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Occurred: 13 Jun 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Elite message board have been offline due to "maintenance" for over a month

A day in the life of an Ezboard staff member
5:00 AM - Get attacked by hacker, lose half the data.
7:10 AM - Secretary arrives at work.
7:35 AM - Secretary realises they've been attacked.
8:05 AM - After playing Solitaire for a while, secretary decides to call in maintenace guys.
8:50 AM - Secretary posts a message on Ezboard help forums and links it to the top of every board.
10:10 AM - Maintenace team arrives. They decide to take the servers completely offline while they inspect the situation.
12:45 PM - Maintenace team concludes that the systems are not physically damaged, just data has been deleted.
1:25 PM - Servers are back in place and missing posts have been replaced with a message claiming they "can't be restored".
1:30 PM - Lunch break.
3:05 PM - Maintenance team has finished sorting through backup and discovering which data needs to be backed up. Company policy states that this type of action should be documented. Maintenance team stands around waiting for secretary to type it up.
5:00 PM - Finished for the day.
9:25 PM - Systems are attacked again.

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