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ID #196
Occurred: Sep 22 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(01:53:03) Regular Civilian: What's going on here? NOBODY MOVE.
(01:53:16) TheFederalPolice: *raises gun to Regular guy*
(01:53:17) The Ad Killer: Except to breathe, you can move a bit to do that.
(01:53:24) TheFederalPolice: FREEZE!
(01:53:28) Regular Civilian: *raises gun to Fedeal Police*
(01:53:32) Regular Civilian: YOU freeze!
(01:53:37) TheFederalPolice: I SAID IT FIRST!
(01:53:43) Regular Civilian: I WAS HERE FIRST!
(01:53:44) TheRealDEPolice: *raises gun to both*
(01:53:47) TheRealDEPolice: Drop it!
(01:53:48) TheFederalPolice: I'LL BLOW YOUR F**ING BRAINS OUT!
(01:53:51) The Ad Killer: *points Bannercharge(tm) fist guns at both* FREEZE!
(01:54:00) Regular Civilian: *pulls out another gun, points it at DE Police*
(01:54:15) Stickmansam 1024: *yelling at the ice tray in his woefully non-cold freezer* FREEZE!