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Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Ne me sis 7 8 91 (6:09:11 PM): Scientists have recently discovered what is now being called the PALcebo Effect.
Ne me sis 7 8 91 (6:09:44 PM): When bitchy Europeans and Aussies play games, they get so depressed over the fact that it is PAL that they actually trick themselves into believing they have a disadvantage.
Ne me sis 7 8 91 (6:10:03 PM): This, essentially, causes them to play worse, and therefore get worse times.
Ne me sis 7 8 91 (6:10:27 PM): The ultimate outcome, however, it endless bitching, and near harmful levels of noise pollution.
Ne me sis 7 8 91 (6:11:04 PM): One victim of the PALcebo, effect, Wouter Jansen is quoted as saying, "LOL I'M GAY."
Ne me sis 7 8 91 (6:12:14 PM): The deadliest part of this horrible phenomenon is that it is passed on through the generations. One researcher noted one of his younger test subjects, Henrik Norgren, as "being unable the shut the fuck up."
Ne me sis 7 8 91 (6:13:31 PM): Whilst researching the PALcebo effect, scientists also discovered that Anton Foresander has a small penis. "This was never the target of our research," says Tyler Probert.
Ne me sis 7 8 91 (6:13:40 PM): "But it confirms what we already suspected."
Ne me sis 7 8 91 (6:13:55 PM): Reporting for Elite News, this is Tyler Probert. Good night.