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Occurred: 20 Sep 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(23:58:26) Neo1337: "Send us the top 10 ways you can tell a chef used to be a hacker."
(23:58:44) Neo1337: The story:
(23:58:49) Neo1337: "A Brisbane man who pleaded guilty to hacking into a former employer's system told the judge he has stopped working in IT and is training to become a chef."

* Introduces himself to you as an ex-hacker
* Apron says "World's Best Hacker"
* Wears a white hat
* Cooks nothing but ramen
* RAIDs his 5 small freezers into one big one
* Dishwasher has 128-bit encryption
* When asked about why it's taking so long to prepare the food, says "It's behind a firewall"
* Tries to get into the FBI's database with the blender
* Large collection of pornography hidden under the radishes
* Hacks vegetables
* Food on your plate is sorted by "Last Modified" date
* The cookies have chips in them
* Restaraunt has a /\/\ 3 |\| |_|
* Works for free
* Bill must be paid via PayPal
* Gets a phonecall from Microsoft 4 minutes into turning on his laptop in the kitchen
* Thinks he's better than every other chef
* Menu only has crackers on it
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