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ID #346
Occurred: Jun 07 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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StvnHaley (1:07:17 AM): integrals are about the hardest thing we are doing this year
octoinky (1:07:37 AM): we did some pretty monster integrals a while back
CieloAzor (1:07:59 AM): Me and indefinite integrals are like BloodE and girls.
CieloAzor (1:08:05 AM): I wouldn't know what to do with one if I had one.
ID #31
Occurred: Jan 18 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Stickmansam 1024 (4:28:40 PM): Well, seriously though, whose benefit is that for?
Im Ngamer (4:29:10 PM): no benefit Sam, it's just what they do
Im Ngamer (4:29:26 PM): that, din mor stuff, and calling people gay in Swedish
Stickmansam 1024 (4:29:46 PM): *remembers why he left*
i337o (4:29:58 PM): *knows why you are going to leave*
(4:30:04 PM) Stickmansam 1024 has left the room.
ShadowZeroPD (4:30:09 PM): lol
OLLE boll e007 (4:30:10 PM): *doesn't feel bad at all*
i337o (4:30:12 PM): ~Q~
ShadowZeroPD (4:30:14 PM): ~Q~
OLLE boll e007 (4:30:23 PM): ~Q~
BadassFal (4:30:47 PM): ~Q~
Im Ngamer (4:31:48 PM): ok, I don't support bootings, but that was pretty funny
ID #105
Occurred: Feb 01 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Stickmansam 1024 (9:47:45 AM): the spoon bit, and the "SILLY HATS ONLY" bit, just cracked me up
Stickmansam 1024 (9:47:50 AM): the rest was strange
Im Ngamer (9:48:31 AM): and now, angry ticks fly out of my nipples! *loud drone*
Stickmansam 1024 (9:49:00 AM): yeha
Im Ngamer (9:58:09 AM): (not really, I was quoting the cartoon)
Im Ngamer (9:58:21 AM): oh wait
Stickmansam 1024 (9:58:33 AM): wrong box, eh
Im Ngamer (9:58:40 AM): no!
Im Ngamer (9:58:49 AM): dang it Sam, you close windows too soon
Stickmansam 1024 (9:59:58 AM): oh
Stickmansam 1024 (10:00:10 AM): well the angry tics thing was from the cartoon, I know
Im Ngamer (10:00:20 AM): yeah, not real life
Im Ngamer (10:00:25 AM): just a cartoon

Im Ngamer (9:59:04 AM): wait... or IS it?
Im Ngamer (9:59:16 AM): *chases small children*
Stickmansam 1024 (10:06:22 AM): what?
Im Ngamer (1:52:54 PM): pfft... don't tell me you close an IM window after only 2 days
Stickmansam 1024 (1:53:06 PM): indeed

Im Ngamer (7:42:42 PM): or AM I?
Im Ngamer (7:42:49 PM): *chases children*
Stickmansam 1024 (7:42:51 PM): or AM I what?
Im Ngamer (7:42:57 PM): DANG IT Sam
Stickmansam 1024 (7:43:04 PM): are you responding to a two-week-old conversation again?
Im Ngamer (7:43:08 PM): you close your IM boxes after just a week and a half?
Stickmansam 1024 (7:43:14 PM): YES

Im Ngamer (5:00:13 PM): *children running everywhere*
Stickmansam 1024 (5:01:30 PM): dude, it's like somebody puts you in cryo for one month in every two
Im Ngamer (5:01:44 PM): yes... something like that
Im Ngamer (5:01:51 PM): anyways, someday we'll finish that convo
Stickmansam 1024 (5:02:00 PM): quite frankly I doubt it
ID #91
Occurred: Aug 15 2004
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Neo26988 (12:24:51 AM): I'm up because I'm too angry to sleep.
Im Ngamer (12:25:45 AM): oh yeah, I hear you on that one
Im Ngamer (12:25:58 AM): how's Mario under 82%?
Im Ngamer (12:26:02 AM): RAGE!
Neo26988 (12:26:11 AM): ...
