 AM): Oh, I didn't know Come was doing it.
katslover42 (12:14:13 AM): He's in the shower.
dragondragon18 (12:14:16 AM): yeah
dragondragon18 (12:14:23 AM): ok, i'll get him when he gets back
dragondragon18 (12:14:44 AM): we've got 9 people now
Comeasur37 (12:15:07 AM): back!
katslover42 (12:15:08 AM): Neato
zelll99 (12:15:09 AM): pinky robot pwned my ass
dragondragon18 (12:15:10 AM): wb
katslover42 (12:15:12 AM): LoL
katslover42 (12:15:31 AM): You can stand in a certain place, and since the guy shoots lazers at an angle, he can't hit you.
katslover42 (12:15:43 AM): lasers...
katslover42 (12:16:32 AM): Oh, and just so you know, your gun is different depending on what two orbs you are packing...my personal favorite is two rapid fire orbs.
katslover42 (12:16:49 AM): Rapid fire and Laser is pretty nice too.
zelll99 (12:16:59 AM): i dont know how to pick up the orbs they drop
mikerspd (12:17:00 AM): sounds like contra now...
katslover42 (12:17:12 AM): Nah, it's Gunstar Heroes..kind of like Contra and Megaman mixed.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:17:21 AM): one million will be made tonight
katslover42 (12:17:21 AM): You push down and the shoot button.
katslover42 (12:17:30 AM): I do believe.
Comeasur37 (12:17:39 AM):
katslover42 (12:17:40 AM): Are you going to take a crack at one million, Guru?
OLLE boll e007 (12:18:31 AM): come looks mean
katslover42 (12:18:50 AM): But he's clean ^_~
Comeasur37 (12:18:55 AM): very clean
katslover42 (12:19:01 AM): Zest-fully clean!
mikerspd (12:19:17 AM): that doesn't show anything...
Comeasur37 (12:19:40 AM): you might have to install the viewer, wait a min or so
mikerspd (12:19:47 AM): meh, screw that
zelll99 (12:19:57 AM): seems like come didnt cut his hair for quite some time ;)
Comeasur37 (12:19:58 AM): or if you have Y!M, add me
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:20:22 AM): yeah I am
Comeasur37 (12:20:28 AM): comeasur33 is my yahoo id
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:20:32 AM): But I don't know how to make a very good guess
mikerspd (12:20:34 AM): 33 vs 37?
Comeasur37 (12:20:39 AM): yeah
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:20:52 AM): like those people that have their user ID in their Name
zelll99 (12:20:54 AM): adventure > gunstar heroes
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:20:57 AM): I don't know how to do that
mikerspd (12:21:10 AM): Adventure > all
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:21:15 AM): yes
katslover42 (12:21:23 AM): But Gunstar Heroes is fast paced action fun!
zelll99 (12:21:29 AM): yeah
mikerspd (12:21:31 AM): and Adventure isn't!? :p
mikerspd (12:21:38 AM): Some of those dragons are fucking fast!
katslover42 (12:21:39 AM): Adventure is fast paced Adventure fun!
zelll99 (12:21:48 AM): the adventure hero is teh best
mikerspd (12:21:52 AM): :()
katslover42 (12:22:22 AM): Another great game I recommend to everyone is Shadowrun for Genesis...but that takes some time to get into.
zelll99 (12:22:45 AM): is that the kind of game where you click "Pick up" and click on an object?
Comeasur37 (12:22:50 AM): so whos watching me?
Comeasur37 (12:22:54 AM): 2 anonymous...
zelll99 (12:23:07 AM): i am watching you
katslover42 (12:23:10 AM): Nah, it's a unique Action RPG. It's based off of the P&P RPG.
katslover42 (12:23:28 AM): I do believe OLLE said he was.
Comeasur37 (12:23:30 AM): hmm
Comeasur37 (12:23:33 AM): ones from tkep
zelll99 (12:23:45 AM): i thought i played shadowrun
katslover42 (12:23:54 AM): You might have on SNES.
zelll99 (12:24:00 AM): do something special for the camera come, like sing a song, dance, play guitar
katslover42 (12:24:03 AM): It plays completely different on Genesis, though.
zelll99 (12:24:11 AM): yeah i did on snes
katslover42 (12:24:19 AM): The one on SNES plays about like the way you described.
Comeasur37 (12:24:22 AM): time for a poll
katslover42 (12:24:24 AM): It's fun too, but I like Genesis more.
zelll99 (12:24:33 AM): never had a genesis :-P
katslover42 (12:24:39 AM): I just emulate 8-P
zelll99 (12:24:41 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (12:24:50 AM): when you shower, do you wash your pubic hair with soap or shampoo?
katslover42 (12:24:51 AM): I bought one, though, for 20 bucks because it came with Shining Force, and that game is great.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:25:01 AM): Pubic hair?
katslover42 (12:25:10 AM): The hair you show out in pubic.
Comeasur37 (12:25:12 AM): oh yeah, you don't have any
katslover42 (12:25:16 AM): LMAO
Comeasur37 (12:25:16 AM): anyways
zelll99 (12:25:20 AM): LOL
Comeasur37 (12:25:21 AM): take the poll
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:25:21 AM): I don't :-p
Comeasur37 (12:25:25 AM): eww
Comeasur37 (12:25:30 AM): shaving down there = bad
katslover42 (12:25:33 AM): Indeed.
Comeasur37 (12:25:51 AM): anyways
Comeasur37 (12:25:54 AM): soap or shampoo?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:25:59 AM): It's getting to the point where those little red bumps don't even show up
zelll99 (12:26:01 AM): looks like come doesnt like shaving at all
katslover42 (12:26:06 AM): LoL
Comeasur37 (12:26:09 AM): hahaha
Comeasur37 (12:26:11 AM): yeah
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:26:12 AM): Seriously
Comeasur37 (12:26:15 AM): i do have a neck
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:26:17 AM): Girls like it :)
Comeasur37 (12:26:25 AM): chicks dig the beard
zelll99 (12:26:32 AM): haha
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:26:33 AM): yeah
katslover42 (12:26:35 AM): My girl likes me natural.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:26:36 AM): I shave in the morning
Comeasur37 (12:26:41 AM): take the damn poll bitches
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:26:41 AM): and by midday
katslover42 (12:26:45 AM): I've never shaved in my life.
katslover42 (12:26:48 AM): I wouldn't know how to begin.
Comeasur37 (12:26:52 AM): hah
Comeasur37 (12:26:58 AM): i shave every now and then
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:27:08 AM): I've got stubble
katslover42 (12:27:16 AM): I've got Moses happening.
katslover42 (12:27:20 AM): Not really 8-P
Comeasur37 (12:27:39 AM): dammit
katslover42 (12:27:41 AM): I'm sporting the "hitman" model.
Comeasur37 (12:27:42 AM): soap or shampoo
Comeasur37 (12:27:48 AM): this is a scientific poll
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:28:02 AM): Both!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:28:04 AM): ;)
katslover42 (12:28:18 AM): Neither, I haven't bathed since the invasion of Normandy.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:28:21 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (12:28:29 AM): god damn you are the worst poll-takers ever
zelll99 (12:28:32 AM): who's gonna shampoo their fuckin pubic hair
katslover42 (12:28:33 AM): LMAO
katslover42 (12:28:41 AM): LOL
Comeasur37 (12:28:46 AM): haha
Comeasur37 (12:28:49 AM): <--
zelll99 (12:28:54 AM): do you shampoo your armpits too?
Comeasur37 (12:28:57 AM): nope
Comeasur37 (12:29:00 AM): not as much hair
Comeasur37 (12:29:01 AM): ;)
zelll99 (12:29:12 AM): you should, soap fucks up your hair
Comeasur37 (12:29:20 AM): okay
zelll99 (12:29:29 AM): by the time you turn 30 youll be all fucked up
katslover42 (12:29:45 AM): How?
katslover42 (12:29:54 AM): Is this like the Mountain Dew argument?
Comeasur37 (12:29:55 AM): i'm already all fucked up
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:29:56 AM): I wash with soap, bc I have no hair down there
zelll99 (12:29:56 AM): uh..
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:29:58 AM): so it makes sense
zelll99 (12:30:26 AM): yeah it makes sense
zelll99 (12:30:29 AM): NYQUIL
zelll99 (12:30:35 AM): drink it!!
katslover42 (12:30:58 AM): I took Nyquil one time.
katslover42 (12:31:01 AM): Made me throw up.
zelll99 (12:31:07 AM): WTF!!!! 1h30 am !!
katslover42 (12:31:15 AM): But I hate liquor...
katslover42 (12:31:18 AM): so maybe that's it.
katslover42 (12:31:23 AM): ANyway, so now I just take the gel caps.
zelll99 (12:31:27 AM): lol
katslover42 (12:31:40 AM): They are the size of a baby's penis..I shit you not.
Comeasur37 (12:31:47 AM): i wont take it on cam
OLLE boll e007 (12:31:59 AM): gaah 7.30 am
katslover42 (12:32:11 AM): Where are you at, OLLEmeiser?
OLLE boll e007 (12:32:19 AM): LAN!½
katslover42 (12:32:29 AM): That's a country now/
katslover42 (12:32:30 AM): ?
zelll99 (12:32:34 AM): LOL
OLLE boll e007 (12:32:35 AM): sweden
katslover42 (12:32:38 AM): Oh ok.
katslover42 (12:32:51 AM): Aren't you Socialist, then?
zelll99 (12:33:03 AM): Porn movies, come?
Comeasur37 (12:33:06 AM): tapes of GE
zelll99 (12:33:07 AM): nice collection
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:34:03 AM): My friends used to get drunk off of nyquil
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:34:07 AM): because they were poor
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:34:12 AM): and under 21
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:34:12 AM): lol
zelll99 (12:34:13 AM): O_o
zelll99 (12:34:23 AM): what kind of fucked up friends are these lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:34:25 AM): its like 20 proof
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:34:34 AM): it was on days when we had no parties to go to
katslover42 (12:34:36 AM): ...wouldn't that knock you the fuck out?
dragondragon18 (12:34:45 AM): omg lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:34:48 AM): it didnt
katslover42 (12:34:50 AM): I use it more for a sleep aid than anything.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:35:10 AM): It's got twice the amount of alcohol than Smirnoff
Comeasur37 (12:35:11 AM): whoops
Comeasur37 (12:35:12 AM): back
Comeasur37 (12:35:16 AM): on cam
katslover42 (12:35:18 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=8& topic=13565665 Dumbass.
Comeasur37 (12:35:20 AM):
Comeasur37 (12:35:59 AM): ill play GE on cam
zelll99 (12:36:16 AM): deleted
katslover42 (12:36:25 AM): Hey wow, it was 8-P
katslover42 (12:36:31 AM): I couldn't even read past the first page.
katslover42 (12:36:40 AM): I haven't seen anything get deleted on the Contest board yet 8-P
zelll99 (12:36:43 AM): what did it say
katslover42 (12:37:14 AM): Some guy saying that Chrono Trigger didn't deser to win because it was way too kiddy, more so than Secret of Mana, he said CT was more Kiddy than Mario games.
katslover42 (12:37:22 AM): Oh, and his user name was Hamtarro.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:37:35 AM): lol
zelll99 (12:37:37 AM): come the url doesnt work
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:37:40 AM): yeah
(12:38:28 AM) mikerspd has left the room.
katslover42 (12:39:04 AM): WHo is he, anyway?
zelll99 (12:39:33 AM): who?
katslover42 (12:39:45 AM): mikerspd. I don't recall seeing him before.
zelll99 (12:39:51 AM): i dont know
zelll99 (12:39:55 AM): but he likes adventure
zelll99 (12:39:58 AM): thats all that matters to me
katslover42 (12:40:03 AM): LoL, so he's fine in your book, eh?
zelll99 (12:40:17 AM): yeah
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:40:21 AM): My reasoning for Zelda beating Adventure: Adventure!!!111!!!1
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:40:30 AM): I think that is actually what I did
Im Ngamer (12:40:36 AM): Pat!
katslover42 (12:40:42 AM): Where does Come stand with his hatred for Adventure?
Im Ngamer (12:40:44 AM): for the last time
Im Ngamer (12:40:57 AM): ask me when you have a GameFAQs question
katslover42 (12:43:11 AM): I didn't notice Fire Emblem getting into the contest...
Comeasur37 (12:43:29 AM): thats the game derek won from MKDD
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:43:34 AM): Jon!!!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:43:43 AM): I <3 GameFAQs
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:43:59 AM): Is there a way to see what User ID you will be?
Im Ngamer (12:44:07 AM): no, not before you activate
zelll99 (12:44:10 AM): come your cam doesnt work
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:44:12 AM): I think there is
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:44:17 AM): People have been hinting
Im Ngamer (12:44:38 AM): if there is, then it's already assigned
Im Ngamer (12:44:55 AM): meaning there's no need to wait to activate
dragondragon18 (12:44:57 AM): thats ok, i'll get # 1 billion then
zelll99 (12:45:08 AM): lol
katslover42 (12:45:13 AM): so can I go ahead and make my account, and then wait for the right moment to go for 1M?
katslover42 (12:45:21 AM): By activating, I mean.
Im Ngamer (12:45:24 AM): under 500
Comeasur37 (12:45:41 AM): it does zel
Comeasur37 (12:45:43 AM): try again
Comeasur37 (12:45:44 AM):
Comeasur37 (12:45:49 AM): oh wait
Comeasur37 (12:45:56 AM): try going to just the directory
Im Ngamer (12:45:57 AM): well, wait now...
Comeasur37 (12:46:05 AM): tyr might have changed the name
Im Ngamer (12:46:16 AM): I'm thinking it gets assigned when you say to send the e-mail
Comeasur37 (12:46:19 AM): i just registered the name "OneMillionthUser"
Im Ngamer (12:46:36 AM): what was his ID?
