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Occurred: Apr 01 2004
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(1:06:49 AM) ParagonX9 has entered the room.
ParagonX9 (1:09:51 AM): i can't believe you guys pussied out and deleted the pd/ge forums
ParagonX9 (1:10:16 AM): sure you guys run the-elite.net and feel free to shut it down or whatever if it costs you money
ParagonX9 (1:11:01 AM): you guys can continue to have your borderline homosexual flirting conversations in general chat
ParagonX9 (1:11:32 AM): if you can't stand reading the forums or watching addicted nerds lie about n64 times then just ignore them
ParagonX9 (1:12:40 AM): i'm sure there were some people that still valued the forums and enjoyed the games for what they were, even if the people in control had grown jaded
ParagonX9 (1:38:12 AM): IT"S APRIL FOOLS
ParagonX9 (1:38:13 AM): FUCK
ParagonX9 (1:38:14 AM): ALL OF YOU
ParagonX9 (1:38:18 AM): i just got pwned
(1:38:20 AM) ParagonX9 has left the room.