Its been a busy fetching day

From: Lord of the Monkeys | Posted: 25/02/2006 11:16:30 PM
I fetched around 2000 new users today, then gave up cause i couldn't find any new topics :( and have a moderate social life :)
My wife just shot me, so i banged her
From: alaskanpie | Posted: 26/02/2006 1:10:15 AM
Congratulations on reaching 2000!
2K, 3K, 4K - 25/02/06 // First to 4K
From: ActJef1077 | Posted: 26/02/2006 2:13:05 AM
yeah, I was working today
I'll get in several hundred this evening
From: ActJef1077 | Posted: 26/02/2006 4:45:12 AM
got about 400 so far
just finished all the boards from 930000-931000
1000 boards, prolly close to 2500 users, not bad