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ID #375
Occurred: 28 Jul 2006
Submitted: 27 Jul 2006, 8:00 PM
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Rating: 2.552/4 (29 votes)
AlecBoy006 (00:57:45): I didn't get Depot 26. I was lookin for an excuse to post in the WR topic
BloodE of Sorrow (00:58:47): Ban alec for lying about times and being a total fucking retard and spamming the wr topic
AlecBoy006 (00:59:16): This was the only time I lied about though
BloodE of Sorrow (00:59:28): no excuses
BloodE of Sorrow (00:59:52): you can't lie and be a total stupid cunt at the same time
AlecBoy006 (00:59:59): Yes I can