Manual User Queue

From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 05/02/2006 4:29:48 AM
Got a list of users you need me to add manually? Post them here. I figure it's a lot easier to manage when all of them are in one topic. After I've added your list of users, I'll delete your post. Please try and keep one list per post, so if you have two or more links, post them in seperate posts so I can delete them one by one.
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From: Shadow | Posted: 05/02/2006 8:03:24 AM
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From: RockMFR_temp | Posted: 05/02/2006 9:09:32 PM
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From: room101 | Posted: 07/02/2006 3:42:58 AM
I don't know if you can accept these without links, but I don't think you've got any of the following accounts listed. They are all closed, AFAIK.

85515 Linkin5k
162402 Pwa
180499 Pigzig
229202 A Link to the Past
249628 Floor Pie
266728 Stealth Assassin
276419 Kalisto Myriad
293233 Tifaikaruza
295372 HallwayMonkey
301910 Fishtank Detector
320075 DX4Life
340542 Vathek
342980 Midget Staircase
391172 Rats with Hats
413635 Camp31
437000 Vampire Killa
449810 Stupid Human
465882 Gentleman Rogue
490308 Mango Drink
509151 RandalThor
556941 Sparhawk123
586210 SKEEMEda1
602778 Psyhco 62
636206 Cybercrawler
660994 neverhere1030
671649 tylerprice
674549 Tohu Bohu
723584 PDSagaRules
727438 MasterAce
732983 Nibbling Hamster
737908 IHaveYourDeletedPost
738556 PeckaLick
750016 McMarcus0
755950 Russian Roulette
771637 MechaTrogdor
782359 Lo Down REMIX
790268 SirHarryPotter
792662 Wile E Coyote
812891 Xion Hunter D
818509 lil kawaii kittygirl
876122 Dark Pirate
877738 FoxSnake007
888530 As Blind as a Bat
893058 Crispin
894902 Boomhauer 00
895586 Gundam Diablo11
900937 KrazyLegz
929795 SnowFairySugar
949328 Harry00
955347 junoon
963746 ShinRa MP Alpha
966571 Dark Eagles610
982083 JS is Back
992373 DancingFools
1010176 redDwarf
1011934 Save The Czar
1125600 Winter Nights
1140865 Ichigatsu
1192442 Redneck Chuck
1210373 The 18th Monorojo
1222812 The Evil Dogbert
1223719 ultimalancer
1230697 MorningStarX
1238423 ThE G3TaWaY 125
1245141 Bensparky
1251182 silver river
1253210 Use of Time
1300023 ren PT
1436411 Eskimo Rat
1463094 Kol Martin
1476630 BahamutXtehXuberXone

Also, this account:
908599 ChuckPalahniuks
is listed, but as ChuckPalahniuksGhost. I have seen messages posted under both usernames.
There are others, I believe, such as the banned account
947076 bluerain/bluerainisglad
From: room101 | Posted: 07/02/2006 3:46:44 AM
sorry for the double post, but if these are acceptable, I'll start working through my list of banned accounts tomorrow.
From: RockMFR_temp | Posted: 07/02/2006 6:41:42 AM
Concerning the above post about "bluerain" (prepare for a mind****ing):



Both have the same user id. As far as I can see, "bluerainisglad" is the current username. Possibly looking at something similar to the Hyper Inferno problem. Gonna investigate it some more....
From: RockMFR_temp | Posted: 07/02/2006 6:49:25 AM
Wow. Confirmed.

First topic has the user listed as "bluerain". Second topic listed as "bluerainisglad".
From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 07/02/2006 7:00:58 AM
Weird. The name is not offensive at all.
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From: RockMFR_temp | Posted: 07/02/2006 7:07:26 AM
Based on the timestamps, looks like it was another universal switchover bug. Same thing happened to Hyper Inferno.
From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 07/02/2006 7:08:18 AM
Rock or TEG, please check ChuckPalahniuksGhost/ChuckPalahniuk on pbadmin and tell me both their IDs if possible.
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