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Occurred: 13 Feb 2020
Submitted: 13 Feb 2020, 6:30 PM
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Neo is going to renew his passport

[7:12 AM] Jimbo: Speaking of no patience and passports
[7:12 AM] Jimbo: That's the primary reason I never applied for one... Sounds like a stupid process and I don't want to pay the $100
[7:13 AM] Jimbo: Although going to Costa Rica would be p amazing this time of year
[10:34 AM] <isthatagoodthing> Passport application was so easy. We drove to a post office that did photos too, had the whole thing sorted in a few minutes, and got it in the mail a few weeks later.
[1:45 PM] ~Ng: yeah the process wasn't too bad for us when the whole family got them in 2012 (for our UK trip)
[1:56 PM] ~Ng: but this is Jim we're talking so I'm sure something would go wrong, he'd explode at the passport lady, and the end result is a night in jail and 5 years on the No Fly List
[2:27 PM] Infilament: considering the power of owning a passport for a country, i'm not sure the process could be easier for such an important document
[2:28 PM] Infilament: not being able to leave the country without several months notice sounds like not a particularly good idea
[3:23 PM] Thira: The ol’ triple negative
[3:23 PM] Thira: Actually can’t quite parse that one so I’ll just guess
[3:27 PM] Infilament: not owning a non-passport? far from unthinkable!
[3:32 PM] Thira: Lmao