Comeasur37 (12:46:52 AM): duno
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:46:53 AM): I'm gong to guess
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:46:56 AM): 999525
Im Ngamer (12:47:07 AM): latest I've heard is 999512
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:47:09 AM): yup
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:47:17 AM): Lets Go Yankees
Comeasur37 (12:47:23 AM): mine hasnt been sent yet
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:47:30 AM): ok nm on my guess
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:47:33 AM): 575
zelll99 (12:47:53 AM): you only get the ID when you send the email confirmation?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:48:07 AM): no, when you click on the link in your email
Im Ngamer (12:48:13 AM): some think it's when you activate in that e-mail
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:48:20 AM): I will find out, right now
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:48:22 AM): because I'
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:48:26 AM): I've been waiting
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:48:31 AM): I created it an hour ago
Im Ngamer (12:48:33 AM): ok, go for it
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:48:37 AM): but didnt activate it
zelll99 (12:48:43 AM): gogo
Im Ngamer (12:48:48 AM): good, mystery will be solved
katslover42 (12:49:24 AM): The most sure fire way to c heck would be for one person to create an account, than for someone else to create an account a few moments later...then have the second person activate their account, and then wait a bit longer and have
katslover42 (12:49:29 AM): the first person do the same.
Comeasur37 (12:50:02 AM): i just got 999531
zelll99 (12:50:06 AM): that would require good communication and coordination ;)
Comeasur37 (12:50:07 AM): with OneMillionthUser
Im Ngamer (12:50:11 AM): this will be sure fire enough for me
Comeasur37 (12:50:17 AM): someone activate one now
Im Ngamer (12:50:23 AM): go Pat go!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:50:26 AM): I just got 999528
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:50:29 AM): heh
Comeasur37 (12:50:29 AM): heh
Im Ngamer (12:50:32 AM): hm...
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:50:33 AM): so its true!
katslover42 (12:50:33 AM): Hmm
Comeasur37 (12:50:34 AM): its when you activate then
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:50:36 AM): yup
Im Ngamer (12:50:39 AM): ok, great
Im Ngamer (12:50:51 AM): I'm going to set up Milly McMill then
zelll99 (12:50:54 AM): loll
Comeasur37 (12:51:15 AM): hey, another account i can vote with ;)
Comeasur37 (12:51:25 AM): i can now make at least 11 votes every poll
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:52:11 AM): I'm going to set up another one also
dragondragon18 (12:52:11 AM): i voted 7 times for chrono
dragondragon18 (12:52:43 AM): you dont need an account to vote
katslover42 (12:53:26 AM): Hmm, I thought you had to give a different email address for each acount.
dragondragon18 (12:53:33 AM): you do, dont you?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:53:37 AM): yeah
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:53:38 AM): you do
katslover42 (12:53:42 AM): I just used my regular one and it went.
dragondragon18 (12:53:57 AM): they'll ban you tommorrow
dragondragon18 (12:53:57 AM): lol
katslover42 (12:53:59 AM): Thing is, I changed emails afterwards, so maybe it looks at different...
dragondragon18 (12:54:04 AM): oh ok
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:54:20 AM): im going to create Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
katslover42 (12:54:22 AM): I created my first account with a webtv email addy years ago..and the other day, I changed it to my current email address.
katslover42 (12:54:55 AM): Does Cjay have ID#1?
zelll99 (12:55:11 AM): they are saying that if i use a hotmail email my account will not be approved
katslover42 (12:55:20 AM): use an MSN one.
zelll99 (12:55:21 AM): If you use a "Freemail" address (i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail, Lycos), your account will not be approved. Please use an ISP-assigned e-mail address to ensure verification.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:55:40 AM): yeah
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:55:42 AM): he does
katslover42 (12:55:42 AM): An msn account is exactly the same as Hotmail, but they don't frown upon it.
Comeasur37 (12:55:53 AM): i used my t-e.n email
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:56:46 AM): I created Zalesky
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:56:48 AM): lol
katslover42 (12:56:52 AM): I got Katslover ^_^
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:56:55 AM): going to wait to activate
zelll99 (12:57:03 AM): when do you think the 1M user will happen
zelll99 (12:57:23 AM): less than 500 to go?
katslover42 (12:57:29 AM): Probably tomorrow around noon.
katslover42 (12:57:48 AM): That's my guess.
katslover42 (12:58:26 AM): What do you say, Jon?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:58:45 AM): Probably around 3 am
katslover42 (12:58:48 AM): This seems to be your forte, predicting numbers and what not.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:58:48 AM): in 4 hours
Im Ngamer (12:59:05 AM): gah, my ISP is in poor standing
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:59:08 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (12:59:09 AM): pwned
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (12:59:12 AM): mine is marginal
katslover42 (12:59:12 AM): LOL
dragondragon18 (12:59:16 AM): mine was when i made my normal one
dragondragon18 (12:59:22 AM): my rating is a 15
zelll99 (1:00:04 AM): lots of accounts are created right now
zelll99 (1:00:08 AM): it will come soon
katslover42 (1:00:37 AM): What do you think will happen first tonight, then? FV or 1M?
Im Ngamer (1:00:46 AM): ah well, I can wait for a Mod to review the name
Im Ngamer (1:00:54 AM): FV first
dragondragon18 (1:00:54 AM): definately FV
katslover42 (1:00:58 AM): Alright.
katslover42 (1:01:02 AM): I'll log back in then 8-P
zelll99 (1:01:02 AM): yeah FV is in 1h
Im Ngamer (1:01:05 AM): I think CJay will want to pull the trigger early
Im Ngamer (1:01:11 AM): and get to bed
katslover42 (1:01:12 AM): Pun?
dragondragon18 (1:01:15 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:01:17 AM): lol
dragondragon18 (1:01:18 AM): i hope not
katslover42 (1:01:24 AM): Me too.
dragondragon18 (1:01:24 AM): chrono needs more votes
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:01:25 AM): I hope so
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:01:30 AM): Chrono is going down
katslover42 (1:01:31 AM): Of course you do.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:01:39 AM): in votes
katslover42 (1:02:16 AM): Will it let me activate my account if I'm logged in with my other one?
dragondragon18 (1:03:22 AM): lol
dragondragon18 (1:03:25 AM): i doubt it
katslover42 (1:03:35 AM): Just wondering..I want this to go off without a hitch 8_P
Im Ngamer (1:03:51 AM): oh, mail is here already
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:04:01 AM): ooo
Im Ngamer (1:04:30 AM): now to sit on that
katslover42 (1:04:37 AM): and rotate.
dragondragon18 (1:04:47 AM): maybe it will work, but your rating will be 50,000
katslover42 (1:05:28 AM): What are the links to the four new secret boards?
(1:05:59 AM) J Eternia F has entered the room.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:06:44 AM): one is board 9
Comeasur37 (1:07:17 AM): someone pick a game for me to concentrate on playing tonight, from Centrifuge, Constellations, or Pusher
J Eternia F (1:07:26 AM): Pusher
dragondragon18 (1:07:31 AM): inanity
zelll99 (1:07:54 AM): pusher cause it suckssssszz
dragondragon18 (1:08:08 AM): i hate the other 2, so i'd play constellations
Im Ngamer (1:08:13 AM): 563
Comeasur37 (1:08:16 AM): I'll do Pusher
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:08:25 AM): that's it?!?!?!?!?!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:08:27 AM): crap
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:11:17 AM): 577
katslover42 (1:11:28 AM): When do you guys think FV will go down?
dragondragon18 (1:11:34 AM): :03
Comeasur37 (1:11:57 AM): 77% of best..
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:11:58 AM): 581
katslover42 (1:12:11 AM): I have to outdo what I did last night 8-P
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:12:25 AM): ooo
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:12:29 AM): I'm getting excited
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:12:35 AM): its heating up
katslover42 (1:12:49 AM): I'm going to use the bathroom, hopefully I won't miss anything 8-P
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:12:54 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:13:29 AM): 582!
zelll99 (1:13:34 AM): i should do that right away too
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:21:49 AM): 567
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:21:53 AM): 594**
dragondragon18 (1:24:20 AM): i was getting nervous that it was starting to go down
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:24:26 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:24:37 AM): yeah, CJayC decided to pwn random users
zelll99 (1:26:03 AM): i bet the users 950 to 1M50 will be done in 5 mins
dragondragon18 (1:26:04 AM): hehe
dragondragon18 (1:26:09 AM): or less
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:26:12 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:26:16 AM): probably
zelll99 (1:26:40 AM): when we activate our accounts we post our IDs here
zelll99 (1:27:01 AM): once it is activated how do you know your ID? you have to login and check?
dragondragon18 (1:27:22 AM): i need to get an email address that works
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:28:05 AM): yeah
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:28:08 AM): hotmail.com
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:28:10 AM): simple
dragondragon18 (1:28:17 AM): does hotmail work?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:28:22 AM): of course
dragondragon18 (1:28:25 AM): i used to have 30 hotmail accounts lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:28:27 AM): lol
zelll99 (1:28:55 AM): if you have a good ISP its ok
dragondragon18 (1:28:59 AM): but zell posted this earlier
dragondragon18 (1:29:01 AM): zelll99 (1:02:18 AM): If you use a "Freemail" address (i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail, Lycos), your account will not be approved. Please use an ISP-assigned e-mail address to ensure verification.
zelll99 (1:29:03 AM): since im on a network here they dont want hotmail
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:29:13 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:29:16 AM): dang
zelll99 (1:29:18 AM): fuckers
zelll99 (1:29:26 AM): i gave my college email
dragondragon18 (1:29:42 AM): i did that for my first one
Im Ngamer (1:29:52 AM): 601
Im Ngamer (1:29:56 AM): no, 605
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:29:58 AM): 605
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:30:00 AM): bastard
J Eternia F (1:30:11 AM): what ya 2 doing?
katslover42 (1:30:11 AM): heheh
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:30:18 AM): 999605
dragondragon18 (1:30:30 AM): they're trying to get user # 1Mil on gamefaqs
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:30:54 AM): 611
zelll99 (1:30:58 AM): like someone said, Cjay will have lots of accounts to review lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:31:05 AM): lol, Kupo Nuts
zelll99 (1:31:17 AM): lol
dragondragon18 (1:31:20 AM): are you guys using the same email for all of them?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:31:31 AM): you cant
zelll99 (1:31:36 AM): once you activate how do you know the id you got
Im Ngamer (1:31:38 AM): yes, need a new one
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:31:39 AM): and we're not making these accounts ;)
dragondragon18 (1:31:39 AM): i didnt think so
dragondragon18 (1:31:42 AM): oh ok
dragondragon18 (1:31:51 AM): 692
Im Ngamer (1:32:01 AM): wha?
Im Ngamer (1:32:08 AM): no way it went up that fast
zelll99 (1:32:11 AM): lol
dragondragon18 (1:32:20 AM): it didnt
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:32:21 AM): liar!!!!!!
zelll99 (1:32:23 AM): can someone answer my question :-/
Im Ngamer (1:32:35 AM): you log in with it
dragondragon18 (1:32:38 AM): i just wanted to join in the fun
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:32:39 AM): lol
zelll99 (1:32:44 AM): ok
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:32:45 AM): go here then
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:32:53 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.as p?board=2&topic=13393106&page=7
zelll99 (1:32:56 AM): if i miss ill tell you the id i got
zelll99 (1:32:59 AM): but i wont miss
dragondragon18 (1:33:02 AM): i need to log in then
dragondragon18 (1:33:03 AM): lol
zelll99 (1:33:24 AM): lol
katslover42 (1:34:06 AM): Is there a link so you could just check the latest account?
katslover42 (1:34:13 AM): Like the user info thing.
Im Ngamer (1:34:20 AM): hm... yeah, that ought to work
katslover42 (1:34:20 AM): one that isn't tied to a board, I mean 8-P
Im Ngamer (1:34:22 AM): right?
katslover42 (1:34:35 AM): You could just keep adding one to see the progress.
Im Ngamer (1:35:29 AM): but people are deleting names
Im Ngamer (1:35:35 AM): after they see the ID
katslover42 (1:35:43 AM): oh
katslover42 (1:35:51 AM): does that set the progress back?
Im Ngamer (1:36:06 AM): 614
Im Ngamer (1:36:11 AM): it must
katslover42 (1:36:24 AM): That's gay.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:36:38 AM): why would it?
dragondragon18 (1:37:00 AM): the lowest number probably gets assigned
dragondragon18 (1:37:17 AM): so the gaps would have to get filled first
dragondragon18 (1:37:36 AM): that is, if the progress is really getting set back
zelll99 (1:37:57 AM): might have found a way to know
zelll99 (1:38:13 AM): in message board statistics there is a "new users" number
zelll99 (1:38:32 AM): and it goes up slowly (just went up 2)
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:38:39 AM): hmm
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:38:44 AM): mmm....info
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:38:47 AM): *grunt*
zelll99 (1:39:02 AM): if we could relate this to the ID numbers...
