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ID #588
Occurred: 20 Mar 2015
Submitted: 11 Jun 2015, 9:15 PM
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*Jim and Ritch break up, Alec leaving soon for his new job*

(22:20:54) DrInvertigone: I'm highly motivated for Massachusetts.
(22:21:07) DrInvertigone: Like, really motivated.
(22:21:11) GoldenJ007: I'm highly motivated to eat this pizza right now
(22:21:15) GoldenJ007: Since rachel took my gd microwave
(22:21:22) BluelineGoddess: cold Chef has to suck
(22:22:22) TopRogue7: how did she take YOUR microwave lol
(22:22:33) TopRogue7: out of all the things to steal in a rage
(22:22:37) TopRogue7: i guess she hit you where it hurt the most
(22:22:43) BluelineGoddess: think it was technically her microwave
(22:22:49) GoldenJ007: Yeah dayle is right
(22:23:08) TopRogue7: huh, never known jim to skimp on the truth before
(22:23:16) BluelineGoddess: lol
(22:23:19) GoldenJ007: Meh, I bought it for her
(22:23:23) GoldenJ007: That was basically my microwave
(22:23:38) TopRogue7: i don't think you grasp the concept of ownership
(22:23:42) BluelineGoddess: everything I've ever given someone is basically mine?
(22:23:55) TopRogue7: perhaps this is why you felt entirely comfortable stealing from work every day
(22:24:09) TopRogue7: bah, i work here so all this stuff is basically mine anyway
(22:24:15) DKK5: Consider it a lesson learned
(22:24:33) BluelineGoddess: this convo is amazing
(22:24:50) GoldenJ007: I'm just flabbergasted she took the damn microwave