Post if you still fetch

From: guwa | Posted: 18/05/2012 7:16:42 AM
lol who am i kidding this place is dead except for me
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From: tm315 | Posted: 19/05/2012 2:16:26 AM
Every now and then. >_>
From: guwa | Posted: 20/05/2012 7:55:39 AM
apparently <_<

NO CHANCE 316 (a mod) changed his name over two weeks ago and nobody fetched him until just now. Yep, dead.
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RIP original "guwa" account 09/09/08-03/26/09
From: Betelgeuse | Posted: 20/05/2012 4:25:51 PM
I go through phases. I would do it a lot more consistently if someone could get a new fetch button set up. :\
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From: hotdogturtle | Posted: 26/05/2012 1:44:43 AM
I still fetch every time I see something new (or interesting, even if I think it's most likely added already). I don't go out of my way to spend time fetching topics from new boards, but I never did that even when this site was active. I did pass a few people on the top fetchers list in the time since this site updated to the new style (although it looks like tm315 just passed me again >_>).
From: guwa | Posted: 27/05/2012 5:17:46 AM
omegamage stopped as soon as he beat LotM, which sucks because the only person who seems to regularly fetch is me and I'm only one person. :/

At least with the abysmal growth rate GF has nowadays it'll be easier to raise the percentage. 6.6m is already on route to have over 10k users in that range before the IDs pass 6.7m, if I keep it up.
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From: room101 | Posted: 30/05/2012 9:27:32 AM
I still fetch, but almost always in a casual way these days. Long gone is the time where I'd spend four or five hours systematically fetching a whole board, or, better yet, console
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From: guwa | Posted: 03/06/2012 3:44:23 PM
You have fetched a total of 30002 users while logged in.

Something tells me I'm the only one that will see that for a very long time…
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I have a feeling I'll be #1 for quite a while…
From: Evthean | Posted: 28/07/2012 7:02:18 AM
I do, but 'still' probably isn't the right word.