Im Ngamer (1:39:57 AM): new users would be more accurate
Im Ngamer (1:40:05 AM): but the same problem might happen
zelll99 (1:40:44 AM): 5587 new users is around ID 614
Im Ngamer (1:41:01 AM): so what will make a mil?
zelll99 (1:41:27 AM): around 5973 new users
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:41:38 AM): zell, link
zelll99 (1:41:49 AM): try this: http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/stats.asp?board=2&topic= 13393106
zelll99 (1:42:04 AM): or just click on any username then "message board statistics"
katslover42 (1:42:47 AM): Wait...if there are 430743 registered users...wouldn't that go against the "deleting an account puts things back" theory?
zelll99 (1:42:50 AM): next time an ID is posted ill compare to see if the comparison is good
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:42:56 AM): lol...duh wow I'm stupid
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:43:04 AM): I guess i just never use that statistics page
Im Ngamer (1:43:32 AM): kats, we're about to hit ID million
zelll99 (1:43:38 AM): yes kats
Im Ngamer (1:43:44 AM): the fact that less than half are counted there
Im Ngamer (1:43:54 AM): should tell you that dead accounts take that down
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:44:08 AM): Alright, I've got two ready to go
zelll99 (1:44:13 AM): they take the "registered users" down but not the IDs
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:44:21 AM): right
katslover42 (1:44:23 AM): What's it up to?
zelll99 (1:44:40 AM): new users almost 5800
zelll99 (1:44:49 AM): going up FAST O_O
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:44:54 AM): yeah
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:45:04 AM): but I doubt the accounts are at 999900 or whatever
zelll99 (1:45:11 AM): its weird thouth
zelll99 (1:45:21 AM): total registered users go up slower than new users
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:45:23 AM): yeah
Im Ngamer (1:45:36 AM): um... Mario is the 8, right?
zelll99 (1:45:36 AM): maybe because people delete their accounts
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:45:37 AM): maybe new users = new user level?
dragondragon18 (1:45:41 AM): yep
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:45:46 AM): yeah
zelll99 (1:46:08 AM): 640 >_>
katslover42 (1:46:12 AM): It's funny how user 1M is overshadowing the fact that there is a (supposed) killer match coming up in a few moments 8-P
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:46:17 AM): meh
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:46:26 AM): that match will be going on all day
dragondragon18 (1:46:32 AM): nah, its gonna be a blowout 90%
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:46:33 AM): this is once in a lifetime
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:46:35 AM): lol
Im Ngamer (1:46:38 AM): yeah, I think in any case new users will be more accurate
zelll99 (1:46:54 AM): you sure?
zelll99 (1:46:59 AM): im not :-/
dragondragon18 (1:47:08 AM): sure about what?
katslover42 (1:47:10 AM): 648
zelll99 (1:47:17 AM): one of us should sacrifice at 5950 new users :-P
Im Ngamer (1:47:27 AM): I nominate Pat
katslover42 (1:47:29 AM): Why?
Im Ngamer (1:47:35 AM): he's got 2 ready to go
dragondragon18 (1:47:38 AM): i second
Im Ngamer (1:47:40 AM): to see how accurate it is
katslover42 (1:47:44 AM): oh
zelll99 (1:47:47 AM): 648 = 5808 new users
zelll99 (1:47:52 AM): 614 = 5587 new users
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:48:10 AM): noooo
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:48:13 AM): but they are good ones
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:48:14 AM): :'(
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:48:21 AM): *sniff*
dragondragon18 (1:48:27 AM): i dont think he has to
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:48:28 AM): alright
zelll99 (1:48:28 AM): what is LUE
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:48:29 AM): alright
katslover42 (1:48:29 AM): There were 8 accounts made in less than thirty seconds.
dragondragon18 (1:48:55 AM): zells findings show it wont be for awhile if people keep deleting
Im Ngamer (1:49:11 AM): someone should go into a GameFAQs AIM chat
Im Ngamer (1:49:28 AM): and yell "user 999,999!"
dragondragon18 (1:49:39 AM): or 1million 1
zelll99 (1:49:39 AM): someone has cjay's phone number >_>
katslover42 (1:49:40 AM): I vote Come, he doesn't like GameFAQs, and he's being way to quiet.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:50:23 AM): 654
zelll99 (1:50:32 AM): 648 = 5808 new users ...... 654 = 5812 new users
katslover42 (1:50:32 AM): 654
dragondragon18 (1:50:39 AM): 654
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:50:49 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:50:52 AM): missing two there?
zelll99 (1:51:12 AM): yeah but not everybody post their IDs
katslover42 (1:51:23 AM): They should, the bastards!
Im Ngamer (1:51:30 AM): by the time the ID is posted
Im Ngamer (1:51:41 AM): there's some lag compared to our numbers
katslover42 (1:51:55 AM): Yea, this is way too unscientific to be that accurate.
zelll99 (1:52:06 AM): lol
dragondragon18 (1:52:24 AM): or maybe its too ununscientific to be that unaccurate
katslover42 (1:52:27 AM): I mean we are trying to figure out one thing when we don't have all the facts on how all the other things work.
dragondragon18 (1:52:43 AM): inaccurate
dragondragon18 (1:52:44 AM): grrr
Im Ngamer (1:52:54 AM): too many random variables
katslover42 (1:52:59 AM): INdeed.
dragondragon18 (1:53:02 AM): like the jon factor
katslover42 (1:53:04 AM): We have no power here, we are just observing.
zelll99 (1:53:40 AM): i think i found out... my first 614 was 5787 not 5587 :-P
zelll99 (1:54:02 AM): which means we are aiming ag 6160 new users <_<
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:54:07 AM): The Jon Factor!!!!
katslover42 (1:54:10 AM): We still don't have the contest in full swing, yet. Since we can't see our statistics on the entry page.
katslover42 (1:54:22 AM): TJF, not to be confused with The Jiggle Factor.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:54:27 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:54:34 AM): For boobies, right?
Im Ngamer (1:54:34 AM): it's originally Jug
katslover42 (1:54:46 AM): Meh, it was stupid either way.
Im Ngamer (1:54:49 AM): but wait
Im Ngamer (1:54:58 AM): what is The Jon Factor?
Im Ngamer (1:55:07 AM): I'm The Jon, and I don't even know
dragondragon18 (1:55:10 AM): the last unknown variable
katslover42 (1:55:19 AM): The -1.
dragondragon18 (1:55:21 AM): if we solve you, we win!
Im Ngamer (1:55:26 AM): haha
Im Ngamer (1:55:32 AM): alright
dragondragon18 (1:55:32 AM): aka getting the 1million user
zelll99 (1:55:33 AM): what... is... LUE
katslover42 (1:55:42 AM): Life, The Universe, and Everything.
katslover42 (1:55:47 AM): Go read some Douglas Adams.
zelll99 (1:55:57 AM): ...
katslover42 (1:55:58 AM): It's board 402, if you are intersted.
Im Ngamer (1:56:07 AM): someone link him to LUE history
Comeasur37 (1:56:08 AM): hehe
katslover42 (1:56:09 AM): But I don't think you can visit it...if you don't know what it is.
Comeasur37 (1:56:20 AM): i have my hitchhikers trilogy right here
Comeasur37 (1:56:21 AM): :)
katslover42 (1:56:27 AM): I keep mine on hand, too, Come.
Comeasur37 (1:56:27 AM): all 5 books, plus a short story
Im Ngamer (1:56:33 AM): mine's on the shelf at school
katslover42 (1:56:58 AM): I want to pick up Neil Gaiman's Hitchhiker's Guide.
(1:57:02 AM) mikerspd has entered the room.
zelll99 (1:57:06 AM): trilogy... 5 books..?
katslover42 (1:57:12 AM): You are getting there, Zell.
Comeasur37 (1:57:15 AM): Yes zel
katslover42 (1:57:16 AM): That's part of the fun.
Im Ngamer (1:57:24 AM): remind me to never predict CJay to be early again
mikerspd (1:57:30 AM): hahahaha
Im Ngamer (1:57:34 AM): EVER, at anything
mikerspd (1:57:45 AM): what about being late?
katslover42 (1:57:46 AM): Once you understand that the trilogy has five books, you are on your way of understanding what makes up HGttG.
zelll99 (1:58:03 AM): i never read the book
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:58:05 AM): lol
katslover42 (1:58:08 AM): Then start.
Im Ngamer (1:58:13 AM): we know
Im Ngamer (1:58:17 AM): from your comments
katslover42 (1:58:20 AM): Just because you are blind now doesn't mean you are incapable of ever seeing.
zelll99 (1:58:20 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (1:58:30 AM): 663
zelll99 (1:58:33 AM): i dont have time, i have to get user 1M
katslover42 (1:58:54 AM): Douglas Adams>User 1M
Im Ngamer (1:58:57 AM): man, that thing needs to hurry up
katslover42 (1:59:11 AM): I know, I don't want to camp here all night for that.
Im Ngamer (1:59:11 AM): if I'm going to get any sleep
mikerspd (1:59:29 AM): so how do you see the % win for prior rounds?
katslover42 (1:59:36 AM): Can't, yet.
katslover42 (1:59:38 AM): Or...wait
Im Ngamer (1:59:39 AM): got to change the URL
katslover42 (1:59:40 AM): Jon has them.
dragondragon18 (1:59:40 AM): you cant
katslover42 (1:59:41 AM): I think.
katslover42 (1:59:44 AM): Don't you?
Im Ngamer (1:59:48 AM): yes, or I have them
mikerspd (1:59:58 AM): but, do you just go by the last update, 15 minutes prior to end?
Im Ngamer (2:00:07 AM): but first, link him to results so he can change the URL
Im Ngamer (2:00:11 AM): and see past polls
dragondragon18 (2:00:13 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/poll/spr04.asp?poll=1608
zelll99 (2:00:15 AM): you can see the final result if you change the URL
dragondragon18 (2:00:19 AM): tetris galaga
katslover42 (2:00:22 AM): Just go backwards.
mikerspd (2:00:23 AM): oh, gotcha...
mikerspd (2:00:28 AM): cool, thanks. :)
katslover42 (2:00:32 AM): 1608...1607 and so forth
mikerspd (2:00:42 AM): right, I get it. :)
katslover42 (2:00:45 AM): Got your game face on, Jon?
katslover42 (2:00:54 AM): I think we have a bigger crowd tonight 8-P
Im Ngamer (2:01:01 AM): it's a 1mill/FV face tonight
Comeasur37 (2:01:09 AM): smrpg = top or bottom?
katslover42 (2:01:09 AM): LoL
katslover42 (2:01:11 AM): Top
Im Ngamer (2:01:17 AM): yeah, it's the 8
(2:01:18 AM) J Eternia F has left the room.
katslover42 (2:01:26 AM): Shade couldn't take it.
mikerspd (2:01:49 AM): Shade?
zelll99 (2:01:53 AM): bottom come
mikerspd (2:01:59 AM): hahaha
katslover42 (2:02:12 AM): What time did it change last night?
Im Ngamer (2:02:19 AM): 2:04ish
katslover42 (2:02:25 AM): Why bottom...don't tell me you chose SFII, Zell >_<
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:02:26 AM): 688
Im Ngamer (2:02:29 AM): everyone going to take a break to FV now?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:02:30 AM): 680*
zelll99 (2:02:35 AM): Nevermind, If you have AIM invite yourself to "MBH One Million" or just im me "sundancetyler" and I'll invite you.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:02:36 AM): sure
katslover42 (2:02:39 AM): I'm definately all about FV.
Im Ngamer (2:02:43 AM): we could get a bunch of Top Ten spots
Im Ngamer (2:02:48 AM): with this many Chatters
katslover42 (2:02:54 AM): Indeed.
mikerspd (2:02:54 AM): SFII is WAY better than Super Gay Mario RPGAY.
katslover42 (2:02:59 AM): Nope.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:03:07 AM): im me and invite me
katslover42 (2:03:08 AM): SFII is a fighter, and Fighters are Gay.
mikerspd (2:03:15 AM): ... how many quarters have you pumped into Mario RPG?
mikerspd (2:03:27 AM): Fighters are better than RPGs. :p
Comeasur37 (2:03:27 AM): smrpg is the best SNES game ever made
katslover42 (2:03:27 AM): None, making it better out of the gate.
mikerspd (2:03:58 AM): what the fuck! SNES was a weak console, but had many better games... Super Mario Kart for one?
Comeasur37 (2:04:03 AM): ...
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:04:04 AM): yeah
mikerspd (2:04:05 AM): Hell, fucking Mario World even.
Comeasur37 (2:04:10 AM): SNES is the best console ever made
Im Ngamer (2:04:17 AM): nothing weak about the SNES
katslover42 (2:04:19 AM): Yes it is.
Im Ngamer (2:04:22 AM): on any level
mikerspd (2:04:22 AM): Of the few SNES games I've played, Mario RPG was the most boring.
katslover42 (2:04:23 AM): Best console ever.
Comeasur37 (2:04:34 AM): Because you are gay.
katslover42 (2:04:42 AM): Have to back Come up on this one.
Comeasur37 (2:04:46 AM): omg 1st!
katslover42 (2:04:51 AM): Jackass 8-P
Comeasur37 (2:04:52 AM): not really...
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:05:01 AM): bastard
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:05:10 AM): when is CJay going to get off his lazy ass
zelll99 (2:05:17 AM): CJ is late
mikerspd (2:05:30 AM): Maybe he switched to AK time. :)
dragondragon18 (2:05:47 AM): i know
dragondragon18 (2:05:53 AM): this is way late today
mikerspd (2:06:01 AM): Tell neo to update the damned Chip's Challenge page. :)
Comeasur37 (2:06:13 AM): maybe he read about the ghostbusters contest
Comeasur37 (2:06:16 AM): and wants me to win
katslover42 (2:06:17 AM): Possibly.
mikerspd (2:06:23 AM): hahaha, no one wants you to win anything.
Comeasur37 (2:06:28 AM): ...
katslover42 (2:06:31 AM): I want you to win Come.
zelll99 (2:06:34 AM): whats the ghostbuster contest?
