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ID #102
Occurred: Oct 21 2003
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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ID #246
Occurred: Dec 02 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (10:09:35 PM): oh really Q? what are you, 5'11 and 167?
(20:22:56) CieloAzor: Wow Jon.
(20:23:00) CieloAzor: You pretty much nailed it.
(20:31:15) Im Ngamer: I think you'll find that there's very little I don't pretty much nail
(20:31:39) Im Ngamer: it's been said that I'll nail anything with a pulse
ID #569
Occurred: 21 Feb 2013
Submitted: 23 Feb 2013, 6:45 PM
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*Jimbo's been bragging about his new 100M internet connection on facebook*
Infil1212 (3:57:13 AM): he gets university internet at his house? how?
isthatagoodt (3:57:30 AM): the ISP has the infrastructure to support 100M but charges 10x more for it
isthatagoodt (3:57:47 AM): so normally jim buys a really cheap plan because he's cheap. instead he's pretending Ritch lives with him so he can get the student rate
wheatrich (4:10:20 AM): pretty sure those crying tears I'm hearing are infil's
TopRogue7 (4:11:51 AM): infil immediately moving to steal rach from jim
Infil1212 (4:13:13 AM): there are some things i wouldn't do, even for good internet
isthatagoodt (4:13:31 AM): well, would you pay $100/month for 100M down/50M up?
Infil1212 (4:14:19 AM): uhh... yes? lol
isthatagoodt (4:14:25 AM): well then
isthatagoodt (4:14:28 AM): jim has that option, but instead he's taking $10/mo
isthatagoodt (4:15:00 AM): but you're saying you wouldn't even do that when your only other option is what you have NOW?
Infil1212 (4:15:14 AM): no, the thing i wouldn't do for good internet is date rachel
Infil1212 (4:15:18 AM): as per youse
isthatagoodt (4:15:37 AM): ohhhhh
isthatagoodt (4:15:40 AM): i didnt read youse's line
Infil1212 (4:15:48 AM): few people do
HistoricToast (4:16:23 AM): can't believe the amount of disrespect on show here
HistoricToast (4:16:37 AM): for rach, for youse
isthatagoodt (4:16:47 AM): ehh, in Ritch's case
isthatagoodt (4:16:50 AM): she LOST the respect
isthatagoodt (4:16:58 AM): ....about 4 seconds after she stepped in here the first time
Infil1212 (4:17:04 AM): hi, my name is rachel
Infil1212 (4:17:10 AM): would you like to hear about my vaginal piercings?
isthatagoodt (4:17:26 AM): p much verbatim
HistoricToast (4:17:44 AM): p much masturbatin'
HistoricToast (4:18:33 AM): just thinking about those sweet sweet pussy lips dangling long, stretched from the weight of large metallic objects pincering her vapid flesh
wheatrich (4:18:52 AM): ok bloode gets the dreaded ignore
Infil1212 (4:19:17 AM): ffs
neo26988 (4:19:30 AM): ...
ID #239
Occurred: Sep 17 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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JamesBond315xxx: There's a demo for the Revolution called...
JamesBond315xxx: Pilot Wangs.
Im Ngamer: BloodE will be the Pilot Wangs Champ in like, 2 hours
Im Ngamer: I doubt anyone could Pilot Wangs better
BloodE of Sorrow: you are making fun of me, arent you?
Im Ngamer: not at all BloodE
Im Ngamer: I just don't think anyone can match your Wang Piloting experience
BloodE of Sorrow: ...
BloodE of Sorrow: im not gay
ID #111
Occurred: Jun 22 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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octoinky (23:11:00): FUCKING PENGUINS
ID #468
Occurred: 11 Feb 2008
Submitted: 12 Feb 2008, 11:33 PM
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dragondragon18 (11:55:22 PM): I think Woll is hitting on you, Illu! Run!
RyanWhiteGoose (11:55:26 PM): That's not Woll. Woll's board name is "GoldenGreg007." That was Matis. His board name is "Matabird." 1+2=3 and the vowels are A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y.
MotoXRider31 (11:55:54 PM): Goose is trying to teach! Everyone, take cover!
