I feel really down right now, and it's all thanks to GameFAQs

From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 17/04/2006 5:24:06 AM
- CNET destroys my passion by banning thengamer.com's IP.
- These forums will decline because the GFuserDB doesn't work.
- I have no feelings toward the ASCII DB. I would have no problems with taking it offline immediately.
- The new GameFAQs layout has just as bad HTML as last time, making it still almost impossible to develop stylesheets for it.

If there was any time I felt like suiciding my GameFAQs account, it's now. But I won't do it, as it's something I'll probably regret later on.
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From: RockMFR | Posted: 17/04/2006 6:30:00 AM
GameFAQs is evil. It lures you in, then it grabs you by the balls and twists as hard as it can. DAMN GAMEFAQS.
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From: Ed Bellis | Posted: 17/04/2006 3:44:02 PM
I'll still stick around these parts. Like that matters. But whatever. :-)
From: ActJef1077 | Posted: 17/04/2006 10:52:21 PM
I say we kill the head honchos of C|Net
From: RYGAR | Posted: 18/04/2006 2:39:17 AM
GameFAQs sucks. I quit a couple of weeks or so ago. What a relief... :D
From: joey444 | Posted: 21/04/2006 1:23:13 AM
I'm gonna wait until all of my alts aren't on my usermap, then suicide.
From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 21/04/2006 1:47:53 AM
I'm hoping thengamer.com will be un-IP-banned on the new server. We can only wait.
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From: RYGAR | Posted: 21/04/2006 2:47:24 AM
^ Good thinking, YE... Being that GameFAQs is switching over, I'm thinking the new server won't have an effect on thengamer.com. Hopefully it'll seep through. ;)