Comeasur37 (2:06:36 AM): at least i'm not sucrams brother
Comeasur37 (2:06:37 AM): pwned
Comeasur37 (2:06:43 AM): thats all you're known for
Comeasur37 (2:06:44 AM): biatch
Comeasur37 (2:06:47 AM): get me a sandwich
katslover42 (2:06:51 AM): Ghost Bust Contest, @ GameFAQs.
katslover42 (2:06:59 AM): Busting^ shit
Comeasur37 (2:07:08 AM): 6th
mikerspd (2:07:08 AM): I'd rather be Sucram's brother than you.
katslover42 (2:07:13 AM): 30th >_<
mikerspd (2:07:13 AM): such a liar
Im Ngamer (2:07:16 AM): Super Mario RPG 68.42% 13 Street Fighter II 31.58% 6 TOTAL VOTES 19
dragondragon18 (2:07:20 AM): that sucked
Comeasur37 (2:07:21 AM): Super Mario RPG 83.33% 5 Street Fighter II 16.67% 1 TOTAL VOTES 6
katslover42 (2:07:23 AM): Good one Come.
dragondragon18 (2:07:34 AM): Super Mario RPG 65.31% 32 Street Fighter II 34.69% 17 TOTAL VOTES 49
Im Ngamer (2:07:37 AM): whoa, Come, you're consistent
zelll99 (2:07:41 AM): Super Mario RPG 65.22% 30 Street Fighter II 34.78% 16 TOTAL VOTES 46
katslover42 (2:07:53 AM): w00t! I didn't come in last 8-P
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:07:55 AM): lol
dragondragon18 (2:08:01 AM): grrrr
zelll99 (2:08:02 AM): i suck
katslover42 (2:08:05 AM): How did you do, Guru?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:08:05 AM): I missed it by a whole bunch
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:08:17 AM): 55
dragondragon18 (2:08:19 AM): woot!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:08:20 AM): lol
dragondragon18 (2:09:06 AM): ok results from chrono/mana
katslover42 (2:09:31 AM): So...it's 6, 19, 30, 46, 49, 55.?
zelll99 (2:09:31 AM): 699
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:09:35 AM): yup
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:09:49 AM): 701
Im Ngamer (2:10:19 AM): whoa, Mario is killing!
zelll99 (2:10:19 AM): 6160 new users is pretty accurate
katslover42 (2:10:22 AM): From: greatone10 | Posted: 4/11/2004 12:08:28 AM | Message Detail I got the third vote, making three votes for Super Mario RPG.
zelll99 (2:10:32 AM): my new count gave me 6157
Comeasur37 (2:11:00 AM): see.. SMRPG was an RPG that kids could learn to play and beat, opening doors to the younger generation for RPGs like FF, CT, SoM, etc...
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:11:00 AM): Good :)
Comeasur37 (2:11:04 AM): thats why its going to win
Im Ngamer (2:11:04 AM): whoa, it locked already?
Comeasur37 (2:11:12 AM): and thats why sucrams brother is gay
katslover42 (2:11:16 AM): Gay
Im Ngamer (2:11:28 AM): man, this was going to be great to track
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:11:31 AM): 704!!
mikerspd (2:11:34 AM): ... At least I don't have the male excretion in my name.
katslover42 (2:11:36 AM): Nothing to keep us entertained while we wait for 1M
Im Ngamer (2:11:44 AM): now we have to wait 12 more minutes
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:11:47 AM): shaggy man
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:11:49 AM): 999704
katslover42 (2:11:50 AM): Worst. Argument. Ever.
Im Ngamer (2:11:51 AM): to get results past 100 votes
Comeasur37 (2:11:55 AM): Male or Female ejaculate can be referred to as Come/Cum
zelll99 (2:12:05 AM): lol
mikerspd (2:12:10 AM): omg, really?! I had no fucking idea!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:12:10 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:12:13 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (2:12:21 AM): You obviously did not, biatch
mikerspd (2:12:23 AM): OMG, Come has opened my eyes... I can see the light! It burns, it burns!!!
katslover42 (2:12:26 AM): Hey, Come, ever put anyone on ignore?
dragondragon18 (2:12:43 AM): Percentage for Chrono 79.39%
Comeasur37 (2:12:46 AM): Only spammers/bots
dragondragon18 (2:12:49 AM): 1. Pat Z.......80.00% (0.61%)
dragondragon18 (2:12:57 AM): 1. Neo........78.78% (0.61%)
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:12:59 AM): yay!
katslover42 (2:13:00 AM): Hmm, I see a great opportunity here.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:13:00 AM): :-d
dragondragon18 (2:13:05 AM): 3. Zell........77.00% (2.39%)
dragondragon18 (2:13:11 AM): 4. Jon.........76.79% (2.60%)
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:13:13 AM): damn neo
dragondragon18 (2:13:17 AM): 5. Dragon...82.13% (2.74%)
dragondragon18 (2:13:24 AM): 6. Kats.........84.61% (5.22%)
katslover42 (2:13:28 AM): woo!
dragondragon18 (2:13:29 AM): 7. Come......84.73% (5.34%)
katslover42 (2:13:34 AM): Muahah
dragondragon18 (2:13:34 AM): 8. Mikers....85.00% (5.61%)
Comeasur37 (2:13:35 AM): yay, within 5.37%!
Comeasur37 (2:13:38 AM): that was my goal
dragondragon18 (2:13:40 AM): 9. QB..........87.98% (8.59%)
katslover42 (2:13:41 AM): LMAO
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:13:42 AM): lol
dragondragon18 (2:13:51 AM): Predictions for Mario RPG
katslover42 (2:13:58 AM): This is what I was wanting to see.
dragondragon18 (2:14:00 AM): Mikers....49.99%
katslover42 (2:14:06 AM): O_o
dragondragon18 (2:14:06 AM): Dragon...51.14%
dragondragon18 (2:14:14 AM): Jon.........51.46%
dragondragon18 (2:14:19 AM): Pat Z.......52.10%
mikerspd (2:14:20 AM): we are sooo off... :(
dragondragon18 (2:14:25 AM): QB..........52.55%
dragondragon18 (2:14:38 AM): Neo........56.00%
dragondragon18 (2:14:44 AM): Zell........61.82%
Im Ngamer (2:14:47 AM): Mario RPG FV: JordanM85
dragondragon18 (2:14:52 AM)
: Come......62.41%
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:14:55 AM): cool
dragondragon18 (2:14:57 AM): Kats.........64.37%
mikerspd (2:14:59 AM): how do you know that Jon?
katslover42 (2:14:59 AM): Go Kats!
katslover42 (2:15:02 AM): Woo!
zelll99 (2:15:29 AM): LMAO
katslover42 (2:15:30 AM): Wow, I put more stock into SMRPG than even Come.
zelll99 (2:15:33 AM): From: Janors 2 | Posted: 4/11/2004 12:14:42 AM | Message Detail It won't let me make any more. Says I've made too many in the past half-hour. :-(
katslover42 (2:15:45 AM): Really? You can make too many?
mikerspd (2:15:51 AM): too many what?
katslover42 (2:15:54 AM): Accounts.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:15:55 AM): 715
zelll99 (2:15:57 AM): looks like it
mikerspd (2:16:08 AM): ... hahahahaha
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:16:09 AM): I can only make one per 30 mins
katslover42 (2:16:10 AM): I did not know that. </Johnny Carson>
Im Ngamer (2:16:20 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=8& topic=13568022
Im Ngamer (2:16:25 AM): for the First Vote
zelll99 (2:16:29 AM): zell's new users stats: we are up to around 999,716
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:16:36 AM): almost
mikerspd (2:16:43 AM): I think I voted for RPG on accident anyway... :p
Comeasur37 (2:16:55 AM): ha
Comeasur37 (2:16:56 AM): pwned
katslover42 (2:16:59 AM): LoL
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:17:02 AM): oh well
Comeasur37 (2:17:02 AM): i'm going to vote 11 times for SMRPG
katslover42 (2:17:07 AM): Go for it!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:17:09 AM): for the fv, it doesnt matter
katslover42 (2:17:49 AM): Street Fighter II picture=shit...where did he go take that at, someone's basement/gameroom?
mikerspd (2:18:35 AM): dunno, looks alright to me.
mikerspd (2:18:48 AM): be better if it just had Chun Li representing it.
mikerspd (2:18:55 AM): What's RPG's response to Chun Li I ask you.
Comeasur37 (2:18:59 AM): omg
Comeasur37 (2:19:01 AM): you are gay
katslover42 (2:19:03 AM): ...Tifa.
zelll99 (2:19:07 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (2:19:08 AM): do you whack off to cartoons?
mikerspd (2:19:15 AM): To Chun LI.... fuck yeah.
zelll99 (2:19:19 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (2:19:21 AM): sicko
Comeasur37 (2:19:26 AM): go masturbate to the jetsons
mikerspd (2:19:26 AM): sticking that leg way up in the air...
mikerspd (2:19:30 AM): can't beat that.
Comeasur37 (2:19:32 AM): i think astro wants to lick your balls
zelll99 (2:19:34 AM): i bet he shampoos his armpits too
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:19:34 AM): hahahaha
mikerspd (2:19:35 AM): I've seen Jetson's porn, that shit is good.
katslover42 (2:19:39 AM): LMAO...you must love the shower scene from Street Fighter the Movie II.
mikerspd (2:19:41 AM): Usually George fucking his daughter.
mikerspd (2:19:45 AM): I haven't seen the movie.
Comeasur37 (2:19:50 AM): dude, you are the gayest person ever
katslover42 (2:19:51 AM): O_o
mikerspd (2:19:54 AM): Just the mortal kombat movies.
mikerspd (2:20:05 AM): Come really just wants some homosexual company doesn't he?
katslover42 (2:20:10 AM): I've never seen the american movie, I'm talking about the animated one.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:20:15 AM): haha
Comeasur37 (2:20:18 AM): i have lots of homosexual company
mikerspd (2:20:25 AM): you must be in your heaven.
Comeasur37 (2:20:35 AM): Yes, having lots of friends that are gay is heaven
Comeasur37 (2:20:42 AM): they give the best back rubs y'know ;)
katslover42 (2:20:44 AM): A heaven full of nothing but robots and no people.
katslover42 (2:20:58 AM): A heaven you will never live to see! >_>
zelll99 (2:21:12 AM): my count is right on 726
Comeasur37 (2:21:24 AM): smrpg winning still :)
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:21:32 AM): col
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:21:36 AM): cooooooooooool
mikerspd (2:21:49 AM): that's more like it.
Im Ngamer (2:21:58 AM): ha
mikerspd (2:22:03 AM): all the SF2 fans had to clean themselves off after remembering Chun Li.
Im Ngamer (2:22:08 AM): mikers took the words right out of my mouth
mikerspd (2:22:17 AM): ... not those words I hope. :)
Im Ngamer (2:22:27 AM): heh, no, the earlier ones
mikerspd (2:22:31 AM): right
katslover42 (2:22:37 AM): LMAO....Unicorn Insurance. I thought, what if something happens to my Unicorn?
dragondragon18 (2:22:45 AM): grrr. no more instant updates
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:23:02 AM): no, all the FVers clicked the first option
mikerspd (2:23:13 AM): heh, or that. :)
Im Ngamer (2:23:17 AM): I think Mario needs a lead built up tonight
Im Ngamer (2:23:29 AM): SF should get helped by the day vote a bit
mikerspd (2:23:32 AM): So I'm the only person who thought SF would win?
Im Ngamer (2:23:47 AM): of the Ghost Busters, yes
Im Ngamer (2:23:58 AM): the board was split on this one
mikerspd (2:24:01 AM): right, what about in brackets that was here?
Im Ngamer (2:24:13 AM): about 54% favored Mario only
Comeasur37 (2:24:27 AM): dude
Comeasur37 (2:24:29 AM): learn some grammar
Comeasur37 (2:24:37 AM): "what about in brackets that was here"
Comeasur37 (2:24:38 AM): ?
katslover42 (2:24:42 AM): were here.
mikerspd (2:24:44 AM): this from guy who talk like this
katslover42 (2:24:49 AM): the guy.
Comeasur37 (2:24:52 AM): *talks
Comeasur37 (2:24:57 AM): a guy*
katslover42 (2:25:02 AM): That too.
Comeasur37 (2:25:06 AM): your god*
katslover42 (2:25:17 AM): your gay*
zelll99 (2:25:23 AM): From: TylerF | Posted: 4/11/2004 12:23:51 AM | Message Detail i have 54 keys and im rdy to unload O_ O
katslover42 (2:25:26 AM): ...you're gay*
Im Ngamer (2:25:29 AM): you mean the Elite brackets?
mikerspd (2:25:30 AM): Come, have you actually done anything worthwhile that should make you so arrogant?
mikerspd (2:25:34 AM): yeah
katslover42 (2:25:39 AM): He's the King of Chat.
Comeasur37 (2:25:43 AM): lets see
Im Ngamer (2:25:44 AM): think they were split about 60/40
Comeasur37 (2:25:47 AM): I'm the king of chat
Im Ngamer (2:25:47 AM): for Mario
mikerspd (2:25:48 AM): ... I'd say the Queen of chat if anything.
dragondragon18 (2:25:52 AM): i picked sf2 for the brackets
Comeasur37 (2:25:54 AM): I invented the Summer contest
mikerspd (2:25:55 AM): okay, that's about what I figured.
Comeasur37 (2:26:21 AM): I got 1:13 on streets, but then lost it in a horrific fire/car accident/hurricane
mikerspd (2:26:21 AM): Yeah, and you've been clutching onto that like the fat girl (or guy?) you lost your virginity to I'm sure...
Im Ngamer (2:26:24 AM): what ID are we up to?
Comeasur37 (2:26:29 AM): i made the AIM page
mikerspd (2:26:39 AM): OMG there's an AIM page? That's just sad.
Comeasur37 (2:26:41 AM): i update the GE WR page
zelll99 (2:26:53 AM): Jon, my calculations are saying 999,741
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:26:54 AM): no updates as ofyet
Comeasur37 (2:27:01 AM): i've been working on the GEE FAQ
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:27:04 AM): *official* ;)
katslover42 (2:27:10 AM): Don't forget that time you pwned mikers...you get kudos and props for that too.
Comeasur37 (2:27:10 AM): i host lots of vids for people on my server
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:27:18 AM): put me on there, lol
Comeasur37 (2:27:22 AM): I pwn dumbfucks like you mikers
mikerspd (2:27:29 AM): "Sucram's brother" is hardly an own...
zelll99 (2:27:30 AM): 746 posted
Comeasur37 (2:27:36 AM): thats all you are though
Comeasur37 (2:27:41 AM): what have you done thats so special?
mikerspd (2:27:44 AM): when you learn to spell "own" then you can correct my grammar.
Comeasur37 (2:27:46 AM): been sucrams brother
zelll99 (2:27:53 AM): i pwn cause i speed run adventure
mikerspd (2:27:58 AM): I've been Sucram too. :)
katslover42 (2:28:02 AM): own=/=pwns
mikerspd (2:28:05 AM): zell, that is SO true.
