Best account Suicide ever in gamefaqs history?

From: SS Raccoon Unit | Posted: 09/10/2006 3:36:34 AM
Anyone know?
From: RYGAR | Posted: 04/11/2006 5:48:31 PM
Many people say NickBush24, but I witnessed his suicide on CE and thought it was stupid... He could've did a lot better than repeating: "Nick Bush is your ****ing God" >_>
CJayC pwned his ass well before he reached his 50th account, lol.

Best suicide...I'll say me... I use to be a bad boy on GF. I use to help flood old topics and destroy them. Now I look back and think, well that was immature...
Yeah, I use to get banned all the time, but I've changed my evil ways... I'm a good boy now. =)
From: High Dragoon | Posted: 15/11/2006 4:28:08 AM
The best suicide? <b>YOU</b>

You can't hide from the truth Pat :P
From: Aizret | Posted: 15/11/2006 4:32:54 AM
I concur.
From: mochizuki | Posted: 15/11/2006 4:48:16 AM
Suiciding your main or a high karma account scores brownie points.
From: Manta | Posted: 25/12/2006 4:42:43 AM
I use to help flood old topics and destroy them.


Respect for you = 0

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