Im Ngamer (12:26:16 AM): oh, don't worry though
Im Ngamer (12:26:21 AM): he's on his way up now
Neo26988 (12:26:53 AM): arrggg
Neo26988 (12:26:55 AM): *punches wall*
Neo26988 (12:27:02 AM): I don't CARE about GameFAQs, alright?
Neo26988 (12:27:03 AM): SHEESH!
Im Ngamer (12:27:37 AM): man, what a sour attitude! I just told you
Im Ngamer (12:27:43 AM): Mario's going to finish just fine
Neo26988 (12:27:52 AM): OMG, do I look like I care?
Im Ngamer (12:27:56 AM): just wait till this day vote plays out at least, alright?
ID #535
Occurred: 11 Sep 2010
Submitted: 11 Sep 2010, 2:28 PM
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1:00:08 PM: alecboy006 entered the room.
alecboy006 (1:00:16 PM): Getting a lap top today
alecboy006 (1:00:24 PM): Min Mor and I are fighting again
Rshepherd1000 (1:00:26 PM): csb
alecboy006 (1:00:34 PM): I overheard her just now "Why didn't I get an abortion?"
Rshepherd1000 (1:00:44 PM): WHAT
alecboy006 (1:01:08 PM): Fucking bitch face I swear
Scott (1:03:12 PM): Was she talking about your siblings?
alecboy006 (1:03:23 PM): I don't have any siblings.
ID #103
Occurred: Jun 07 2004
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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TheBigBossman007 (1:07:41 AM): probably why I jerk so much
TheBigBossman007 (1:07:47 AM): don't think it loses much
TheBigBossman007 (1:07:58 AM): I remember just jerking constantly on Streets and getting 115 or 116
TheBigBossman007 (1:08:13 AM): I jerk more now than I ever did
ID #513
Occurred: 19 Aug 2009
Submitted: 20 Aug 2009, 12:43 AM
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Im Ngamer (11:37:52 PM): Jim, a friend at work is giving away kittens, would you like one?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:38:08 PM): Seriously?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:38:09 PM): Sure
CarathornPD (11:38:17 PM): they are not for eating
Thiradell (11:38:20 PM): hahaha
GoldenJimbo007 (11:38:21 PM): bah
CieloAzor (11:38:32 PM): so nevermind?
ID #592
Occurred: 22 May 2015
Submitted: 11 Jun 2015, 9:30 PM
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(20:25:09) GoldenJimbo007: Yep just microwaved some ice cream
(20:25:13) GoldenJimbo007: Love me some soft serve
(20:25:21) TopRogue7: lol
(20:25:26) Infil1212: yz literally throwing up in his mouth right now
(20:25:41) TopRogue7: [x] wisconsin
(20:26:34) TopRogue7: wait, he has a fridge? why, he never eats leftovers
(20:27:05) GoldenJimbo007: I put pizza straight from the oven into the freezer to not burn myself
(20:27:13) GoldenJimbo007: I never have leftovers that's correct
(20:27:35) TopRogue7: yeah, who can wait 40 seconds for pizza to cool down
(20:27:40) GoldenJimbo007: 5 minutes*
(20:27:47) Infil1212: putting hot pizza into the fridge/freezer should be a literal crime
(20:27:54) GoldenJimbo007: m8 who wants piping hot sauce
(20:27:57) Infil1212: i do
(20:28:08) TopRogue7: i make pizza all the time and have not once waited 5 minutes to eat it
(20:28:14) TopRogue7: and i usually bake it at 500
(20:28:42) Thiradell: this is fucking absurd
(20:28:45) Thiradell: this is going too far
(20:29:14) GoldenJimbo007: For like 3 god damn minutes get over it
(20:29:20) Thiradell: why not just let it sit for 5 minutes
(20:29:29) Infil1212: pizza gets cold too fast, if anything
(20:29:32) GoldenJimbo007: way quicker to super freeze it
(20:29:36) Thiradell: you're a fool
(20:29:39) Infil1212: like, i want to eat more pizza quickly
(20:29:42) Infil1212: so i can eat it while it's warm
(20:30:06) Thiradell: why not just get a toaster oven and put it in the freezer
(20:30:09) Thiradell: to balance the temperatures
(20:30:43) Infil1212: lol third
(20:30:47) Infil1212: 10/10
ID #498
Occurred: 4 Feb 2009
Submitted: 31 Mar 2009, 2:11 AM
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AlecBoy006 (9:18:21 PM): The thing is, they are still determining the Senate.
