An idea

From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 09/02/2006 9:54:35 PM
I've been thinking lately of making an administration panel for the GFuserDB and give access to Rock, Luster, and any other active people. Each user would have their own logon so I can track EXACTLY what everyone does. Things you could do would include deleting users, mass import of users (from lists), renaming usernames, and some debugging pages that show users who contain a double space, or start with a space, or end with a space, etc.

Of course, this is just an idea. It may or may not happen. Don't get excited. Would it be complete coolness or completely useless?
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From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 09/02/2006 11:15:25 PM
and any other active people.

How about TEG since he's a co-admin of Rock's private board?

Sounds like it would be a good idea since it'll help increase the number of users in the database faster than if there was only one person who could manually add users.
From: RockMFR_temp | Posted: 09/02/2006 11:26:37 PM
It really depends how much work you're willing to do in terms of manually adding users. This work is finite (there are only so many archived pages lying around), so eventually, we should reach a point where Fetch Topic is the sole contributor of new user IDs, and at that point, multiple users having database access would be useless.

Also, there is a long history of spinoffs and whatnot having huge problems with many users having database access, mostly due to the fact that many people on GameFAQs are morons. If you give database access to an idiot, you should expect lots of problems.

As for myself, I've got tons of archives that I still need to add, but once I get these all into one huge list, it requires minimal work on your part to add them. So in my opinion, almost all of the work of adding usernames can be done without database access (up to the point at which the lists are given to you).

Not many people are qualified to remove user IDs from the database, so this power should always be in your hands.
From: TheEmulatorGuy | Posted: 10/02/2006 4:01:28 AM
Are you calling me an idiot? :)

To be honest, myself and RockMFR would be the only 100% trusted ones to add and remove users from/to the database. Others (eg. Luster Soldier) can be trusted, but not 100%, as they do not have access to pbadmin which is the only real proof a username exists. If you can't prove it through the page, it's a big risk adding the usernames. There aren't any other board admins I can think of that could really be trusted, so, uh, yeah.

But I still supported Luster Soldier being one of these admins.
From: Base | Posted: 10/02/2006 8:08:58 PM
Thats kind of like how it was with roadhoggs old userdatabase thing. A few people had access to the thing that added the people.

I miss the old database.
From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 10/02/2006 10:08:03 PM
as they do not have access to pbadmin which is the only real proof a username exists.

I have other ways to prove if a username exists (Only works for GameFAQs usernames) such as trying to make a username through the space account page and if it already exists, it won't let me create it.
From: TheEmulatorGuy | Posted: 10/02/2006 11:52:39 PM
Yes, but it doesn't give the ID of the username. That's what needs to be confirmed - not the username. BTW, unblock me on AIM. :)
From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 11/02/2006 12:04:40 AM
I know it won't give me the User ID though but it will prove if the username exists or not. Also, I unblocked you.
From: Manta | Posted: 11/02/2006 12:37:19 AM

Can I be in it? <_<
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From: Ngamer | Posted: 11/02/2006 5:10:00 AM
It's a good idea, however, I would put a higher priority on allowing all users to create logon IDs that would track the total number of new users they have contributed to the database, Fetch-only.

Of course, people could still fetch anonymously if they would like, but contribution totals would be huge for the rest of us.