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Occurred: 14 Sep 2010
Submitted: 15 Sep 2010, 2:22 AM
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9:19:33 carathornpd: temped to post HEAR ME on jimbos last facebook update
9:19:37 BluelineGoddess: DO IT
9:19:43 carathornpd: done
9:19:46 carathornpd: ffs dayle
9:19:49 carathornpd: YOU MADE ME DO IT
9:19:49 newershadow: maybe that will get him in chat

9:19:38 Ngonhislaptop: Ritch, is the moped big enough for you both to ride?
9:19:46 rachielynn26: I didn't look much at it.
9:19:48 comeasur337: the moped isn't big enough for JIM
9:20:06 BluelineGoddess: lol Steve almost got me to spray water out my nose
9:20:19 carathornpd: WHAHAHAHAHA come
9:20:25 polyamorous527: ritch have jimbo ride the moped naked
9:20:29 polyamorous527: and take pictures
9:20:35 carathornpd: oh god
9:20:37 carathornpd: tyler pwn
9:21:04 thiradell: I'm pretty sure we could destroy any Jimbo status
9:21:06 thiradell: me Cara and Come

11:18:11: GoldenJ007 entered the room.
11:19:27 goldenj007: welp
11:19:40 goldenj007: No point in having a status on facebook for a while