Major discovery on the new ignore user system.

From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 08/10/2007 8:45:37 PM
With the new ignore user system, you can figure out what username belongs to a specific user ID. It even works on GS accounts too, as I confirmed it earlier. In general, you can use the following URL to add any User ID to your ignore list:[User ID]&action=ignore

Just replace "[User ID]" with any User ID you can think of. You can go to your ignore list to see what User ID is associated with what username:

You'll need to hover over where it says "Remove" to see the User ID associated with the username.

We could assign blocks of User IDs for users to search through and have them report back on the User IDs of any accounts not already in this database.

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From: hotdogturtle | Posted: 08/10/2007 8:50:08 PM
This will work a lot better once YE allows other users to edit the list.
From: M1Heng | Posted: 08/10/2007 11:36:50 PM
Easier way to do it than just manually do the numbers, use a fusker type thing. Like

Make sure you're logged in on GameFAQs then type in the address with a range, like if you want to check IDs 500-1000:[500-1000]&action=ignore

It'll add every user it comes across within that range to your ignore list and you can just check a chunk of IDs at once. They're is a limit of 50 for the ignore list though so it will only add the first 50 it finds, so just put your range, look at what you get and when you're done clear the list and fusker again starting from the last ID you got.

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From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 09/10/2007 12:18:26 AM
I tried out that link you posted earlier. The problem with that method of adding users to my ignore list is that they are not added to my ignore list in order of User ID. I specified that site to go through 4299500 to 4299549 and all of those User IDs were added to my list, but not in order with 4299500 at the top of my list and 4299549 at the bottom of my list. Here's a sample of the ignore list I ended up with when I had that site go through User IDs 4299500 to 4299549:

bobstar -Remove- (4299500)
prekie2006 -Remove- (4299502)
ivortengine -Remove- (4299503)
bojodamunky -Remove- (4299501)
ShadeFang -Remove- (4299505)
u0368415 -Remove- (4299504)
Ilikessbb -Remove- (4299506)
smoore2k07 -Remove- (4299507)
nintendogirl85 -Remove- (4299508)
DannyShorts -Remove- (4299509)
lilandy92 -Remove- (4299511)
Redeyedhombre -Remove- (4299512)
tierawwf -Remove- (4299514)
RAGUENOW -Remove- (4299515)
matthew3447 -Remove- (4299516)
Jon1611 -Remove- (4299518)
gokuri -Remove- (4299520)
wiepsking -Remove- (4299521)
Gamesmasta2000 -Remove- (4299522)
CaedusII -Remove- (4299523)
paddycat1243 -Remove- (4299524)
aerestar -Remove- (4299525)
Fladfisken -Remove- (4299510)
ELITE_GAMER360 -Remove- (4299513)

For the sake of the list I posted, I put the User ID of each account at the end. You can see how they don't show up in order (from lowest to highest). There are some mix-ups with 4299525 appearing right after 4299510. If things showed up in order from lowest to highest, it's a lot easier to convert my ignore user list into a format that will make it suitable to be added manually to YE's database.

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From: Ed Bellis | Posted: 09/10/2007 12:18:31 AM
Holy shit. That's crazy. This is gonna be a damn huge spike for the database, that's for sure!
From: M1Heng | Posted: 09/10/2007 12:24:46 AM
Hmm, I just did the number range you posted, Luster, and it was all in the correct order. Might be that your browser isn't loading all the different items in order.
From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 09/10/2007 12:31:21 AM
What browser are you using?
From: M1Heng | Posted: 09/10/2007 12:34:53 AM

If you can't get that site to go in order, possibly checkout the FireFox plugin FlashGot. The build gallery feature in that does the exact same thing as that site and it's a bit more convenient.
From: Luster Soldier | Posted: 09/10/2007 12:43:00 AM
Same version that I have. How would I make FlashGot download those links in order from lowest User ID to the highest one?

I got FlashGot already and it didn't seem to fix my problem.
From: hotdogturtle | Posted: 09/10/2007 2:23:27 AM
Oh, wow. That thing worked for me and did it in order. That makes it so great.