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Occurred: 21 Jun 2011
Submitted: 22 Jun 2011, 1:43 PM
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Thiradell (12:32:07 AM): http://www.civilaviation.eu/images/Airbus/A319_F-WWDB.jpg
Thiradell (12:32:10 AM): that's the first plane I'll be on
DKK5 (12:32:53 AM): lol @ picture of actual plane
DKK5 (12:33:50 AM): I'm a stickler for details when it comes to travel, but I generally don't care what the plane looks like!
Thiradell (12:34:02 AM): well, I've never flown before
Thiradell (12:34:07 AM): pretty excited about the whole thing
DKK5 (12:34:42 AM): If you tell the flight crew it's your first time, they'll all come out and sing you a song
Thiradell (12:34:48 AM): lol
Infil12 (12:34:49 AM): the first time you fly is similar to the first time you have sex
CieloAzor (12:35:03 AM): I did it when I was 5
Thiradell (12:35:03 AM): over way too quick?
isthatagoodt (12:35:09 AM): you close your eyes and pray?
Infil12 (12:35:13 AM): once it starts, you immediately throw up
DKK5 (12:35:25 AM): You're stuck between a fat guy and a crying baby?