AlecBoy006 (9:18:28 PM): Who knows how long it will carry on.
AlecBoy006 (9:18:46 PM): I think Franken should get the seat.
AlecBoy006 (9:19:09 PM): He lead the percentage vote and popular vote.
isthatagoodt (9:19:15 PM): .....
isthatagoodt (9:19:16 PM): Corey
isthatagoodt (9:19:18 PM): .....
isthatagoodt (9:19:18 PM): WTF
BluelineGoddess (9:20:25 PM): are we thinking popular and electoral maybe?
isthatagoodt (9:20:33 PM): I don't know WHAT he's thinking
AlecBoy006 (9:20:45 PM): Franken's percentage: 41.991%
BluelineGoddess (9:20:47 PM): like I think certain counties are worth more in state races
AlecBoy006 (9:20:54 PM): Coleman: 41.984%
AlecBoy006 (9:21:19 PM): Franken popular vote: 1,212,431
AlecBoy006 (9:21:25 PM): Coleman 1,212,206
BluelineGoddess (9:21:33 PM): well obv popular and percentage will match up
isthatagoodt (9:21:34 PM): so coleman lost by just over 200 votes
isthatagoodt (9:21:37 PM): the vote total
isthatagoodt (9:21:39 PM): and the percentage
isthatagoodt (9:21:42 PM): are functions of each other!
isthatagoodt (9:21:43 PM): silly!!!
AlecBoy006 (9:22:15 PM): He won the popular of the vote and had the higher percentage of the votes.
isthatagoodt (9:22:16 PM): ........
isthatagoodt (9:22:23 PM): Yes
BluelineGoddess (9:22:24 PM): uh
isthatagoodt (9:22:25 PM): He had the higher percentage
isthatagoodt (9:22:27 PM): that's why he WON
BluelineGoddess (9:22:34 PM): that's implied with having the most votes
isthatagoodt (9:22:38 PM): thats why he had the highest percentage
BluelineGoddess (9:22:41 PM): you can't have fewer votes and a higher percentage
AlecBoy006 (9:24:43 PM): Yes. Because he had more votes he gets a higher percentage.
isthatagoodt (9:25:07 PM): Really?
AlecBoy006 (9:25:07 PM): Yes.
BluelineGoddess (9:25:15 PM): they sky is blue, when I look up I see cobalt.
BluelineGoddess (9:25:22 PM): holy redundancy
isthatagoodt (9:25:26 PM): But if Barry Bonds had more hits in the same amount of at bats as Chipper Jones, who would have the higher batting average
AlecBoy006 (9:25:50 PM): Wouldn't Bonds get it? Cause it's hits divided by at bats.
Thiradell (9:25:55 PM): lol
Thiradell (9:25:56 PM): Very good.
isthatagoodt (9:26:00 PM): Yeah but what if Jones won the percentage?
AlecBoy006 (9:26:12 PM): I suppose it wouldn't count.
Thiradell (9:26:18 PM): Oh Lord.
ID #540
Occurred: 15 Oct 2010
Submitted: 16 Oct 2010, 1:01 AM
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GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:07 PM): So everyone at work got wind of the Jimbo tour that Jon made in Nov 09
Scott (11:48:15 PM): How did they like it?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:16 PM): Man this morning sucked!
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:27 PM): "apple spice candles, Jimbo?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:32 PM): "Titanic and Boston Terriers?"
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:39 PM): "Eat some vegetables, fuck"
Scott (11:48:40 PM): How many people are we talking?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:43 PM): 20ish
Scott (11:48:50 PM): They all watched it together?
DKK5 (11:48:55 PM): How did they find out?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:55 PM): Yep
GoldenJimbo007 (11:49:03 PM): One guy found it while watching some GE vids
GoldenJimbo007 (11:49:08 PM): Linked it to his buddy there
GoldenJimbo007 (11:50:00 PM): I walked in this morning to see everyone watching a vid, at the time I didn't know it was the house tour
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