Comeasur37 (2:28:08 AM): zel, you pwn because i say you pwn
Comeasur37 (2:28:14 AM): (and because of adventure :))
zelll99 (2:28:15 AM): yay!
katslover42 (2:28:17 AM): LMAO
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:28:22 AM): Adventure!!!!11!
Comeasur37 (2:28:36 AM): heh
Im Ngamer (2:28:38 AM): ok, so, 250
zelll99 (2:28:41 AM): once i get my new strat to work ill make a vid for you guys to watch on big screen on the weekends
Im Ngamer (2:28:44 AM): how long should that take?
Comeasur37 (2:28:44 AM): its like pee wees playhouse
mikerspd (2:28:46 AM): Shade's girlfriend thought I was the hottest of all you ugly hermits.
Comeasur37 (2:28:52 AM): anytime someone says "adventure".. we all scream
katslover42 (2:28:55 AM): LoL
katslover42 (2:28:58 AM): I was thinking that too, Come.
mikerspd (2:28:59 AM): I have that, and that is by far better than anything you can claim.
Comeasur37 (2:29:04 AM): First of all
Comeasur37 (2:29:12 AM): Pavla is not/was not Shade's girlfriend
katslover42 (2:29:16 AM): My g/f thinks I'm the hottest of all living creatures...so I win.
Comeasur37 (2:29:21 AM): and didn't she say that about Sucram, not you?
Im Ngamer (2:29:28 AM): it was his pic though
Im Ngamer (2:29:33 AM): that was up on hotornot
mikerspd (2:29:40 AM): ... Helloooooo, for someone who created the contest, you aren't really in the know are you?
Comeasur37 (2:29:51 AM): Ah, well, the text that says Sucram is probably what attracted her
Comeasur37 (2:29:54 AM): since Jon made it
Im Ngamer (2:29:59 AM): heh
Comeasur37 (2:30:01 AM): and he's makes hot text
katslover42 (2:30:06 AM): Hot steamy text.
katslover42 (2:30:14 AM): He owns the rights to flamingtext.com
Comeasur37 (2:30:18 AM): it makes 9 out of 10 people cream their pants
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:30:18 AM): lol
katslover42 (2:30:37 AM): that's 9 more people out of ten than Chun Li can attest for.
Im Ngamer (2:31:05 AM): are we at about an account a minute here, would you say?
mikerspd (2:31:06 AM): Oh, and I'm on the first page of the "3 new members in a day" thread.
Comeasur37 (2:31:15 AM): oh, and someone cares about that?
katslover42 (2:31:22 AM): There were 8 accounts made in one minute at one point, Jon...
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:31:23 AM): 754
Im Ngamer (2:31:28 AM): but on average
katslover42 (2:31:34 AM): I don't know the average.
Im Ngamer (2:31:38 AM): I'd like to get in a quick nap, if I could
katslover42 (2:31:40 AM): Do we have enough data to get an average?
zelll99 (2:31:42 AM): 754 posted, my count is 758
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:31:48 AM): hmmm
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:31:59 AM): it might be interesting, zelll
katslover42 (2:32:01 AM): Wow...SMRP fell fast.
katslover42 (2:32:06 AM): G
zelll99 (2:32:13 AM): my count has been accurate for the last 100 accounts
katslover42 (2:32:15 AM): It fell off >_>
Im Ngamer (2:32:27 AM): yes, we all noticed that
Im Ngamer (2:32:31 AM): 7 minutes ago
mikerspd (2:32:36 AM): hehehe
zelll99 (2:32:36 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:32:51 AM): 756
Comeasur37 (2:33:02 AM): um.. it got more votes than SF
Comeasur37 (2:33:05 AM): in that last update
Comeasur37 (2:33:13 AM): just the % dropped
mikerspd (2:33:23 AM): ... wow, he's smrt...
katslover42 (2:33:26 AM): I know I know, I just now decided to say something abou tit 8-P
Im Ngamer (2:33:29 AM): I think this next update will be telling
katslover42 (2:33:36 AM): Holy Fuck, Come, you are smrt.
katslover42 (2:33:40 AM): Imagine that.
Im Ngamer (2:33:55 AM): if it can stay above 52%, this should be pretty much over
katslover42 (2:34:06 AM): Mikers, is it safe to assume your name is actually Mike?
zelll99 (2:34:17 AM): 760 posted 766 my count (1-2 mins later)
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:34:23 AM): so what does 5927 = ?
katslover42 (2:34:30 AM): Chicken Wings.
zelll99 (2:34:41 AM): 1M is around 6160
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:34:46 AM): ok
zelll99 (2:34:50 AM): you do the math ;)
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:34:53 AM): lol
mikerspd (2:35:01 AM): That is the case kats.
katslover42 (2:35:10 AM): Alright...Come's name is Steve.
zelll99 (2:35:13 AM): mmm chicken wings
zelll99 (2:35:17 AM): i ate some earlier :)
mikerspd (2:35:19 AM): Do I care?
Comeasur37 (2:35:21 AM): Steve is way cooler than Mike
katslover42 (2:35:22 AM): We know, Zell >_<
Comeasur37 (2:35:28 AM): you don't have a character named after you
zelll99 (2:35:29 AM): *is hungry*
mikerspd (2:35:29 AM): My name is actually Michael...
Comeasur37 (2:35:30 AM): Eh, Steve!
katslover42 (2:35:34 AM): eh, Steve!
mikerspd (2:35:35 AM): a character?
Comeasur37 (2:35:40 AM): at homestarrunner.com
mikerspd (2:35:48 AM): ... again, Do I care?
katslover42 (2:35:52 AM): You should.
katslover42 (2:36:00 AM): You should care so much that your eyes bleed from caring so hard.
mikerspd (2:36:01 AM): sad, because I don't.
katslover42 (2:36:15 AM): It's painfully close again, guys.
mikerspd (2:36:16 AM): My eyes only bleed when I see Come's picture.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:36:19 AM): It's really awesome
Comeasur37 (2:36:26 AM): I'm a sexy beast
katslover42 (2:36:28 AM): Because he's so grizzled.
zelll99 (2:36:34 AM): 778 my count
mikerspd (2:36:35 AM): he's half right.
katslover42 (2:36:49 AM): Hey, either way, he's getting Belle.
Im Ngamer (2:36:51 AM): Super Mario RPG 52.09% 1244 Street Fighter II 47.91% 1144 TOTAL VOTES 2388
Comeasur37 (2:36:51 AM): http://homokaasu.org/sect/user.gas?66762
Im Ngamer (2:36:55 AM): oh boy
Comeasur37 (2:36:58 AM): Look at that hotness
katslover42 (2:37:08 AM): Meeeeow
mikerspd (2:37:16 AM): surprise surprise, he's posting a site with "homo" in it...
Im Ngamer (2:37:23 AM): I'd have to say it's too close to call still
zelll99 (2:37:24 AM): yay!
Comeasur37 (2:37:26 AM): haha
Comeasur37 (2:37:31 AM): you have no idea what homokaasu means
katslover42 (2:37:32 AM): He did get you on that one, Come 8-P
zelll99 (2:37:37 AM): look in "became friends in the net:" i am there :)
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:37:37 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (2:37:42 AM): homokaasu is finnish for "gay gas"
mikerspd (2:38:06 AM): You JUST said if it was over 52% it'd be done. :p
Comeasur37 (2:38:08 AM): the idea behind the name homokaasu is not homosexuality. it is the gas. sure, it could be republican gas, but gay gas has a certain shock value and some mythical basis
Im Ngamer (2:38:14 AM): I know, BUT
mikerspd (2:38:19 AM): hehehe
katslover42 (2:38:21 AM): LoL, Jon is an Ex-Lay
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:38:29 AM): omg, Jon = teh contradictor?!
Im Ngamer (2:38:31 AM): this is practically below, so
Comeasur37 (2:38:55 AM): whoa
Comeasur37 (2:38:59 AM): i have 86 relations
Im Ngamer (2:39:02 AM): .09 isn't a contradiction, it's a... number... fudging
Comeasur37 (2:39:03 AM): and 86 is a cool number
mikerspd (2:39:05 AM): "practically below" != below
zelll99 (2:39:17 AM): 784 is a cool number too
katslover42 (2:39:18 AM): Aww, I'm just an aquaintence 8-P
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:39:20 AM): lol
dragondragon18 (2:39:27 AM): i like 784 better
Comeasur37 (2:39:28 AM): hmm.. i'm going to watch the Eh, Steve again..
Im Ngamer (2:39:37 AM): ok, but in any case
Comeasur37 (2:39:38 AM): crazy cartoon, right?
dragondragon18 (2:39:40 AM): 44*36
Im Ngamer (2:39:41 AM): yes
dragondragon18 (2:39:49 AM): nevermind i'm retarded
zelll99 (2:39:54 AM): lol
Im Ngamer (2:40:00 AM): at this rate, we should hit the mill in about 3 hours
dragondragon18 (2:40:03 AM): ignore that statement
zelll99 (2:40:04 AM): 1100 = 12, right?
Comeasur37 (2:40:10 AM): http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail72.html
mikerspd (2:40:14 AM): yes
Comeasur37 (2:40:16 AM): learn from that Mikers
zelll99 (2:40:18 AM): 3 hours O_O
dragondragon18 (2:40:22 AM): in binary
mikerspd (2:40:31 AM): that's what I assumed...
katslover42 (2:40:37 AM): I don't think I'm about to stay up another three hours for 1M.....
Comeasur37 (2:40:41 AM): I'll get you, Eh, Steve!
zelll99 (2:41:07 AM): this is gay ass slow
katslover42 (2:41:09 AM): Hate to say it, but Thnikkaman>eh, Steve!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:41:16 AM): That's tough
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:41:18 AM): to call
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:41:43 AM): 801!
(2:42:00 AM) mikerspd has left the room.
Comeasur37 (2:42:03 AM): Thnikkaman is good, but hasnt reached Eh, steve quality
Im Ngamer (2:42:16 AM): I still favor Eh, Steve
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:42:18 AM): I agree.
Im Ngamer (2:42:21 AM): though it's close
zelll99 (2:42:39 AM): zell's count says 798
Comeasur37 (2:42:39 AM): which one is thnikkaman in?
katslover42 (2:42:40 AM): Yea...Shut up, Kid.
Im Ngamer (2:42:45 AM): ok... I think I was off
Comeasur37 (2:42:45 AM): havent watched newest ones lately
katslover42 (2:42:48 AM): The 100th email.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:42:48 AM): zelll is wroooong
Im Ngamer (2:42:53 AM): should be more like 2 hours
zelll99 (2:43:13 AM): just do +5 to my count or something
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:43:29 AM): okay
zelll99 (2:43:45 AM): my count is more accurate nontheless since i know what is the ID at any moment since you have to wait for someone to post his ID :-P
katslover42 (2:44:01 AM): I think Thnikkaman is Monument.
OLLE boll e007 (2:44:50 AM): how's the gamefaq thjinkg going+
zelll99 (2:44:53 AM): 811 (+5?)
katslover42 (2:44:55 AM): Slow.
Im Ngamer (2:45:05 AM): ok, what number are we waiting for on the new members thing?
Im Ngamer (2:45:19 AM): I'm going to start watching that instead
zelll99 (2:45:21 AM): aroung 6160
zelll99 (2:45:31 AM): +/- 5 id say
Im Ngamer (2:45:43 AM): we ought to coordinate
Im Ngamer (2:45:48 AM): and all go at once
Im Ngamer (2:45:59 AM): if we cover a large enough spread
katslover42 (2:46:02 AM): Equal share?
zelll99 (2:46:04 AM): i think the last 100 will come really fast
Im Ngamer (2:46:04 AM): one of us will get it
katslover42 (2:46:06 AM): One of us is bound to get it.
zelll99 (2:46:18 AM): some people have over 30 accounts ready to go
Im Ngamer (2:46:19 AM): nay, I'm not going to share with anyone
zelll99 (2:46:30 AM): we are 8 in the chat
katslover42 (2:46:30 AM): Oh Thnikkaman....it's the Thnikkaman!
Im Ngamer (2:46:41 AM): well, 8 is better than 1
zelll99 (2:46:54 AM): yeah
OLLE boll e007 (2:46:55 AM): but it's when you confirm the e-mail that it gets "registred"?
Im Ngamer (2:46:59 AM): yes
OLLE boll e007 (2:47:02 AM): ok
Im Ngamer (2:47:03 AM): clicking the link in that mail
katslover42 (2:47:10 AM): Will make you a hell of a lot cooler.
katslover42 (2:47:22 AM): Still finishing up your sentences ^_~
Im Ngamer (2:47:35 AM): yes... I see...
OLLE boll e007 (2:47:38 AM): how you know how many is in so far?
Comeasur37 (2:48:02 AM): dudes
zelll99 (2:48:03 AM): i wrote this super-intelligent program that calculates statistics of clisks on GFAQ
Im Ngamer (2:48:12 AM): 828
Comeasur37 (2:48:13 AM): do you have many accounts lined up to be activated
Comeasur37 (2:48:21 AM): you can just wait til you think its happening
katslover42 (2:48:23 AM): I have one, and one is all I need.
zelll99 (2:48:26 AM): i have 1 account lined up
Comeasur37 (2:48:28 AM): then activate one, then see what it is
Im Ngamer (2:48:32 AM): I have one
OLLE boll e007 (2:48:34 AM): hehe
Comeasur37 (2:48:34 AM): if its too low, activate next
Im Ngamer (2:48:37 AM): only Pat has two
Comeasur37 (2:48:41 AM): get like.. 2352523423423 accounts
Comeasur37 (2:48:43 AM): youll win then
zelll99 (2:48:44 AM): lol
katslover42 (2:48:49 AM): Heheh, win what exactly? 8-P
Im Ngamer (2:48:50 AM): yeah, that's what some are trying
OLLE boll e007 (2:48:53 AM): only one per e-mail?
zelll99 (2:48:54 AM): id laugh my ass off if you missed
Im Ngamer (2:48:55 AM): which means
Im Ngamer (2:48:59 AM): once it get within 50
katslover42 (2:49:05 AM): It's going to explode.
