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ID #46
Occurred: 20 Dec 2003
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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GoldenGreg007 (12:56:44 AM): and you smell like a kangaroo's pouch
GoldenGreg007 (12:56:48 AM): but we all have problems
Neo1337 (12:56:55 AM): that's because I tied my kangaroo up before
Neo1337 (12:56:59 AM): and he started licking me
GoldenGreg007 (12:57:02 AM): omfg
GoldenGreg007 (12:57:06 AM): you have a kangaroo really?
GoldenGreg007 (12:57:09 AM): please say yes!
Neo1337 (12:57:09 AM): yeah
Cyber1166 (12:57:24 AM): I thought you just kept them in the house?
Neo1337 (12:58:34 AM): we do, I had to put the kangaroo out
Neo1337 (12:58:41 AM): cause my cats kept ganging up on him
Neo1337 (12:58:44 AM): poor thing :(
Neo1337 (12:59:17 AM): we dress him up as Santa on Christmas
Neo1337 (12:59:20 AM): it's funny
Neo1337 (12:59:26 AM): the hats too big for him and he keeps running into shit
Neo1337 (12:59:56 AM): my brother gave him a bucket of liquor one day...
COME as u r337 (1:00:02 AM): hahahahha
Cyber1166 (1:00:13 AM): stick with the kangaroo stuff, you're on fire
COME as u r337 (1:00:15 AM): making up stories about a kangaroo you dont have is the coolest thing youve ever done neo