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Occurred: 20 Jun 2006
Submitted: 20 Jun 2006, 1:56 AM
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BabbelTheFish (12:52:18 AM): I had a discman once
RyanWhiteGoose (12:52:31 AM): I had one
RyanWhiteGoose (12:52:33 AM): SIX YEARS ago
l34ss l3oost (12:52:46 AM): the other day i saw someone with a walkman
l34ss l3oost (12:52:51 AM): it was about the size of a lunch box
l34ss l3oost (12:52:58 AM): and it played cassettes
l34ss l3oost (12:52:59 AM): wtf
BabbelTheFish (12:53:00 AM): LOL
l34ss l3oost (12:53:11 AM): i couldnt help but stare
RyanWhiteGoose (12:53:26 AM): *takes out portable 8-track player*
RyanWhiteGoose (12:53:31 AM): no, *reel to reel player*
RyanWhiteGoose (12:53:37 AM): nej *record player*
l34ss l3oost (12:53:53 AM): portable turntables*
Regular Civilian (12:54:25 AM): I carry an orchestra with me.