pretty nice day

From: Illu | Posted: 25/01/2006 4:00:40 PM
Pretty nice day, I took walk and then bus, bought new jeans and ate at McDonalds, I was thinking I'll make something but dunno what, I just feel a bit confused sorry for some weird posts on the-elite. I was thinking maybe I need my own apartment and stuff but I just, dunno, oh crap, damn. I just... I just think that maybe, just maybe, damn I'm making no sence, but it's okay nothing for you to worry about I'm just looking forward to the summer, I think this winter, just like too cold, later.
From: Illu | Posted: 25/01/2006 4:03:29 PM
actually I really wanted to make a donation, like 100 buks, I just can't, could someone donate that for me for the-elite? I'll pay back someday, like maybe we'll meet, ah yeah dunno.
From: Illu | Posted: 25/01/2006 6:15:46 PM
From: Xx C0MMAND0 xX | Posted: 25/01/2006 11:40:13 PM
Illu- What the heck is that wmv file you have, I watched it and it is random and makes no sense. Explain please...
From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 26/01/2006 12:23:39 AM
Haha, that's the funniest video I've ever seen because it makes no sense. The first time it played falling off the Dam with that slow "lalala"-type music I almost laughed out loud. I also found those three Facility guards funny for some reason.
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From: Illu | Posted: 26/01/2006 2:47:34 PM

... a few stucks but good run
From: Finnen | Posted: 27/01/2006 10:06:54 AM
Illu come meet me sometime!
From: Illu | Posted: 27/01/2006 2:32:34 PM
those links are dead now, just so you know... is this the end, only time will tell... lasagne I will eat today though
From: Illu | Posted: 27/01/2006 6:13:39 PM
I ate too much
From: Illu | Posted: 30/01/2006 4:47:17 PM
took a walk today, cold, too cold, can't stand it, cold in a way that it's cold but also in every way cold can be cold and...