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ID #212
Occurred: Aug 03 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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CieloAzor (4:39:38 AM): http://www.mastersgames.com/images/skittles/skittles-mat.jpg
CieloAzor (4:39:43 AM): http://www.karem.com/images/smokeb.jpg
Im Ngamer (10:21:37 AM): there are 11 though!
Im Ngamer (10:21:41 AM): but ok, noted
CieloAzor (10:22:29 AM): Hmm...finding a pic of exactly 10 hams was tough.
Im Ngamer (10:22:45 AM): understandable
CieloAzor (10:22:47 AM): I think it depends on what you're counting there.
CieloAzor (10:23:05 AM): Did you count the plate of ham sandwiches?
Im Ngamer (10:23:18 AM): the smallest one looks like it could be three small hams in one
CieloAzor (10:23:21 AM): Or the bag of smaller ham chunks?
Im Ngamer (10:23:30 AM): yes, there are several ways to tally these hams