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ID #260
Occurred: 29 Dec 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Rating: 2.714/4 (28 votes)
ShadowZeroPD (00:52:08): ah, the joy of an ignored bloode :-[
BloodE of Sorrow (00:52:30): Neo, say something that will make my conversation sound amazing to Jim
octoinky (00:52:42): omfg thats so awesome bloodE
octoinky (00:52:48): THREE GIRLS?!?!
octoinky (00:52:50): damn
Neo1337 (00:53:22): Wow BloodE, is that true?
Im Ngamer (00:53:30): BloodE, there's no way...
octoinky (00:53:37): freakin incredible man
Im Ngamer (00:53:42): 14 inches?
Obfuscation314 (00:53:45): *applauds*
octoinky (00:53:46): my best is a girl and her mom, I can't believe you caught 3 girls at once
Neo1337 (00:53:47): Yeah...what did he say afterwards?
Neo1337 (00:53:57): Was he shocked?
BloodE of Sorrow (00:54:05): ...yes
Neo1337 (00:54:12): That you were also a guy I mean.
BloodE of Sorrow (00:54:13): More pissed than shocked
octoinky (00:54:13): three girls and their dad?!?! DAMN
BloodE of Sorrow (00:54:22): ...
BloodE of Sorrow (00:54:23): Wtf.
octoinky (00:54:37): 12yo triplets??! oh man that's tight
octoinky (00:54:39): if you catch my drift