My new adventures as a fetcher.

From: Mission Abort | Posted: 04/05/2010 8:25:38 PM
I just found this site today (via WikiFAQs) and decided to pick up the hobby of
fetching. I hunted for several hours today and found 443 users. I'm keeping
a list of all that I find just for fun. I also found 7 six digit accounts.

189752 Cobrakai never die

172844 SSJ Burpy

960888 quezacotl21

653381 bigharryinyourgrass
From: Mission Abort | Posted: 04/05/2010 8:31:54 PM
482211 oneness

557950 albinocow

514046 RE4FREAK

I have to say, its pretty satisfying finding a six digit account. Kinda like
finding a rare rookie baseball card. I wonder if I'll stumble upon a 5 digit?
Coincidentally, one of you guys just found my ancient alt account. Yesterday
was the first time I've used it in years and you managed to catch the only
post I made.
From: Mission Abort | Posted: 04/05/2010 8:36:04 PM
I also found someone's 65 alt accounts.

161 posts (65 new), 1.71302 sec
Page 1
5555540 LeviathanM7
5555545 Rusty5555555
5556036 The-Last-Baron
5557096 Crack-The-Skye
5557971 I-Hate-Cocaine
5558800 RagnarMcRyan
5567100 LochRustMonster
5582144 a_swimming_pool
5589093 LOLMenji76
5596068 UnderAGlassMoon
5598963 PraiseOurKing
5608448 ObJECHTion
5610074 Thankstaking
5616272 SaintsNOwChamps
5619031 WPX
5621238 Torturret
5626079 PokemonGold
5627591 Missingno152
5630737 Leviamon
5632270 Smeeeg
5635185 Zohina
5635216 Zoniha
5637352 CronoTheTable
5640802 WaitForSleep
5642366 SnakeTheDoor
5645937 SamusTheLamp
5649350 FathomTies
5650291 Aneurythmic
5651548 MegamanTheFork
5654513 CloudTheDesk
Page 2
5654557 SoundsDelicious
5668320 TheSpaceForThis
5669633 HeartGoldRusty
5673093 UotY
5070295 Ukraine4Life
5149755 Fabered
5198432 WeakuWeakuWeaku
5398643 RustySrFuerte
Page 3
5455896 RustyMrAchtung
5673634 L33tHamm3rBroz
5675117 RustyDrStrange
5677240 17-1
5679281 voltchd
5683889 TheUnknownGuest
5685090 Sparustycus
5686117 TheTwilightSad
5689678 RustyMrMime
5689896 Jack-Swagger
5692001 touhou_basher
5691929 HeroicEeyore
5696023 Gingervitis
5696070 ChesterThePuppy
5697772 iconsience
5699929 ProtestTheRusty
5705549 JetpacksAreYes
Page 4
5709527 PolLUEtion
5709949 CormorantFan
5710515 RustyCutAFlip
5710182 TheMantle
5711053 LinkTheCarpet
5711979 SephirothTheCup
5712746 AnElusiveNeed
5713735 TheStarhammer
5714490 EmoRustyDancin
161 posts (65 new), 1.71302 sec
From: guwa | Posted: 04/05/2010 10:42:39 PM
Congratulations. I used to find alt havens every once in a while about a year ago, but I don't think I found that much new users at once before.

Yesterday was the first time I've used it in years and you managed to catch the only post I made.

I assume that you were that poster on AtM?
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From: Mission Abort | Posted: 05/05/2010 2:27:28 AM
You got it, guwa. I'm guessing you must around there and MBH often.

Did another run tonight and added 225 users. Also found my first five digit account:

17442 GodReborn

As well as 6 more six digit accounts:

648329 BioHazard007

865342 Zagan

618327 jbehm20

776302 Natureboy901

183837 livingonwheels

915945 ahhhrealmonsters
From: room101 | Posted: 05/05/2010 12:32:09 PM
I was wondering how the completion percentage had suddenly shot up. Welcome to the project, sir. Happy fetching
Big Brother is watching you
From: guwa | Posted: 05/05/2010 6:47:47 PM
I'm guessing you must around there and MBH often.

Actually, I rarely do visit there. I just randomly go there once in a while. I also have a habit of fetching every space account I haven't seen before, so that's why I fetched your account.

Also, congratulations on your first 5 digit. Even my lowest number (22965) isn't as low as that.
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RIP original "guwa" account 09/09/08-03/26/09
From: Mission Abort | Posted: 06/05/2010 9:59:55 AM
Another run tonight netted 527 users. In that batch, found 3 six digit accounts:

701384 caprat85

719196 MiniMoose79

482765 pojo4jojo5

Also came upon the database glitch(?) where one user name shares two different ID numbers:

5346843 Parham66
5717887 Parham66
From: guwa | Posted: 06/05/2010 6:51:18 PM
That's not the glitch, that's normal. Account counterparts on GameSpot, despite having the same login info and username (unless you needed to change it during the merger, or it is a post-merger space account) have different IDs. Try posting with one of your accounts through GameSpot, and unless you used it there before it'll have a new ID.
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RIP original "guwa" account 09/09/08-03/26/09

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From: Mission Abort | Posted: 10/05/2010 4:37:06 AM
Oh, guwa! I found you while I was fetching at Current Events! I suspected you were
the one yanking all the new 15 and up users at CE. No wonder when I wonder in there
I get no bites! I guess I will go back to my territory of checking dead game boards.

Edited by Mission Abort at 10/05/2010 4:37:57 AM