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Occurred: 2 Jan 2009
Submitted: 31 Mar 2009, 2:10 AM
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wheatrich (1:27:18 AM): Charles Barkley: "I Was Gonna Drive Around The Corner And Get A Blow Job. "
Im Ngamer (1:30:25 AM): what's that, the title for his autobiography?
Infil12 (1:35:23 AM): normally that sounds like the title of an onion article
Infil12 (1:35:29 AM): but with him, it's less likely
wheatrich (1:44:02 AM): oh that was a serious Q?
wheatrich (1:44:15 AM): it was the excuse for him running a stop sign with his DUI arrest on New Year's Eve
Im Ngamer (1:45:56 AM): if I were a cop and he gave me that excuse, I would get him off for sure
Im Ngamer (1:46:00 AM): *let
wheatrich (1:46:44 AM): I believe both statements ng
Infil12 (1:51:22 AM): they call that a freudian slip