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From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 13/08/2007 3:14:30 PM
As you're probably aware, it took me a good 10 days or so to update the MDAAuth cookie last time it expired. It's probably clear that I don't check the GFuserDB/forums very often. And therefore, I'm going to do something about it. My main problems are the MDAAuth expiring, table corruption, and manually changing individual users.

So here's what's going to happen:

MDAAuth failures: When detected, the site will submit the login info to GameFAQs, read the returned MDAAuth cookie and save it.
Table corruptions: When detected, it will attempt to fix the table corruption automatically.
Individual users: This is the fun part. I've been wanting to do this for a while. I'll make an admin area and set a few of you up to access it via username/password. It will be very basic - just editing/deleting users and maybe even manual addition. I may even integrate it with this forum so you can use the same account name and password.

Who's interested?
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From: Chocobo | Posted: 14/08/2007 12:50:17 AM
I am interested in Individual Users editing/deleting, etc. We may need more than one person for this anyway.
From: Shadow | Posted: 14/08/2007 6:41:46 PM
hmm... it sounds Interesting, if you can get it all to work.
From: The Great Onion Kid | Posted: 15/08/2007 9:07:34 PM
I'm definetely interested, I've been hoping to be able to contribute more to the efforts than just simple fetching. Also, given how infrequent user name changes occur compared to how many times people post in the Manual User Queue, I don't think it should be limited to simply modifying existing records.

Also, it's great to hear that the MDAAuth cookie renewals are now automated.

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From: room101 | Posted: 20/08/2007 1:32:46 AM
I'd be up for manually adding/editing/deleting users
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From: RockMFR | Posted: 04/09/2007 1:07:12 AM
Haha, I knew it! You're actually CJayC! The long periods of neglect, the empty promises, selling out to CNET... you can't trick me, Veasey.
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From: ActJef1077 | Posted: 18/09/2007 4:59:54 PM
man, I ttly need to get back to doing this again
From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 04/10/2007 2:01:02 AM
Who's interested?

I'm interested in this. I have a crapload of usernames and User IDs that I've acquired over the last several months that still need to be manually added.

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From: hotdogturtle | Posted: 08/10/2007 8:46:07 PM
I could also help with manually adding users…
From: Ryan Dwyer | Posted: 09/10/2007 11:16:45 AM
OK, I've now got a small management area for the GFuserDB. Luster Soldier, hotdogturtle and room101 have access to it, because they showed interest in this topic and are also fairly active.

Let me know if there's any bugs. I did a few basic tests and it all seems OK.
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