Blueline Goddess (11:55:57 PM): As long as Goose doesn't try to teach sex education, we'll all be fine.
ID #368
Occurred: 4 Jul 2006
Submitted: 6 Jul 2006, 11:06 PM
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COME as u r337 (10:41:27): ha, the enron guy died
COME as u r337 (10:41:36): guess he really didnt want to do the time
CieloAzor (10:41:51): Lay?
COME as u r337 (10:42:16): yes
COME as u r337 (10:42:20): related?
CieloAzor (10:42:20): I hope I inherited some.
COME as u r337 (10:42:22): heh
COME as u r337 (10:42:27): wait, he was white
CieloAzor (10:42:36): Dang it.
CieloAzor (10:43:45): At least I still get kickbacks from our potato chip empire.
ID #11
Occurred: Mar 14 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (9:59:03 PM): ok, great Jimbo moment I have to share
Im Ngamer (9:59:34 PM):
GoldenJimbo007 (9:55:54 PM): lol, wtf
GoldenJimbo007 (9:55:57 PM): Gonna leave me in MN?
Im Ngamer (9:56:13 PM): nay, you'd love living with Boss too much
Im Ngamer (9:56:27 PM): that would be BOSS punishment
Im Ngamer (9:56:40 PM): you'd eat them out of house and home!
GoldenJimbo007 (9:56:53 PM): wtf
GoldenJimbo007 (9:56:57 PM): Honestly, I don't eat that much
Im Ngamer (10:00:13 PM): and then I totally just made this next line up
Im Ngamer (10:00:19 PM):
Im Ngamer (9:57:13 PM): didn't you once eat 6 hot dogs at one sitting?
GoldenJimbo007 (9:57:22 PM): .....I was STARVING then
ID #427
Occurred: 30 May 2007
Submitted: 30 May 2007, 10:00 AM
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Moto X Rider3131 (09:52:29): vote in the contest!
COME as u r337 (09:52:34): noted
Moto X Rider3131 (09:52:41): notes are for n00bs
COME as u r337 (09:52:48): like you!
Moto X Rider3131 (09:53:12): Funny you said, that. That's nearly exactly what Ngamer said yesterday when I tried to tell him the same thing.
Moto X Rider3131 (09:53:20): You sure you're not the same person?
COME as u r337 (09:53:30): He has a smaller wang.
COME as u r337 (09:53:32): And is going bald.
COME as u r337 (09:53:38): Other than that we're about the same
Moto X Rider3131 (09:53:48): and you weigh more. :P
Moto X Rider3131 (09:53:58): Ooooooo snap!
COME as u r337 (09:54:35): only in the wang
ID #580
Occurred: 16 Sep 2014
Submitted: 14 Oct 2014, 10:42 PM
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GoldenJimbo007 (9:33:02 PM): Alright looks like everyone wants an update
GoldenJimbo007 (9:33:10 PM): I got hammered drunk last night, 2nd worst of my life
GoldenJimbo007 (9:33:18 PM): Rachel drives to town wanting Applebees, wants me to join her
GoldenJimbo007 (9:33:28 PM): I try to text her saying I can't drive, she doesn't believe me
GoldenJimbo007 (9:33:39 PM): She drives to party, I stumble to her car, she actually punches me in the nose
COME as u r337 (9:34:24 PM): why did you get hammered?
GoldenJimbo007 (9:34:40 PM): Was only 1.5 miles from home, "last night of summer" bonfire etc, free booze
GoldenJimbo007 (9:34:52 PM): Everyone else taking shots and it was the wedding party from June
GoldenJimbo007 (9:35:19 PM): But man she clobbered me in the face, hurts to blow my nose now heh
Im Ngamer (9:35:22 PM): WHOA now that's domestic abuse and you don't have to stand for it #whyjimleft
DKK5 (9:35:28 PM): I'd report that domestic abuse
COME as u r337 (9:36:14 PM): ray-chel rice
GoldenJimbo007 (9:41:09 PM): She feels p bad about it now so maybe don't bring it up in chat
COME as u r337 (9:41:31 PM): props to jim for not retaliating until he researches the domestic abuse policies at WG&R to make sure he can still get paid
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