Hey guys, we need to search for User ID 3600000

From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 08/06/2006 3:52:06 PM
If you are going to search, you might as well fetch topics at the same topic. Every time you fetch a topic and it says something other than "0 new" (Like "2 new", "5 new", etc), check the list of users that posted in the topic to see what new users you added. If you managed to fetch User ID 3600000, check the topic you fetched to see if it was a GameFAQs or a GameSpot account. You only have to check the topic if you fetched from a shared board (like a game board with topicality). If you fetched from a social board, special interest board, regional board, site board, or a system board, you don't have to check the topic you fetched because it's automatically a GameFAQs account.
From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 08/06/2006 5:49:19 PM
If you are fetching a large game board in the hopes of finding User ID 3600000, don't waste your time fetching the whole board. Only fetch topics that whose last post was after 9:54 AM EST (GMT -5) or so since that was around the time that User ID 3600000 was made.
From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 08/06/2006 6:22:14 PM
Status of my search:

DS top 10 list searched.
PC top 10 list searched (took a while).
PS2 top 10 list searched.

Gavi is searching the Xbox 360 top 10 list.

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From: Lord of the Monkeys | Posted: 09/06/2006 4:54:42 PM
cool, ill look out for it
From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 15/06/2006 3:20:05 PM
This topic has served its purpose. User ID 3600000 has been found.
From: joey444 | Posted: 29/08/2006 10:45:07 PM
Why do we care about him?