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ID #581
Occurred: 12 Jul 2014
Submitted: 21 Oct 2014, 11:04 PM
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GoldenJimbo007 (3:28:54 PM): Talked to a Christina in Green Bay who knew you quite well Ng
GoldenJimbo007 (3:28:59 PM): We discussed you for a good 10 minutes!
Im Ngamer (3:31:59 PM): yeah Christina's cool we worked together quite a bit when she was still in Appleton
GoldenJimbo007 (3:32:43 PM): She's got a nice little corner office here
CarathornPD (3:33:05 PM): who is Christina
CarathornPD (3:33:14 PM): I have no idea what ppl are talking about in this chat
CarathornPD (3:33:17 PM): ive been away for too long
isthatagoodlinux (3:33:20 PM): christina was ngamer's work wife
CarathornPD (3:33:28 PM): what is a work wife?
GoldenJimbo007 (3:33:36 PM): He has a girl he's in love with but only at work
Im Ngamer (3:33:37 PM): Work Wife is a situation like Jim and Pam on The Office
CarathornPD (3:33:45 PM): the closest ngamer will ever get to a work wife is work wifi
ID #392
Occurred: 12 Oct 2006
Submitted: 12 Oct 2006, 4:30 PM
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Im Ngamer (21:16:56): what's that book you want Sam to read Come?
COME as u r337 (21:17:42): "The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence" by Ray Kurzweil
COME as u r337 (21:17:44): Why?
(21:23:26) The Illu has entered the room.
Im Ngamer (21:23:54): because I'm stopping at the library before work
The Illu (21:24:11): I see
Im Ngamer (21:24:51): Illu, shut your face!
The Illu (21:25:21): I see
The Illu (21:25:41): shit man!
The Illu (21:25:43): ok ok ok
ID #61
Occurred: Feb 02 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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ShadowZeroPD (10:18:29 AM): wtf is up with my pd page?
ShadowZeroPD (10:18:36 AM): http://www.geocities.com/ShadowZero64/ (link to lemonparty.org)
Im Ngamer (10:30:43 AM): well SZ, it could possibly be a problem with the HTML
Im Ngamer (10:30:58 AM): you know, if you try to change the color INSIDE of a time, it can ruin things
Im Ngamer (10:31:11 AM): let me do a quick scan of your code for you, and then-
Im Ngamer (10:31:13 AM): AHHHHH
Im Ngamer (10:31:19 AM): what are those men doing?!
COME as u r337 (10:31:38 AM): The same thing they were doing when you masturbated to that picture 10 minutes ago.
Im Ngamer (10:32:31 AM): hm... yeah, I guess so, now that I look more close
Im Ngamer (10:32:50 AM): I simply must stop being so horrified
ID #417
Occurred: 11 Mar 2007
Submitted: 12 Mar 2007, 1:24 AM
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holycatholique: rats
holycatholique: these silly little online polls don't believe me
holycatholique: they don't believe that my email is a@a.com
dragondragon18: heh
holycatholique: and that my zip is 11111
dragondragon18: i always use a@hotmail.com
holycatholique: I should be more creative
octoinky: dontemailme@yousuck.com
octoinky: thiswontgettome@aol.com
holycatholique: a@omfgimgivingyoumyemail.cx
dragondragon18: callphilmcanna@5554323921.com
holycatholique: hahahaha
dragondragon18: theyreallygonnalaugh@you.com
holycatholique: userealinfo@omfgfakeinfo.gov
holycatholique: that's one that I used at CSU once
holycatholique: yeah, they called me the next day
holycatholique: :/
octoinky: hahah
holycatholique: they called my cell too
holycatholique: 911.666.1337
octoinky: rofl
ID #36
Occurred: Jan 06 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (3:05:29 AM): FW, great attempt though! you were right in the running today
Im Ngamer (3:05:48 AM): were in the final 3, along with kat's comment on kingpin
Im Ngamer (3:06:00 AM): I liked them all, so someone else made the final decision
katslover42 (3:06:20 AM): Damn you, YE.
katslover42 (3:06:25 AM): I could have been two ahead of Come.
failurewarningV1 (3:06:39 AM): *shakes fist*
katslover42 (3:07:12 AM): *slides dick into FW's fist...sneakily*
ID #29
Occurred: Apr 17 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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COME as u r337 (11:19:56 PM): http://i16.thefacebook.com/pics/9/0/s13700911_4457.jpg
dragondragon18 (11:21:32 PM): 7.5
Cyber1166 (11:21:35 PM): wowza, 9.5
dragondragon18 (11:21:43 PM): lol jon
COME as u r337 (11:21:48 PM): she's a slut
dragondragon18 (11:21:52 PM): jons found his wife
COME as u r337 (11:22:04 PM): i'm pretty sure she gave a guy a handjob in spanish class once
COME as u r337 (11:22:48 PM): and she might've been the one that filled a bottle of water with vodka and walked around school with it getting drunk..
iamjohnbeck (11:23:13 PM): oh man, every school has one of those people
COME as u r337 (11:23:19 PM): we had 20
iamjohnbeck (11:23:59 PM): we had 2, and i was homeschooled :-\
ID #64
Occurred: May 23 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (6:50:21 PM): Come, did YE tell you the big news?
