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ID #494
Occurred: 15 Oct 2008
Submitted: 31 Mar 2009, 2:09 AM
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*during video game costume KotH*

<Ngamer> (21:56:30) [0:45, 2 points, 2 answers]
Q8. Holy wow, that's an eye-catching pair of.... boots she's sporting. It's pretty shameful to lose to a girl, but if doing so resulted in a victory pose like THIS, I bet it would happen much more often. Can you name this queen of the fighting scene, and what series she comes from?


<Ngamer> (21:57:17) TIME is up for everyone!
<Ngamer> (21:57:29) this is of course...
<KotHBot> (21:57:32) Correct answer: Cammy from Street Fighter
<KotHBot> (21:57:32) +2 points to Infil

*later on*

<Ngamer> (22:33:21) here's a bonus of Cammy!
<Ngamer> (22:33:24) http://ngamer.speedrunwiki.com/2008koth/earlyhalloween/529BONUS.jpg
<Infilament> (22:33:45) now THAT is top tier
<DK> (22:33:47) I wonder if she has Cammy-toe