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Occurred: Jun 05 2003
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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GoldeneyeGuy007 has entered the room.
GoldeneyeGuy007: OK Mark, why did YOU invite me?
GoldeneyeGuy007: And HOLY SHIT
comeasur337: FAG
CieloAzor: FAG!!!!
Shade JF 666: FAG!
DnTn31: FAG!!!!!\
Nemesis7891: FAG!
TopRogue7: FAG!
Cyber1166: FAG
TrevellyanOO6: FAG
GoldenGreg007: FAG!@!!!!!
yoshifan28: FAG
GoldenGreg007: yeah!! go team!
DnTn31: ROFL
comeasur337: W00T
DnTn31: that was nice
CieloAzor: haha
GoldeneyeGuy007: lmao
GoldenGreg007: slap hands! slap hands!
TopRogue7: lmmfao
DnTn31: heheheheheh
comeasur337: *slaps ass*
Shade JF 666: that was nice
GoldenGreg007: that was beautiful
comeasur337: I mean hands
Cyber1166: best chat moment.... ever
comeasur337: someone sig this
Shade JF 666: this will go in archives