Whoamg, editing!

From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 23/02/2006 11:46:34 AM
Yup. After slaving away in Notepad2 for three hours straight, I finally have it working properly. There's probably a few glitches/tricks that you can do with it, but I don't know of any. Currently topic titles cannot be edited, but the post content can. Feel free to post here and play with the feature.

If the edited by line doesn't look right (it should be italicised in all themes), then you need to reload your stylesheet by pressing Ctrl + F5.
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From: Lord of the Monkeys | Posted: 23/02/2006 5:21:03 PM
Nice one, thats quite a usefull feature to have on the forum. Good job, Your Eliteness

lol, feels odd calling you "your eliteness"
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From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 23/02/2006 8:33:41 PM
Uh oh...
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