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ID #269
Occurred: 22 Jan 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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GoldenJ007 (12:16:45 AM): How many levels have water in them?
GoldenJ007 (12:16:48 AM): Think very carefully.
Regular Civilian (12:16:56 AM): Dam
Regular Civilian (12:16:58 AM): Facility
Neo1337 (12:17:02 AM): Facility has water?
J Eternia F (12:17:03 AM): where?
Neo1337 (12:17:06 AM): Don't tell me you mean the toilet.
Regular Civilian (12:17:06 AM): toilet
Neo1337 (12:17:09 AM): FFS.
GoldenJ007 (12:17:09 AM): lol, yep.
Neo1337 (12:17:16 AM): You. Are. Gay.
Regular Civilian (12:17:20 AM): Deski.
Neo1337 (12:17:24 AM): SNOW HAS LIKE WATER IN IT
Neo1337 (12:17:29 AM): SO BOTH SURFACES
GoldenJ007 (12:17:40 AM): No.
Neo1337 (12:17:41 AM): SO LIKE THERE'S WATER
GoldenJ007 (12:17:45 AM): Neo loses.
Neo1337 (12:17:48 AM): No I don't.
Neo1337 (12:17:50 AM): There's dirt.
Neo1337 (12:17:56 AM): There is water soaked in to it.
Neo1337 (12:18:05 AM): Jungles are always humid.
Regular Civilian (12:18:12 AM): You lose, Neo.
Regular Civilian (12:18:14 AM): Shut up.
Neo1337 (12:18:20 AM): Runway, because there's water in the petrol in the plane, maybe.
Neo1337 (12:18:25 AM): Probably a li'l H2O
GoldenJ007 (12:18:27 AM): stfu.
Neo1337 (12:18:52 AM): Aztec, there'd have to be some water on the rocket.
Neo1337 (12:18:56 AM): Or people would go thirsty.
GoldenJ007 (12:19:05 AM): *ignores*
Regular Civilian (12:19:05 AM): *ignores Neo*