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ID #393
Occurred: 17 Oct 2006
Submitted: 14 Oct 2006, 9:42 PM
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Neo1337 (8:12:44 PM): Here's a myspace bulletin I just got (I know, myspace, ugh)
Neo1337 (8:12:55 PM): Take the name of a movie and replace one of the words with "Orgasm".
Im Ngamer (8:17:26 PM): 12 Angry Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:17:38 PM): that might actually be better than the original!
Im Ngamer (8:18:22 PM): Raiders of the Lost Orgasm
Neo1337 (8:18:41 PM): Silent Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:18:50 PM): Schindler's Orgasm
Neo1337 (8:18:51 PM): A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Orgasm
Neo1337 (8:19:03 PM): An Orgasm To Remember
CieloAzor (8:19:13 PM): Orgasm Wars
Neo1337 (8:19:19 PM): The Passion of the Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:19:24 PM): Mr. Smith Goes to Orgasm
Neo1337 (8:19:31 PM): Eyes Wide Orgasm
Neo1337 (8:19:35 PM): Gone In 60 Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:19:49 PM): I prefer Orgasm Wide Open
Im Ngamer (8:20:50 PM): Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:20:59 PM): Orgasm of the Apes
CieloAzor (8:21:22 PM): Orgasm Wood
CieloAzor (8:21:45 PM): Little Miss Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:22:21 PM): Anatomy of An Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:22:29 PM): V For Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:22:48 PM): Sweet Smell of Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:23:11 PM): Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:23:45 PM): The Orgasm Who Shot Liberty Valance
CieloAzor (8:24:12 PM): Rear Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:25:03 PM): Orgasm Me if You Can
Im Ngamer (8:26:21 PM): or Catch Me If You Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:26:30 PM): Joe Versus the Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:27:33 PM): An Inconvenient Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:27:56 PM): A Few Good Orgasms
CieloAzor (8:28:39 PM): He Orgasms, She Orgasms
CieloAzor (8:29:59 PM): Surviving the Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:31:34 PM): Die Hard: With An Orgasm
Im Ngamer (8:34:24 PM): Mighty Morphin' Power Orgasms
Im Ngamer (8:34:50 PM): Dead Man Orgasming
CieloAzor (8:34:57 PM): Intolerable Orgasm
CieloAzor (8:35:12 PM): Very Bad Orgasms
CieloAzor (8:35:46 PM): Shall We Orgasm?
CieloAzor (8:36:41 PM): The Orgasms of Extraordinary Gentlemen