Im Ngamer (2:49:08 AM): it'll be over just like that
katslover42 (2:49:20 AM): That being the thing that he says.
zelll99 (2:49:20 AM): i prefer to go over 1M than lower
katslover42 (2:49:35 AM): I dunno, I wouldn't mind having 999999
Im Ngamer (2:49:36 AM): um... I think I'd rather be a bit under
Im Ngamer (2:49:43 AM): if it's close
zelll99 (2:50:18 AM): 999999 would be sweet
OLLE boll e007 (2:50:20 AM): yeah
katslover42 (2:50:22 AM): From: Janors 2 | Posted: 4/11/2004 12:38:08 AM | Message Detail Now that I think of it, 999999 would be cooler than 1000000.
(2:50:24 AM) Leet N Top has entered the room.
katslover42 (2:50:29 AM): Cuben!
OLLE boll e007 (2:50:33 AM): C!
Leet N Top (2:50:33 AM): Kats
dragondragon18 (2:50:35 AM): lol
Leet N Top (2:50:42 AM): O
Im Ngamer (2:50:45 AM): cuben
Leet N Top (2:50:48 AM): Jon
Im Ngamer (2:50:50 AM): go get an account lined up
Comeasur37 (2:50:51 AM): see
zelll99 (2:50:53 AM): Cuben
dragondragon18 (2:50:54 AM): hey alex
Im Ngamer (2:50:54 AM): you're just in time
Comeasur37 (2:50:56 AM): Eh, steve makes that email good
Comeasur37 (2:50:57 AM): but
Comeasur37 (2:51:10 AM): technochocolate is the star of the one with thnikkaman
Leet N Top (2:51:22 AM): what account Jon?
katslover42 (2:51:24 AM): I dunno, I liked the Thnikkaman more than technochocolate, myself.
zelll99 (2:51:24 AM): eggo whaffles on the way
Im Ngamer (2:51:31 AM): any account
Im Ngamer (2:51:34 AM): at GameFAQs
Leet N Top (2:51:36 AM): for what?
Leet N Top (2:51:38 AM): i have one
katslover42 (2:51:40 AM): !M u ser.
katslover42 (2:51:43 AM): 1M user 8-P
Im Ngamer (2:51:44 AM): we're 190 from ID 1 million
Leet N Top (2:51:59 AM): my gamefaqs account is cubentop
zelll99 (2:52:05 AM): no Jon
Leet N Top (2:52:07 AM): current karma=4 :-p
Im Ngamer (2:52:12 AM): yes, yes, it doesn't matter!
katslover42 (2:52:12 AM): SMRPG is on the rise.
zelll99 (2:52:19 AM): we are like.. 150
Im Ngamer (2:52:20 AM): get a new one ready to go
Leet N Top (2:52:29 AM): k
zelll99 (2:52:37 AM): New Users (Last 7 Days) 6000
katslover42 (2:52:40 AM): Someone from The Elite HAS to get 1M.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:52:40 AM): 832 so far
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (2:52:51 AM): I might sorta want 999999
zelll99 (2:52:59 AM): go on 6159 :-P
katslover42 (2:53:02 AM): You can have it, I'll take 1M
Im Ngamer (2:53:09 AM): 602 now
Im Ngamer (2:53:13 AM): it's speeding up
Im Ngamer (2:53:41 AM): I'm going on 6155
Im Ngamer (2:53:51 AM): because it will take time to react
Im Ngamer (2:53:57 AM): and the link to load, etc
zelll99 (2:53:57 AM): yeah
zelll99 (2:54:02 AM): there will be tons of requests
zelll99 (2:54:10 AM): the server will crash and GFAQ will explode
katslover42 (2:54:11 AM): I've got my email sitting on the messag.e
katslover42 (2:54:25 AM): What's it on, now?
Im Ngamer (2:54:32 AM): 6009
Comeasur37 (2:54:35 AM): wait.. how are you getting this number?
zelll99 (2:54:36 AM): *sits back and eats a waffle*
Im Ngamer (2:54:38 AM): want 6160
katslover42 (2:54:43 AM): Everyone logged out?
Im Ngamer (2:54:51 AM): why be logged out?
zelll99 (2:54:51 AM): fuck im logged in lol
katslover42 (2:54:56 AM): Might wanna fix that 8-P
Im Ngamer (2:55:08 AM): but, how will we check stats?
katslover42 (2:55:13 AM): I figured it would bitch if you were logged in already and tried to activate a new account.
Comeasur37 (2:55:24 AM): where do you get the stats from?
Im Ngamer (2:55:26 AM): I'm staying logged in
zelll99 (2:55:34 AM): someone try that out >_>
katslover42 (2:55:37 AM): Heheh
Comeasur37 (2:55:39 AM): jon
Im Ngamer (2:55:40 AM): click your name, Come
Im Ngamer (2:55:47 AM): then GameFAQs stats
Comeasur37 (2:55:51 AM): ah
Im Ngamer (2:56:01 AM): and we're looking at New Users
Im Ngamer (2:56:26 AM): are the stats refreshing kind of slow for anyone else?
Im Ngamer (2:56:34 AM): 6019
Comeasur37 (2:56:39 AM): hmm
zelll99 (2:56:45 AM): yes jon
Comeasur37 (2:56:55 AM): how do you know that the stats dont go by when you register, not activate?
katslover42 (2:57:31 AM): It's been tested and retested, I believe.
zelll99 (2:57:45 AM): From: kyuubi | Posted: 4/11/2004 12:56:53 AM | Message Detail JUST GOT USER ID: 999923
zelll99 (2:57:48 AM): this is bullshit
katslover42 (2:57:57 AM): I do believe it is too.
Im Ngamer (2:58:16 AM): oh man, really speeding up now
katslover42 (2:58:22 AM): What's it up to?
Im Ngamer (2:58:27 AM): 6029
katslover42 (2:58:29 AM): ooh
Comeasur37 (2:58:53 AM): i'm going in 47 seconds
Comeasur37 (2:58:59 AM): well
Comeasur37 (2:59:01 AM): make that
Comeasur37 (2:59:03 AM): starting
katslover42 (2:59:04 AM): What's it up to now, Jon?
Comeasur37 (2:59:05 AM): n...
Comeasur37 (2:59:06 AM): o
zelll99 (2:59:11 AM): and you tell us your ID, come
Comeasur37 (2:59:16 AM): ........................................................w
zelll99 (2:59:26 AM): 6041
Im Ngamer (2:59:28 AM): 6041!
katslover42 (2:59:30 AM): Alright
Comeasur37 (2:59:46 AM): hmm
Comeasur37 (2:59:48 AM): maybe not yet
Comeasur37 (2:59:54 AM): nevermind my 47 seconds
Comeasur37 (3:00:00 AM): ill go when i feel like it
katslover42 (3:00:08 AM): loL
Comeasur37 (3:00:09 AM): just keep saying stats numbers
zelll99 (3:00:30 AM): someone posted this: it's going to be closer to 431104.
Im Ngamer (3:00:51 AM): 6050!
Im Ngamer (3:00:54 AM): just 100 more
Im Ngamer (3:00:57 AM): ish
zelll99 (3:01:09 AM): which is equal to 6153 if im not mistaking
katslover42 (3:01:09 AM): Heheh
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:01:12 AM): so what are we up to
Comeasur37 (3:01:13 AM): going
katslover42 (3:01:20 AM): Woo!
zelll99 (3:01:22 AM): updating is slowwww
katslover42 (3:01:22 AM): Go Come!
zelll99 (3:01:29 AM): post your ID asap come
katslover42 (3:01:46 AM): We always knew Come was premature!
zelll99 (3:01:54 AM): LMAO
Im Ngamer (3:01:59 AM): 6061
zelll99 (3:02:03 AM): less than 100 to go
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:02:23 AM): no way
Comeasur37 (3:02:27 AM): your stats make no sense
katslover42 (3:02:35 AM): What did you get?
Comeasur37 (3:02:43 AM): dunno
katslover42 (3:02:45 AM): Oh
Comeasur37 (3:02:46 AM): slowness
zelll99 (3:02:49 AM): login and check
Comeasur37 (3:02:54 AM): trying
Im Ngamer (3:02:57 AM): 6068
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:02:58 AM): hurry
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:02:59 AM): hurry
katslover42 (3:03:03 AM): Heheh
zelll99 (3:03:04 AM): everybody is sumbiting acounts
Im Ngamer (3:03:06 AM): where you logged in when you activated?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:03:12 AM): I am getting antsy in my pantsys
zelll99 (3:03:17 AM): LMAO
katslover42 (3:03:18 AM): Me too
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:03:19 AM): what does that have to do with anything
Comeasur37 (3:03:19 AM): 999915
zelll99 (3:03:23 AM): good
zelll99 (3:03:27 AM): makes sense
Comeasur37 (3:03:31 AM): k
Im Ngamer (3:03:33 AM): seems about right
Comeasur37 (3:03:33 AM): other guy lied then
zelll99 (3:03:35 AM): congrats btw
zelll99 (3:03:39 AM): yes he lied
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:03:47 AM): aaaaaaaaaaa
zelll99 (3:03:51 AM): LOL
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:03:53 AM): FATAL ERROR!!!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:03:55 AM): omfg
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:03:57 AM): dont do this to me
katslover42 (3:03:58 AM): ....
katslover42 (3:04:02 AM): Calm down.
katslover42 (3:04:06 AM): What are we at, guys?
zelll99 (3:04:14 AM): waiting for an update
zelll99 (3:04:15 AM): 6080
katslover42 (3:04:16 AM): Okies
Im Ngamer (3:04:20 AM): 6080
Leet N Top (3:04:22 AM): Guru has become insane
katslover42 (3:04:32 AM): Do you have one lined up, Cuben?
Im Ngamer (3:04:37 AM): I'm bumping mine up
Im Ngamer (3:04:44 AM): to 6145
katslover42 (3:04:49 AM): heheh
zelll99 (3:05:01 AM): im going around 6145 too
Im Ngamer (3:05:05 AM): 6084
Comeasur37 (3:05:22 AM): damn
Comeasur37 (3:05:25 AM): cant make a new one
Comeasur37 (3:05:26 AM): :(
katslover42 (3:05:28 AM): Shitty.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:05:29 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (3:05:39 AM): what are your account names?
Comeasur37 (3:05:41 AM): anything good?
Im Ngamer (3:05:46 AM): Milly McMill
katslover42 (3:05:46 AM): Katslover
Comeasur37 (3:05:53 AM): milly mcmill better win
katslover42 (3:05:54 AM): Time to toss out Seph.
zelll99 (3:05:55 AM): the1000000user
katslover42 (3:06:02 AM): That's a nice one Zell 8-P
zelll99 (3:06:07 AM): if i miss ill close it lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:06:11 AM): Mine is Zalesky
zelll99 (3:06:17 AM): if i get 999999 ill keep it but look stupid
katslover42 (3:06:19 AM): Heheh
Im Ngamer (3:06:22 AM): 6088
katslover42 (3:06:31 AM): Seems like it would be going a WEE bit faster.
Comeasur37 (3:06:32 AM): ill keep mine open for voting purposes ;)
katslover42 (3:06:40 AM): What was yours again, Come?
zelll99 (3:06:45 AM): i hit as soon as i see between 1635 and 1645
Comeasur37 (3:06:59 AM): 999915
katslover42 (3:07:03 AM): No, the name 8-P
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:07:10 AM): its going soooo slow
zelll99 (3:07:11 AM): come, did you have another gfaq account logined when you activated the new one?
zelll99 (3:07:14 AM): 6092
Im Ngamer (3:07:16 AM): 6093
katslover42 (3:07:21 AM): Wow
katslover42 (3:07:23 AM): Big jump
zelll99 (3:07:59 AM): fuck that
zelll99 (3:08:01 AM): im going to bed
katslover42 (3:08:04 AM): O_o
zelll99 (3:08:04 AM): later guys
Im Ngamer (3:08:07 AM): NOW?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:08:08 AM): ?
Im Ngamer (3:08:10 AM): OMG
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:08:11 AM): ????
katslover42 (3:08:12 AM): It's like five minutes.
zelll99 (3:08:18 AM): :-P
Im Ngamer (3:08:18 AM): 10 at the most
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:08:20 AM): ?!?!?!??!?!?
zelll99 (3:08:20 AM): 6099
Im Ngamer (3:08:22 AM): 6099!
katslover42 (3:08:23 AM): Jack hole 8-P
zelll99 (3:08:29 AM): in 3 mins im telling you
katslover42 (3:08:34 AM): Heheh
zelll99 (3:08:45 AM): in 3 mins it'll be around 1000100 already
Im Ngamer (3:08:51 AM): Come, when you registered from the mail
zelll99 (3:08:54 AM): people will flood the server with requests
Im Ngamer (3:08:57 AM): were you still logged to the boards?
Comeasur37 (3:08:58 AM): no
Comeasur37 (3:09:00 AM): also
Im Ngamer (3:09:02 AM): arg
Im Ngamer (3:09:10 AM): better not error me
Comeasur37 (3:09:11 AM): copy/paste the addy into the browser
Comeasur37 (3:09:13 AM): dont click
Im Ngamer (3:09:14 AM): 6105!
katslover42 (3:09:15 AM): I did that too
katslover42 (3:09:20 AM): CANDP
Leet N Top (3:09:21 AM): i am making my account right now :-/
zelll99 (3:09:26 AM): go cuben!
katslover42 (3:09:28 AM): Better hurry the fuck up 8-P
zelll99 (3:09:30 AM): and give us your ID asap
Leet N Top (3:09:30 AM): go me
Im Ngamer (3:09:31 AM): better hurry
Comeasur37 (3:09:34 AM): well
Comeasur37 (3:09:38 AM): gamefaqs is lagging like hell
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:09:41 AM): yes it is
Im Ngamer (3:09:50 AM): boards as well?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:09:54 AM): yeah
Im Ngamer (3:09:55 AM): 6118!
