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ID #397
Occurred: 18 Oct 2003
Submitted: 13 Nov 2006, 6:21 PM
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Mallow0519 (4:26:46 PM): ...
comeasur337 (4:26:53 PM): Hi Mallow
comeasur337 (4:27:28 PM): Whats up?
Mallow0519 (4:27:35 PM): i just installed AIM
comeasur337 (4:27:39 PM): cool
comeasur337 (4:27:50 PM): yeah.. noticed youve not been on lately
Cyber1166 (4:28:00 PM): what happened?
Mallow0519 (4:28:10 PM): i uninstalled it ...
Cyber1166 (4:28:32 PM): aw... that wasn't a very good story
comeasur337 (4:28:36 PM): yeah
comeasur337 (4:28:42 PM): i expected like.. a bear attack
Cyber1166 (4:28:59 PM): try it again, and this time, funny it up
Mallow0519 (4:29:33 PM): yeah, ok... i uninstalled aim so I wouldn't have to ask it (aim) to sit and rotate on my penis every minute of my life
Cyber1166 (4:29:49 PM): haha! much better