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Occurred: Sep 29 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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CieloAzor (10:40:59 PM): I work at 7:30 tomorrow too...EST!
Im Ngamer (10:43:35 PM): and this coming from a man who tries for 8 hours sleep every night
CieloAzor (10:43:45 PM): And fails.
CieloAzor (10:44:05 PM): I haven't even tried for the past couple weeks.
CieloAzor (10:44:23 PM): And I'm waking up refreshed anyhow, so I'm not too concerned.
Im Ngamer (10:45:21 PM): you'll think differently after you run a girl over on the way to work!
CieloAzor (10:46:02 PM): Umm, okay.
Im Ngamer (10:47:27 PM): "wow, they sure installed alot of speedbumps over the weekend"
Im Ngamer (10:47:32 PM): *is driving through the daycare center*
CieloAzor (10:47:34 PM): hahaha
Im Ngamer (10:48:15 PM): sure, you laugh now... wait till you see what it does to your undercarriage, though