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Occurred: 9 Jan 2004
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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GoldenGreg007 (11:53:22 PM): wouldn't that be a sweet band name?
GoldenGreg007 (11:53:24 PM): Child Porn
GoldenGreg007 (11:53:33 PM): "last night i saw Child Porn! it was awesome!"
GoldenGreg007 (11:53:42 PM): "Child Porn is the coolest!"
Neo1337 (11:53:46 PM): "I got us two tickets to Child Porn!"
GoldenGreg007 (11:53:50 PM): "Child Porn @#%$ rocks!"
Im Ngamer (11:54:07 PM): that WOULD be sweet
COME as u r337 (11:54:15 PM): go to school with a Child Porn t-shirt
Neo1337 (11:54:25 PM): "Man, I wish I was one of Child Porn"
Im Ngamer (11:54:32 PM): no, that doesn't work
Im Ngamer (11:55:00 PM): "Did you guys see Child Porn on MTV last night?!"
GoldenGreg007 (11:55:10 PM): "new Child Porn video out!"
GoldenGreg007 (11:55:18 PM): "Child Porn, national sensation"
Neo1337 (11:55:23 PM): Child Porn merchandise
GoldenGreg007 (11:55:26 PM): "Everyone loves Child Porn!"
GoldenGreg007 (11:55:34 PM): "From kids to adults"
COME as u r337 (11:55:40 PM): would they be on Virgin Records?
Neo1337 (11:55:46 PM): Child Porn is the biggest thing since sliced breads
Neo1337 (11:55:51 PM): Child Porn for all ages!
Im Ngamer (11:56:26 PM): "Are our children influenced by Child Porn?"
GoldenGreg007 (11:55:58 PM): virgin records
Neo1337 (11:56:05 PM): Either that or Jackson Records
Neo1337 (11:56:09 PM): if you know what I mean
COME as u r337 (11:56:34 PM): if you mean that you arent funny.. then i know it
Neo1337 (11:56:48 PM): faggot
Neo1337 (11:56:53 PM): I hate you Come
Neo1337 (11:56:53 PM): I HATE YOU
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