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Occurred: 7 Oct 2014
Submitted: 14 Oct 2014, 9:24 PM
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*Alec enters all excited after a baseball playoff game went 18 innings*

(12:08:43 AM) DrInvertigone has entered the room.
DrInvertigone (12:09:05 AM): Clayton Kershaw is honey and the Cardinals are bees. Zack Greinke is garlic and the Cardinals are vampires.
DrInvertigone (12:12:47 AM): I swear on my life Detroit's hitting is there, the starting pitching is there. But my oh my if the Tigers sat down and played Werewolf in the clubhouse the whole bullpen would be lynched on Day One.
isthatagoodt (12:10:09 AM): how did you handle 2 games at once going on for 6 innings
DrInvertigone (12:10:17 AM): I didn't.
DrInvertigone (12:10:23 AM): I don't have the splitscreen luxury.
DrInvertigone (12:10:30 AM): I watched all 18 innings of the Giants/Nats game.
DKK5 (12:48:02 AM): How is Alec still awake
DrInvertigone (12:49:00 AM): This thing, called Baseball. I just, can handle it. I am ready. Crazy Little Thing Called Baseball. And that, Mr. Kovaz, is why I'm still up.
Infilament (1:02:18 AM): what do you mean, "don't have the splitscreen luxury"
Infilament (1:02:21 AM): watch one of the games on your computer
Infilament (1:03:53 AM): we gotta teach you how to multitask, Al
DrInvertigone (1:04:15 AM): I'm breathing and typing at the same time. That's multitasking right there.
Infilament (1:04:45 AM): well, let's level you up to post-toddler multitasking next time