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ID #526
Occurred: 29 May 2010
Submitted: 29 May 2010, 3:48 AM
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2:44:13 infil12: i was the best man for a friend a few years ago
2:44:17 infil12: p neat experience
2:44:29 isthatagoodt: niiiice
2:44:33 historictoast: as in the best man he ever put his cock in?
2:44:44 imngamer: *jaw drops again*
2:44:59 infil12: and bloode wonders why he doesn't have any friends!
2:45:00 historictoast: careful infil might stick his dick in there
2:45:04 historictoast: though you'd want that wouldn't you
2:45:13 imngamer: *jaw drops even wider*
2:45:22 historictoast: don't give him that much credit
2:45:23 infil12: he asked me to drink the champagne during the toasts at the reception
2:45:30 infil12: which was the only thing that was a little meh
2:45:41 infil12: did it for his sake, though, p much the only time i've ever had alcohol
2:45:48 historictoast: so basically you're square
2:45:51 imngamer: dang, could have just faked it
2:45:56 infil12: i tried faking it
2:46:03 infil12: he caught me and said to drink it during the next toast, lol
2:46:25 historictoast: sounds super weird
2:46:29 historictoast: like everything
2:46:32 historictoast: you faking it is weird
2:46:36 historictoast: him confronting you about it is weird
2:46:54 isthatagoodt: dang, that would be kinda awkward
2:46:54 infil12: it wasn't a big deal
2:46:59 isthatagoodt: guess i'll just get water in mine
2:47:03 historictoast: i guess you sucking his cock in front of everyone was probably the weirdest part huh
2:47:12 infil12: i didn't chug it down or anything, just had a small sip at the next toast or two
2:47:16 historictoast: lmao
2:47:27 historictoast: omg
2:47:35 historictoast: i make myself cry with laughter
2:47:38 historictoast: that's what it's come to
2:47:44 historictoast: calling people gay on the internet and crying