From: Billy Black | Posted: 17/02/2006 5:08:18 AM
If I know the name of an old alt account, but not the user ID, there's no way to look it up, is there?
From: ActJef1077 | Posted: 17/02/2006 5:31:53 AM
paging: RockMFR
I don't believe so, but let's ask Doc Rock
From: RockMFR | Posted: 17/02/2006 5:36:45 AM
Give me the name of the account.
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From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 17/02/2006 6:47:05 AM
RockMFR and TheEmulatorGuy (TEG) are both private board administrators. They can add users to their private board and as a result, see their user ID. However, this only works if the account is at least level 20.
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From: ActJef1077 | Posted: 17/02/2006 6:50:11 AM
keep forgetting about that way
From: Billy Black | Posted: 17/02/2006 4:17:18 PM
The name, I believe, was e_e

I made it right after the universal account upgrade, because my main account wasn't properly upgrading. Everyone was making smiley face names, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Not sure if it hit level twenty, though.
From: ActJef1077 | Posted: 17/02/2006 9:19:11 PM
I like my O_oWTF alt
woulda been better if the space accounts thing was known then and I coulda put a space before WTF
From: RockMFR | Posted: 17/02/2006 9:19:44 PM
User not found
The Ohio State University: We are so much better than m*ch!g@n.
From: Billy Black | Posted: 18/02/2006 12:43:05 AM
It's possible the account died, though I thought accounts didn't purge after the universal account thing happened.