User name change for Sailor Bacon?

From: The Great Onion Kid | Posted: 19/07/2007 10:57:37 PM
He recently created a topic on LUE with the user name "SBAllen".

The user id is indeed 21, but the only other post I know of by him ( still shows Sailor Bacon.

Here's the LUE topic for anyone with access. If YE doesn't have it, hotdogturlte can vouch for the name change.
From: CJayC | Posted: 20/07/2007 3:10:31 AM
He is going to be the lead, now that I'm going to retire.
Once upon a time everything was lovely, but that was before I had to deal with people.
From: bobby190 | Posted: 21/07/2007 9:11:42 AM
What does the topic on LUE say?
From: The Great Onion Kid | Posted: 23/07/2007 11:52:07 PM
It's basically just him saying LUE will not be closed/shutdown/changing now that he's in charge. It's a total of 2 lines of text, with one of those being the title.

I'm thinking it was either all in fun, or he was showing off his different name. I guess he's now also made a topic on The Daily Grind with that user name ( as well as one on MBA (, so it seems it might be a permanent change.

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From: hotdogturtle | Posted: 10/08/2007 2:09:58 AM
What happened was that a lot of people were worried that SB might not treat LUE the same way that CJayC did, so there was panic that the board might either get opened or deleted. His topic was just saying that nothing was going to change.
From: The Great Onion Kid | Posted: 11/08/2007 5:07:09 AM
I must've missed when all the concerned topics were, I only ended up seeig SBAllen's topic.