COME as u r337 (6:50:52 PM): He grew his first pubes?!?
Im Ngamer (6:51:08 PM): nay, maybe next year
ID #528
Occurred: 11 Jun 2010
Submitted: 11 Jun 2010, 4:49 PM
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AlecBoy006 (3:37:00 PM): Area 51 looks confusing
AlecBoy006 (3:37:08 PM): I am watching a vid on youtube right now
l Am Dreamz (3:37:33 PM): reading alec's chat is like reading the most boring twitter account ever
AlecBoy006 (3:37:46 PM): I have a feeling you're gay for me.
AlecBoy006 (3:37:53 PM): I just have this feeling inside
Thiradell (3:38:31 PM): what
AlecBoy006 (3:38:55 PM): My explanation behind this reasoning is you never say anything kind about me, ever. Even if I am not directly talking to you. Many people try to hide their crushes by being mean to them.
l Am Dreamz (3:38:58 PM): i would be if you had anything resembling male genatalia
AlecBoy006 (3:39:13 PM): My penis, for one.
Thiradell (3:39:15 PM): lolol
Thiradell (3:39:27 PM): this cannot be happening
pylemire (3:39:28 PM): welp!
pylemire (3:39:40 PM): I have to leave unfortunately!
AlecBoy006 (3:39:31 PM): Of course you vehemently deny this, but I'm not expecting any different.
l Am Dreamz (3:39:46 PM): don't think i've denied it thus far
l Am Dreamz (3:39:54 PM): i want to fuck you roughly in the night, Alec
AlecBoy006 (3:40:11 PM): I wasn't expecting you to admit it!
AlecBoy006 (3:40:13 PM): You sick fuck
Thiradell (3:40:22 PM): Durk, that's nasty
l Am Dreamz (3:40:54 PM): i couldn't contain my attraction to you any longer
ID #444
Occurred: 5 Sep 2007
Submitted: 8 Sep 2007, 4:45 AM
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dragondragon18 (9:54:03 PM): you missed alecs gf yesterday, infil
Infil12 (9:54:13 PM): alec's gf?
Infil12 (9:54:26 PM): that can't stand for girlfriend
dragondragon18 (9:54:27 PM): supposedly!
DKK5 (9:54:41 PM): Alec doesn't even have an f
ID #510
Occurred: 25 Jul 2009
Submitted: 24 Jul 2009, 6:57 PM
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AlecBoy006: How am I blocked from stats?
AlecBoy006: I just reported news.
AlecBoy006: That blows.
AlecBoy006: Brick abuses his power.
AlecBoy006: He does everything to spite me.
isthatagoodt: I've had requests from more than a handful of chat members to do this, and gave you more than enough chances to just SHUT THE FUCK UP
AlecBoy006: I'm fucking sick of you.
AlecBoy006: I swear
AlecBoy006: You're a no good piece of shit.
rshepherd1000: lolin
AlecBoy006: All I did was report something I saw from a website.
AlecBoy006: You said you would block me
AlecBoy006: If I mentioned stats again
AlecBoy006: And you know what?
AlecBoy006: I didn't.
isthatagoodt: ^Just did, sorry :-(
AlecBoy006: I kept my promise
AlecBoy006: Well.
AlecBoy006: I'm bringing up a point.
AlecBoy006: I still kept my promise.
AlecBoy006: I have NOT been talking about it.
AlecBoy006: God you're such a fucking faggot.
AlecBoy006: If anything
AlecBoy006: I think you're jealous
AlecBoy006: You were getting scared that I was moving on up.
isthatagoodt: LOL
AlecBoy006: It's true
AlecBoy006: I know it.
isthatagoodt: So you DID think it was a competition, didn't you!
AlecBoy006: No.
AlecBoy006: I didn't.
AlecBoy006: But that is my hypothesis.
isthatagoodt: You were getting scared that I was moving on up. <---- Yes
AlecBoy006: No.
AlecBoy006: Personally I couldn't care less.
AlecBoy006: And what would it take for me to get unbanned?
isthatagoodt: It cannot be undone
AlecBoy006: You're just abusing your power.
SupaOdin: lol do you realy care that much about it, alec?
AlecBoy006: I hate you so fucking much
AlecBoy006: You're a fucking faggot
AlecBoy006: NO GOOD
isthatagoodt: Chat stats were his LIFE
AlecBoy006: PIECE
AlecBoy006: OF
isthatagoodt: Now his life is
AlecBoy006: SHIT
isthatagoodt: BLOCKED
AlecBoy006: FUCK YOU
isthatagoodt: BURNED
AlecBoy006: FUCK YOU
isthatagoodt: LIFE = RUINED
rshepherd1000: ~Q~
SupaOdin: bahahaha
COME as u r337: ~Q~
SupaOdin: ~Q~ indeed
isthatagoodt: ~Q~
SupaOdin: omg its getting better
SupaOdin: yay
SupaOdin: anddd ~Q~
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