Comeasur37 (3:09:55 AM): oh yeah
katslover42 (3:09:58 AM): Boards have been lagging lately, anyhow.
katslover42 (3:10:04 AM): I think it's new server time.
Comeasur37 (3:10:16 AM): you guys should start going here in a few secs
zelll99 (3:10:20 AM): im going realllly soon
katslover42 (3:10:30 AM): I always wait for the lady first.
katslover42 (3:10:33 AM): Then I go.
Comeasur37 (3:10:34 AM): Go Now!
Comeasur37 (3:10:36 AM): Zel
Comeasur37 (3:10:37 AM): Do it!
zelll99 (3:10:45 AM): *clicks*
Im Ngamer (3:10:48 AM): 6126
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:10:52 AM): i have butterflies
katslover42 (3:10:53 AM): I clicked it.
katslover42 (3:10:55 AM): It's going.
zelll99 (3:10:56 AM): *faints*
katslover42 (3:10:56 AM): Slowly
katslover42 (3:11:00 AM): Oh so slowly.
katslover42 (3:11:07 AM): LOAD FUCKER!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:11:11 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:11:15 AM): JON
zelll99 (3:11:16 AM): uber lagzorz
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:11:18 AM): what are we at?!??!??!??!?!??!?!?
zelll99 (3:11:25 AM): we are all dead
Im Ngamer (3:11:27 AM): 6126 last update...
katslover42 (3:11:27 AM): The board died O_o
Im Ngamer (3:11:35 AM): going slow though...
katslover42 (3:11:38 AM): I can't login.
Im Ngamer (3:11:49 AM): 6159!
Im Ngamer (3:11:52 AM): gogogogo
zelll99 (3:11:53 AM): we all dead
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:11:58 AM): fart
Comeasur37 (3:12:06 AM): GO GO GO GO
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:12:09 AM): K i did
zelll99 (3:12:11 AM): omfg
Im Ngamer (3:12:15 AM): The account "Milly McMill" has been activated at authorization level 11.You may proceed to the Login page from here to sign on.
zelll99 (3:12:17 AM): i forgot my password
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:12:18 AM): im waaay late though
Comeasur37 (3:12:21 AM): GO JON GO
Leet N Top (3:12:27 AM): argh the confirmation mail hasn't arrived yet
katslover42 (3:12:28 AM): HOLY FUCK!
katslover42 (3:12:32 AM): HOLY FUCK FUCK FUCK
katslover42 (3:12:33 AM): I got it
katslover42 (3:12:36 AM): I'm 1M
Comeasur37 (3:12:38 AM): post!
Comeasur37 (3:12:42 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=2& topic=13568272&page=1
zelll99 (3:12:49 AM): User ID 1000016
zelll99 (3:12:51 AM): DAMMIT
Comeasur37 (3:12:53 AM): post kats post
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:13:07 AM): I wasnt even close :(
zelll99 (3:13:17 AM): OMFG
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:13:18 AM): 1000053
katslover42 (3:13:18 AM): HOLY SHIT
zelll99 (3:13:19 AM): KATS
katslover42 (3:13:23 AM): I CAN"T BELIEVE THAT.
zelll99 (3:13:26 AM): OMFG
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:13:28 AM): Kats got it????
zelll99 (3:13:32 AM): HE DID O_O
zelll99 (3:13:36 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/whois.asp?user=1000000& board=2&topic=13568272
katslover42 (3:13:38 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/whois.asp?user=1000000& board=2&topic=13568272
katslover42 (3:13:42 AM): Awww man!
zelll99 (3:13:42 AM): KATSSS U THE MAN!!!!
Im Ngamer (3:13:56 AM): User ID 1000061
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:12 AM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:15 AM): KATS
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:16 AM): omfg
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:17 AM): omfg
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:19 AM): omfg
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:14:19 AM): omfg
zelll99 (3:14:20 AM): i cant beleive it
Im Ngamer (3:14:32 AM): WHAT?
zelll99 (3:14:33 AM): i think kats fainted
katslover42 (3:14:34 AM): I'm so psyched right now >_<
zelll99 (3:14:39 AM): KATS GOT 1M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im Ngamer (3:15:03 AM): post your full info
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:04 AM): kats got it
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:07 AM): Jon
Im Ngamer (3:15:08 AM): that page isn't loading
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:08 AM): here
zelll99 (3:15:14 AM): yeah kats post your infos
katslover42 (3:15:24 AM): User Name Katslover User ID 1000000 Board User Level 11: Provisional (2)Created with regular e-mail. Upgraded to New User after 24 hours with positive Karma. Can create 1 topic, 20 messages per day (5 per hour).
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:30 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/whois.asp?user =1000000&board=2&topic=13568272
Comeasur37 (3:15:30 AM): now...
Comeasur37 (3:15:33 AM): Suicide it!!!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:34 AM): GO KATS
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:15:36 AM): lol
katslover42 (3:15:36 AM): LMAO
Im Ngamer (3:15:46 AM): OMGOMGOMG
Im Ngamer (3:16:00 AM): I know the soon to be most famous user on GameFAQs
katslover42 (3:16:22 AM): Geeze, I'm getting crazy IMs 8-P
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:16:28 AM): :-d
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:16:30 AM): Me toooooo
zelll99 (3:16:33 AM): LOL
Im Ngamer (3:16:36 AM): post them in here!
Comeasur37 (3:16:46 AM): Lol
Comeasur37 (3:16:51 AM): good job kats
katslover42 (3:16:51 AM): The Cow of Light (3:16:38 AM): You suck :-( I got mine the same second as you
zelll99 (3:17:17 AM): lol
Leet N Top (3:17:46 AM): pwned
zelll99 (3:17:53 AM): ull have lots of friends now kats!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:17:56 AM): lol
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:18:01 AM): my attempts were rancid
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:18:05 AM): i fail :(
zelll99 (3:18:12 AM): i got pretty close
katslover42 (3:18:26 AM): blackmage72 4 (3:17:51 AM): father my child!
Comeasur37 (3:18:39 AM)
: lmao
zelll99 (3:18:40 AM): User Name the1000000user User ID 1000016 Board User Level 4: Pending ReviewAccount activated, but pending review by an administrator before use Account Created 4/11/2004 1:11:10 AM
zelll99 (3:18:49 AM): LMAO
Comeasur37 (3:18:54 AM): kats
Comeasur37 (3:18:56 AM): you have to post again
Comeasur37 (3:19:01 AM): they all wanna know who you are and stuff
Comeasur37 (3:19:10 AM): represent the-elite!
katslover42 (3:19:12 AM): Wehre at?
katslover42 (3:19:14 AM): Where^
Comeasur37 (3:19:18 AM): that topic
zelll99 (3:19:35 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=2& topic=13568272
Comeasur37 (3:19:44 AM): everyones congratulating you too
Comeasur37 (3:20:22 AM): probably should post your main accounts name
Leet N Top (3:20:31 AM): The Cow of Light (9:18:16 AM): but that means that at least 6 people created accounts on the same secondThe Cow of Light (9:18:19 AM): we should hunt each other down
zelll99 (3:20:51 AM): lol
OLLE boll e007 (3:21:28 AM): father my child was the best though
Im Ngamer (3:21:35 AM): k, bed time
zelll99 (3:21:42 AM): Jon is disapointed :(
Im Ngamer (3:21:43 AM): someone save the whole topic though
Comeasur37 (3:21:47 AM): kats
Comeasur37 (3:21:53 AM): your name is already famous
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:21:54 AM): Okay
Comeasur37 (3:21:56 AM): i see it on CE
Im Ngamer (3:21:57 AM): and how the Help board looks
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:21:57 AM): Peace Jon
zelll99 (3:22:02 AM): CE?
zelll99 (3:22:04 AM): nite jon
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:22:05 AM): I will
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:22:07 AM): Current Events
Im Ngamer (3:22:08 AM): Current Events
Comeasur37 (3:22:09 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=40 0&topic=13568530
Im Ngamer (3:22:18 AM): alright, happy Easter all!
Im Ngamer (3:22:23 AM): congrats kats, that's so cool
katslover42 (3:22:24 AM): I am just a guy, only real title I have is Sherriff Kats, as that is my role in www.the-elite.net there you go guys.
Im Ngamer (3:22:33 AM): oh, kats!
Comeasur37 (3:22:38 AM): w00t!!!
Leet N Top (3:22:39 AM): don't think so low of yourself kats
Im Ngamer (3:22:42 AM): put the-elite.net in your sig!
Im Ngamer (3:22:52 AM): OMG, the hits
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:22:57 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (3:23:00 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=40 0&topic=13568606
Comeasur37 (3:23:04 AM): another topic with your name in it
Comeasur37 (3:23:12 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=40 0&topic=13568527
Comeasur37 (3:23:13 AM): anohter!
(3:23:14 AM) OLLE boll e007 has left the room.
Comeasur37 (3:23:30 AM): CE loves you!
katslover42 (3:23:42 AM): Haha, I can't view those boards 8-P
Comeasur37 (3:23:47 AM): you're on lue too
(3:23:53 AM) OLLE boll e007 has entered the room.
Comeasur37 (3:23:57 AM): lmao
Comeasur37 (3:24:02 AM): Katslover. What a DUMB name.
zelll99 (3:24:02 AM): Kats, put links to my adventure vids in your sig :)
Comeasur37 (3:24:04 AM): topic on LUE
katslover42 (3:24:08 AM): LMAO
katslover42 (3:24:14 AM): Aww 8-(
Comeasur37 (3:24:27 AM): LUE! GATHER! We must find katslover...
Comeasur37 (3:24:31 AM): . and congratulate him!!!... before savagely smashing face off of a rock.
katslover42 (3:24:53 AM): LoL
Comeasur37 (3:25:02 AM): Whack a Mole, katslover, and Galen are the holy ones!
Comeasur37 (3:25:05 AM): whack a mole is 999,999katslover is 1,000,000and Galen is 1,000,001
Comeasur37 (3:25:08 AM): go to lue
Comeasur37 (3:25:09 AM): make a topic
Comeasur37 (3:25:14 AM): 500 posts EASILY
katslover42 (3:25:16 AM): Can't get in lue >_<
Comeasur37 (3:25:18 AM): well
Comeasur37 (3:25:21 AM): with other account
Comeasur37 (3:25:31 AM): Say you are Katslover (on alt account)
katslover42 (3:25:42 AM): I suppose I'll have to log out for now.
Comeasur37 (3:25:43 AM): whoa
Comeasur37 (3:25:47 AM): some dude says he's you
Comeasur37 (3:25:48 AM): on LUE
zelll99 (3:26:08 AM): soon to be on DVD
katslover42 (3:26:08 AM): Damn..that's gay.
zelll99 (3:26:35 AM): will you be on "Cribs" soon, kats?
Comeasur37 (3:26:56 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=2& topic=13568568
Comeasur37 (3:27:06 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=2& topic=13568555
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:27:54 AM): heh
zelll99 (3:27:56 AM): how do you gain access to LUE
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:28:01 AM): you don't
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:28:03 AM): sorryy
katslover42 (3:28:22 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=40 2&topic=13568653
zelll99 (3:28:43 AM): You cannot view messages on this board.
katslover42 (3:29:03 AM): You never will be able to, Zell.
katslover42 (3:29:10 AM): My 1M account will never be able to either.
katslover42 (3:29:13 AM): That's just the ropes.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:29:40 AM): That's why I like my 45464 account :)
Comeasur37 (3:29:46 AM): lol
zelll99 (3:29:57 AM): i dont get it
Comeasur37 (3:30:03 AM): you're gonna get so many IMs kats..
katslover42 (3:30:12 AM): I have gotten quite a few 8-P
zelll99 (3:30:39 AM): why do you guys have access to lue and not me
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:31:05 AM): because LUE is a cancer
katslover42 (3:31:57 AM): Cjay cut LUE off from the rest of GameFAQs, Zell..the only way to go there now is if you signed up at a prior date.
zelll99 (3:32:18 AM): :(
zelll99 (3:32:25 AM): what is so special about this place
katslover42 (3:32:26 AM): I know, shitty.
katslover42 (3:32:32 AM): No rules, basically 8-P
zelll99 (3:32:56 AM): gimme your sephiroth51 pass, i want to see :-P
katslover42 (3:33:19 AM): Those asses are marking me for talking about the elite >_<
zelll99 (3:33:32 AM): lol, where
Comeasur37 (3:33:57 AM): ha
katslover42 (3:33:58 AM): In my post on the help board.
Comeasur37 (3:34:05 AM): you wont get modded for it
Comeasur37 (3:34:18 AM): its LUE, they dont know what a TOS violation is...
katslover42 (3:34:34 AM): LoL
Comeasur37 (3:34:34 AM): put the-elite.net in your sig ;)
zelll99 (3:34:35 AM): lol
zelll99 (3:34:44 AM): and link my vids! :-P
Comeasur37 (3:35:24 AM): lmao
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:35:26 AM): Why?
katslover42 (3:35:29 AM): I dunno, I'm still in a state of shock 8-P
Comeasur37 (3:35:29 AM): katslover will be banned within 3 months.
Comeasur37 (3:35:34 AM): I make this statement now. The LUE will go around and mark every post this guy makes just because the name sucks.
katslover42 (3:35:36 AM): Haha, probably.
katslover42 (3:35:50 AM): How are these people getting my AIM >_>
Comeasur37 (3:36:09 AM): hehe
katslover42 (3:36:13 AM): Damny ou Come >_<
zelll99 (3:36:19 AM): come posted a convo from the chat >_>
Comeasur37 (3:36:28 AM): i probably shouldve thought about that before posting the chat excerpt
zelll99 (3:36:35 AM): depete your post come lol
Comeasur37 (3:36:39 AM): i just did
zelll99 (3:36:40 AM): delete*
zelll99 (3:36:42 AM): ok
OLLE boll e007 (3:37:06 AM): no keep it,
OLLE boll e007 (3:37:18 AM): I want him to feel like a real celebrity
katslover42 (3:37:22 AM): LMAO
OLLE boll e007 (3:37:27 AM): He's worth it
zelll99 (3:37:29 AM): lol
OLLE boll e007 (3:37:31 AM): *smile*
zelll99 (3:37:38 AM): you are teh luckiest thats for sure
katslover42 (3:37:40 AM): Man, I did not think I would get that.
katslover42 (3:38:04 AM): Now, If I had gotten FV AND 1M, I wo uld be the one.
katslover42 (3:38:14 AM): I've gotta go make a post about this on the elite 8-P
OLLE boll e007 (3:38:17 AM): what's fv?
katslover42 (3:38:27 AM): First Vote
katslover42 (3:38:31 AM): on the contest poll.
