Should the duplicates be deleted?

From: guwa | Posted: 09/08/2010 7:49:22 AM
By that, I mean the ones with a single ID difference (or two numbers, on a few cases) where one of them is quite obviously wrong. I'd personally be willing to sacrifice up to 54 legitimate IDs for the deletion of 54+ incorrect ones, but I'd like to hear some input first.

Also, to any of the old fetchers still around (room101, hotdogturtle?) they are all between 820000 and 960000. Would you have an explanation as to why they seem to be contained within this range?

Here they are, with the existing IDs for reference.

adg1034 820663/820664
BlackDragon7685 821035/821036
Sojiro Seta 821975/821976
Trojan Horse 822073/822075
fuXK 825829/825830
ricketts 838114/838115
Chachi44 856997/856998
kraidiation 865588/865589
bigdaddy003 867277/867278
rickytan 870499/870500
DDK619 872723/872724
Supra1001 872790/872791
baja2983 885357/885358
bexaminx 891202/891203
Graypatch 898679/898680
DeathEden 899072/899073
TR3V0R 901973/901974
kikoman1000 902526/902527
Mech unit 903484/903485
Jacknife27 903732/903734
CrashCat 904390/904391
Zysygy 907463/907464
coolcam12 908253/908254
PereiraMan 916603/916604
wtever 916864/916865
naresh 918388/918389
Vashinko 919528/919529
BookeisBack 920238/920239
DonCarleone 920515/920516
lybang00 920681/920682
superman1 922067/922068
juanpopoIII 923202/923203
LegolasDragoon 924357/924358
jeffohhs1221 924624/924625
Puir Vart 925196/925197
FdaFoff 925494/925495
KnightImpGuard 925502/925503
Sesshomarue 926374/926375
lazieb0y 927036/927037
romeodunn25 929392/929393
mets203 929633/929634
ironstarks36 931354/931355
PandAman1988 932058/932059
GOLDYHAN 932390/932391
Could56 936630/936631
Stuey Griffin 940155/940156
Tangerine of Doom 943626/943627
Slider Zero 945974/945975
bravosix 946664/946665
cyberaptor 946925/946926
seiriyuu 951572/951573
Penguinlord37 951611/951612
cpozzy 952137/952138
debip 956992/956993
3266442 was here
RIP original "guwa" account 09/09/08-03/26/09

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From: hotdogturtle | Posted: 10/08/2010 1:25:31 AM
I have no idea why they would be like that. It could be that someone made a mistake while manually adding them and never deleted the incorrect one. I doubt that GameFAQs would have created two consecutive user IDs for a username, but then again, weirder things have happened. Still, the fact that they're all 1 digit apart makes them seem like it was human error, although I can't imagine why it would have happened.
From: room101 | Posted: 21/08/2010 8:37:23 AM
Some of those are definitely also in my own archive.
I can't guarantee 100% accuracy, but when the manual adding first began, I checked a fair part of my archive against the database and found a lot of these minor discrepancies: Rock checked them out and I'm fairly sure I had the right ID and the database had the wrong one. In fact, those examples are probably still kicking around in the manual additions topic.
Unfortunately, I don't have access to my own archive at the moment, but when I do, I'll try and weed out a few dupes.
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