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Occurred: 10 Jan 2011
Submitted: 10 Jan 2011, 7:33 PM
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Visitors from another forum are in chat commenting on Alec's new live broadcasts:

HistoricToast (6:16:26 PM): i hope his mom comes in
Thiradelletje (6:16:27 PM): lol
Thiradelletje (6:16:30 PM): "I doubt it"
Perkisabeast34 (6:16:37 PM): lol
PR0NK48 (6:16:58 PM): his mom has come in on both of his shows before
Thiradelletje (6:17:07 PM): lol
PR0NK48 (6:17:14 PM): it's so awkward to hear him talk to her
PR0NK48 (6:17:17 PM): he refers to her as mother
PR0NK48 (6:17:28 PM): and she'll hand him pudding or something and he's just liek "thank you, thank you, good bye"