OLLE boll e007 (3:38:34 AM): ok
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:38:38 AM): whee
OLLE boll e007 (3:40:04 AM): well I'm gonna leave LAN soon and go and get some sleep!
OLLE boll e007 (3:40:12 AM): it's 10,40 am
zelll99 (3:40:20 AM): jesus..
katslover42 (3:40:21 AM): Yea, I need to sleep too.
zelll99 (3:40:31 AM): you are seriously very lucky
zelll99 (3:40:37 AM): you should buy some loto tickets
katslover42 (3:40:54 AM): Haha
katslover42 (3:41:38 AM): I'm in someone's sig!
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:41:44 AM): ?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:41:46 AM): whos
katslover42 (3:42:00 AM): Hey guys, think I should delete my spam post?
katslover42 (3:42:09 AM): Just in case?
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:42:14 AM): maybe
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:42:16 AM): I would
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (3:42:22 AM): dont want to get it modded, accidently
katslover42 (3:42:35 AM): What do you say, Come?
Comeasur37 (3:42:35 AM): nah
Comeasur37 (3:42:46 AM): they asked who you were and where you were from
Comeasur37 (3:42:49 AM): you told them
katslover42 (3:42:55 AM): Yea, that's my reasoning.
katslover42 (3:42:57 AM): But mods are asses.
zelll99 (3:42:59 AM): but mods dont care about that
zelll99 (3:43:40 AM): Cjay should make your posts another color
Comeasur37 (3:43:47 AM): omfg
Comeasur37 (3:43:51 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=40 2&topic=13568777
Comeasur37 (3:43:56 AM): lmfgao
zelll99 (3:44:01 AM): i cant see :@
zelll99 (3:44:05 AM): >:o
zelll99 (3:44:13 AM): tell me tell me
Comeasur37 (3:44:17 AM): ascii art of crucifiction
zelll99 (3:44:27 AM): lol
zelll99 (3:44:33 AM): ill try to hack my way into LUE
katslover42 (3:44:49 AM): Think Cjay will do anything special at all to commerorate the event?
zelll99 (3:44:59 AM): i doubt it
zelll99 (3:45:10 AM): but puting your posts in another color would be sweet
katslover42 (3:45:16 AM): That would rock hard.
zelll99 (3:45:20 AM): but he wont do that
katslover42 (3:45:21 AM): I'd really feel like the man, then.
katslover42 (3:45:23 AM): Yea, I know.
Comeasur37 (3:45:26 AM): its funny
Comeasur37 (3:45:29 AM): how LUE is jealous
zelll99 (3:45:29 AM): or give you 1M karm
katslover42 (3:45:30 AM): I want an aura 8-P
katslover42 (3:45:37 AM): haha, 1M karma would kick ass.
katslover42 (3:45:42 AM): And access to LUE.
zelll99 (3:45:44 AM): but isnt kats in LUE?
katslover42 (3:45:51 AM): Nah, just my Seph account.
katslover42 (3:45:55 AM): My main one.
zelll99 (3:46:01 AM): yeah but you said you were seph
zelll99 (3:46:10 AM): post with seph in lue
zelll99 (3:46:18 AM): tell them to shut the fuck up
katslover42 (3:46:22 AM): That topic was deleted O_o
zelll99 (3:46:24 AM): and link my vids
OLLE boll e007 (3:46:36 AM): mention that I pwn!
Comeasur37 (3:46:44 AM): whoa
Comeasur37 (3:46:51 AM): did.. that topic get deleted?
Comeasur37 (3:46:56 AM): the one on MBH
Comeasur37 (3:47:06 AM): 1M part 2
katslover42 (3:47:12 AM): I got modded >_<
katslover42 (3:47:14 AM): Holy shit.
Comeasur37 (3:47:25 AM): you did?
katslover42 (3:47:26 AM): Yes
Comeasur37 (3:47:29 AM): lmao
katslover42 (3:47:30 AM): I'm going to appeal.
Comeasur37 (3:47:35 AM): you should
katslover42 (3:47:36 AM): What should I say, Come?
Comeasur37 (3:48:14 AM): tell them that it was a special situation, you wanted to resolve all their posts asking who you were and stuff... etc etc
zelll99 (3:48:44 AM): and tell them that if they dont listen to you you'll use your 1M powers on them
Comeasur37 (3:48:58 AM): also tell them that the site is not offensive at all
zelll99 (3:48:58 AM): and dont forget to link my vids
dragondragon18 (3:49:56 AM): night all
zelll99 (3:50:24 AM): gnite drag
katslover42 (3:50:29 AM): I do not feel that I should have been moderated for posting a link to The Elite. The people wanted to know who I was, and I told them so.
Comeasur37 (3:50:30 AM): gonna have to change the link in the post on the elite
katslover42 (3:50:41 AM): did not intend to break the rules, I just wanted them to have some sense of closure on the topic as to "Who is the 100000 user!?".
katslover42 (3:50:51 AM): The site isn't offensive at all, and is just another game site, like GameFAQs, it's self. I feel that this is an unjustice, and that it should be appealed. Thank you.
katslover42 (3:51:02 AM): How is that, Come?
zelll99 (3:51:13 AM): Yours truly, katslover ;)
katslover42 (3:51:15 AM): LoL
(3:51:24 AM) dragondragon18 has left the room.
zelll99 (3:51:26 AM): aka the 1 million man
katslover42 (3:51:43 AM): Come?
Comeasur37 (3:51:47 AM): sure
Comeasur37 (3:51:49 AM): cool
zelll99 (3:52:01 AM): ill get 1001337
katslover42 (3:52:29 AM): I didn't lose any Karma.
Comeasur37 (3:52:31 AM): http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=2& topic=13567696
katslover42 (3:52:32 AM): SO that's a plus 8-P
Comeasur37 (3:52:37 AM): might wanna post there.. so you can link
Comeasur37 (3:53:30 AM): youve got some stuff on PotD too
zelll99 (3:54:27 AM): dont you have a posting limit for a new account?
Comeasur37 (3:54:48 AM): whoa
Comeasur37 (3:54:50 AM): its 4am
katslover42 (3:54:56 AM): Yea, it is.
katslover42 (3:55:01 AM): Yea, I do 8-P
zelll99 (3:55:35 AM): its 4 am and im doing some homeworks while talking to the 1M user
katslover42 (3:55:52 AM): w00t! Overturned!
Comeasur37 (3:55:57 AM): yay!
katslover42 (3:55:58 AM): Yea!
katslover42 (3:56:04 AM): The moderator responded with the following: The mention of another site was unnecessary. Just watch your references, and you'll live a long and happy life.
Comeasur37 (3:56:08 AM): topic back
Comeasur37 (3:56:09 AM): ?
katslover42 (3:56:18 AM): I dunno, that was just what was in my thingy.
zelll99 (3:56:19 AM): good job kats :)
katslover42 (3:56:25 AM): This moderator has reviewed this contest, and agreed that the message was not a TOS violation. Any lost karma has been restored, and when possible, the message and/or topic was restored to the boards.
Comeasur37 (3:56:25 AM): hmm.. nope not back
katslover42 (3:57:04 AM): Aww, I can't view my posted messages, yet >_<
OLLE boll e007 (3:57:27 AM): buy guys!
OLLE boll e007 (3:57:30 AM): bye
OLLE boll e007 (3:57:30 AM): ;:=)
katslover42 (3:57:32 AM): IBye
Comeasur37 (3:57:32 AM): bye ax
OLLE boll e007 (3:57:35 AM): too tired
katslover42 (3:57:42 AM): I just realized I wasted my one post on LUE 8-P
katslover42 (3:57:44 AM): one topic^
zelll99 (3:57:57 AM): later axel
OLLE boll e007 (3:58:01 AM): yep
OLLE boll e007 (3:58:04 AM): bye
(3:58:05 AM) OLLE boll e007 has left the room.
katslover42 (3:58:06 AM): bye
Comeasur37 (3:58:18 AM): wait
Comeasur37 (3:58:21 AM): you cant post on lue though
Comeasur37 (3:58:23 AM): ohh
Comeasur37 (3:58:25 AM): no
Comeasur37 (3:58:28 AM): thats for the other account
katslover42 (3:58:30 AM): Yea.
Comeasur37 (3:58:31 AM): not for katslover
katslover42 (3:58:34 AM): I'm a dumbass.
katslover42 (3:58:38 AM): Haha
katslover42 (3:58:48 AM): I haven't made an account yet with Katslover.
katslover42 (3:58:54 AM): And I don't know of a viable place to do so.
Comeasur37 (3:59:08 AM): mioght wanna update the link on the elite board
Comeasur37 (3:59:10 AM): hmm
katslover42 (3:59:16 AM): Haha, thanx guys.
Comeasur37 (3:59:18 AM): CE?
katslover42 (3:59:23 AM): CE?
Comeasur37 (3:59:39 AM): Current Events
zelll99 (3:59:46 AM): are you still excited kats
Comeasur37 (3:59:52 AM): or.. some board you post on
katslover42 (3:59:56 AM): Of course I am.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (4:00:06 AM): Peace guys
katslover42 (4:00:08 AM): I can't post on CE with the new one, yet.
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (4:00:10 AM): Bed time for me
katslover42 (4:00:10 AM): See you Guru
katslover42 (4:00:15 AM): Thanx for the support
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (4:00:18 AM): Congrats once again!
katslover42 (4:00:18 AM): I seen you post 8-P
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (4:00:19 AM): :-d
katslover42 (4:00:20 AM): Thanx.
Comeasur37 (4:00:31 AM): Hmm
JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd (4:00:37 AM): Bye Come, Cuben, kats, Jon
Comeasur37 (4:00:39 AM): What boards do you normally post on?
(4:00:42 AM) JtXeRdFgDhJgRhFd has left the room.
zelll99 (4:00:48 AM): later guru
zelll99 (4:00:57 AM): even if you didnt say bye :'(
katslover42 (4:01:18 AM): Xbox Message board umm...the contest one a lot lately...used to post on t he TS2 board quite a bit..the Gamecube board...I jump around a lot 8-P
katslover42 (4:01:21 AM): I'm a drifter.
katslover42 (4:01:35 AM): Oh!
katslover42 (4:01:48 AM): The Cartoon board! That's probably the one I've spent the most time on 8-P
katslover42 (4:02:35 AM): Crap
katslover42 (4:02:37 AM): Crap crap crap
zelll99 (4:02:39 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (4:02:43 AM): What?
zelll99 (4:02:44 AM): whats going on
katslover42 (4:02:47 AM): No more posts this hour.
Comeasur37 (4:02:51 AM): Ha
Comeasur37 (4:02:53 AM): Oh well
Comeasur37 (4:03:05 AM): vote SMRPG with that account ;)
katslover42 (4:03:08 AM): Cut me some slack GameFAQs, I'm the 1M customer.
zelll99 (4:03:14 AM): lol
katslover42 (4:03:26 AM): Vote submitted!
katslover42 (4:04:14 AM): Hey, if I get anything, like even just a little congrats from the man himself....I'm giving his email addy out to you guys.
katslover42 (4:04:20 AM): ^_~
Comeasur37 (4:04:26 AM): ha
Comeasur37 (4:04:28 AM): anyways
zelll99 (4:04:29 AM): lol
Comeasur37 (4:04:33 AM): put t-e.n in your sig
katslover42 (4:04:42 AM): Dude, that would get me banned so fast 8-P
Comeasur37 (4:04:46 AM): umm
Comeasur37 (4:04:52 AM): its not against rules to have links in your sig
Comeasur37 (4:04:56 AM): unless they are bad
katslover42 (4:04:57 AM): Hmm, it isn't?
Comeasur37 (4:05:03 AM): jon has his
katslover42 (4:05:14 AM): Well I'll be damned.
zelll99 (4:05:25 AM): i had links in my sig for a long time
zelll99 (4:05:31 AM): link my vids while you are there
zelll99 (4:05:43 AM): adventure must be the next biggest game
katslover42 (4:06:22 AM): Yes, I am, indeed, the 1,000,000th user.htt://www.the-elite.net - visit it!
Comeasur37 (4:06:32 AM): up
Comeasur37 (4:06:33 AM): um
Comeasur37 (4:06:37 AM): http*
katslover42 (4:06:52 AM): Yea, I fixed it.
katslover42 (4:06:59 AM): So, you are positive I can have a link in my sig?
zelll99 (4:07:04 AM): yes
katslover42 (4:07:08 AM): Okies.
katslover42 (4:07:25 AM): It's in there, Come.
Comeasur37 (4:07:29 AM): yay
zelll99 (4:07:34 AM): good job kats
katslover42 (4:07:49 AM): Thanx.
Comeasur37 (4:08:46 AM): k.. off to bed now
Comeasur37 (4:08:52 AM): later guys
katslover42 (4:09:01 AM): See ya, Come.
zelll99 (4:09:03 AM): im going too
zelll99 (4:09:06 AM): 5am >_>
katslover42 (4:09:08 AM): Alright, see ya, Zell.
zelll99 (4:09:12 AM): gnite kats
katslover42 (4:09:17 AM): Goodnight to you too.
zelll99 (4:09:30 AM): later come and cuben
(4:09:43 AM) zelll99 has left the room.
katslover42 (4:14:54 AM): Holy shit!
katslover42 (4:14:56 AM): Someone!
katslover42 (4:15:03 AM): Street Fighter is winning!
katslover42 (4:15:17 AM): Jon, Come! Do something about it 8-P
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