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ID #543
Occurred: 4 Dec 2010
Submitted: 4 Dec 2010, 2:42 PM
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CometSH (2:21:27 PM): That wasn't very nice, wiff
CometSH (2:25:21 PM): I was on your facebook profile this morning from my phone and somehow managed to call you. I hung up instantly but immediately got a call back from a 911 operator thanks to it being the first three digits in your "number"
holycatholique (2:27:13 PM): LOL
holycatholique (2:27:49 PM): you didn't really think my number was 911, 666, and 1337?
CometSH (2:27:49 PM): And when I explained what happened they said they had to transfer me anyway
holycatholique (2:27:55 PM): hahahahahaha
CometSH (2:28:11 PM): Well like I said I don't know how I called it
CometSH (2:28:45 PM): And when I got the transfer and explained to them they said they had to send police anyway
CometSH (2:29:04 PM): So I had to deal with police at 730 this morning
holycatholique (2:38:02 PM): sorry you had to deal with the police :/
CometSH (2:38:55 PM): Heh. Well it was interesting
CometSH (2:39:12 PM): Although at least he left when I explained what happened
CometSH (2:39:41 PM): Although he asked me if there was a dead body inside :-\
holycatholique (2:41:34 PM): pwned