Favorite American Gladiator?

From: Ngamer | Posted: 22/01/2006 8:10:10 AM
I'd have to go with Pyro.
From: ShadowZero | Posted: 22/01/2006 3:04:14 PM
I would have to go with din far.
From: Fal | Posted: 23/01/2006 12:18:12 PM
Im with Jim on this one!
From: Neo | Posted: 23/01/2006 2:27:53 PM
I can't remember any of the Aussie gladiators, but I went to watch an episode at the Brisbane Convention Centre many years ago. It was pretty cool, except the best Gladiator (again, can't remeber his name) wasn't there. :(
From: bcks | Posted: 25/01/2006 10:25:31 AM
nitro was an ass, i think my fav was gemeni.