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ID #479
Occurred: 1 Apr 2008
Submitted: 1 Apr 2008, 1:53 AM
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Rating: 1.955/4 (22 votes)
COME as u r337 (01:49:50): i had vowel city the first half of the game
COME as u r337 (01:49:53): 3 u's at once
COME as u r337 (01:49:58): 3 i's and 2 o's at the same time
RyanWhiteGoose (01:50:12): 3 of a kinds are gay
RyanWhiteGoose (01:50:19): except if you have Es and good consonants
COME as u r337 (01:50:20): unless it's s's or e's!
RyanWhiteGoose (01:50:36): yeah S is sick
RyanWhiteGoose (01:50:46): 95% of people suck at using Ss
RyanWhiteGoose (01:50:49): maybe even more than that
DKK5 (01:51:34): I'm going to get some
DKK5 (01:51:36): Zs
(01:51:42) DKK5 has left the room.
COME as u r337 (01:51:52): see ya later, DK-a-gator
RyanWhiteGoose (01:51:52): lmao
RyanWhiteGoose (01:51:59): that was amazing
RyanWhiteGoose (01:52:14): definitely want to play again but not tonight
COME as u r337 (01:52:16): so amazing it deserves some...
COME as u r337 (01:52:19): ~Q~'s
RyanWhiteGoose (01:52:24): haha