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ID #585
Occurred: 10 Dec 2014
Submitted: 11 Jun 2015, 8:56 PM
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GoldenJ007 (12:55:29 AM): I caught a mouse on stream
GoldenJ007 (12:55:40 AM): Brought the little son of a bitch to my table (still alive for a good 40 mins btw)
GoldenJ007 (12:55:46 AM): Waited for him to die, no dice
GoldenJ007 (12:55:49 AM): So he peed on my table, then I got mad
GoldenJ007 (12:55:53 AM): So I took him outside and ended the misery there, stomped on the trap
GoldenJ007 (12:55:57 PM): Popped its eye out but wasn't dead
GoldenJ007 (12:55:59 PM): I had my sandals on (with socks, sigh)
Thiradell (12:56:28 AM): your table has the power of death but he was alive for 40 minutes?
GoldenJ007 (12:56:31 AM): Plastic mouse trap, caught him by the nose
GoldenJ007 (12:56:45 AM): So he was kicking and squeeling as I put him on camera
GoldenJ007 (12:56:54 AM): I set the trap/mouse next to my microphone and played around with this
GoldenJ007 (12:56:58 AM): 40 minutes later he's still trying to get out
Thiradell (12:57:28 AM): twitch suing
Infilament (12:57:51 AM): jimbo gets mad because an animal in his death throes urinated while jimbo was putting him on camera for his own amusement
DKK5 (12:58:01 AM): ^
Infilament (12:58:03 AM): so jimbo taught that son of a bitch a good lesson
DKK5 (12:58:32 AM): Torturing animals in public is a slippery slope
DKK5 (12:58:40 AM): Just ask known troll thingy
GoldenJ007 (12:58:56 AM): It's not torture when he previously ate through some of my food and poo'd all over my pots and pans
StinsonOnIphone (12:59:09 AM): Lol
StinsonOnIphone (12:59:13 AM): So it's justified?
DKK5 (12:59:26 AM): That's what the folks at Guantanamo Bay said
ID #569
Occurred: 21 Feb 2013
Submitted: 23 Feb 2013, 6:45 PM
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*Jimbo's been bragging about his new 100M internet connection on facebook*
Infil1212 (3:57:13 AM): he gets university internet at his house? how?
isthatagoodt (3:57:30 AM): the ISP has the infrastructure to support 100M but charges 10x more for it
isthatagoodt (3:57:47 AM): so normally jim buys a really cheap plan because he's cheap. instead he's pretending Ritch lives with him so he can get the student rate
wheatrich (4:10:20 AM): pretty sure those crying tears I'm hearing are infil's
TopRogue7 (4:11:51 AM): infil immediately moving to steal rach from jim
Infil1212 (4:13:13 AM): there are some things i wouldn't do, even for good internet
isthatagoodt (4:13:31 AM): well, would you pay $100/month for 100M down/50M up?
Infil1212 (4:14:19 AM): uhh... yes? lol
isthatagoodt (4:14:25 AM): well then
isthatagoodt (4:14:28 AM): jim has that option, but instead he's taking $10/mo
isthatagoodt (4:15:00 AM): but you're saying you wouldn't even do that when your only other option is what you have NOW?
Infil1212 (4:15:14 AM): no, the thing i wouldn't do for good internet is date rachel
Infil1212 (4:15:18 AM): as per youse
isthatagoodt (4:15:37 AM): ohhhhh
isthatagoodt (4:15:40 AM): i didnt read youse's line
Infil1212 (4:15:48 AM): few people do
HistoricToast (4:16:23 AM): can't believe the amount of disrespect on show here
HistoricToast (4:16:37 AM): for rach, for youse
isthatagoodt (4:16:47 AM): ehh, in Ritch's case
isthatagoodt (4:16:50 AM): she LOST the respect
isthatagoodt (4:16:58 AM): ....about 4 seconds after she stepped in here the first time
Infil1212 (4:17:04 AM): hi, my name is rachel
Infil1212 (4:17:10 AM): would you like to hear about my vaginal piercings?
isthatagoodt (4:17:26 AM): p much verbatim
HistoricToast (4:17:44 AM): p much masturbatin'
HistoricToast (4:18:33 AM): just thinking about those sweet sweet pussy lips dangling long, stretched from the weight of large metallic objects pincering her vapid flesh
wheatrich (4:18:52 AM): ok bloode gets the dreaded ignore
Infil1212 (4:19:17 AM): ffs
neo1337 (4:19:30 AM): ...
ID #562
Occurred: 13 Jun 2012
Submitted: 20 Jun 2012, 4:46 PM
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(23:25:37) AlecBoy006: If I ever go to Virginia, I want to bring Mace.
(23:26:10) Ngameratwork: funny, Liz said the same thing when she heard you were coming
(23:26:21) AlecBoy006: For real?
(23:26:33) Ngameratwork: she sounded pretty serious, yeah
ID #128
Occurred: Jul 22 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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octoinky (4:05:11 AM): I usually last long enough
octoinky (4:05:12 AM): ;-)
ShadowZeroPD (4:05:18 AM): din mor said otherwise last night
octoinky (4:05:46 AM): ;-)
octoinky (4:05:55 AM): eh personal WR (worst record) is 15 seconds
octoinky (4:05:58 AM): i was like wtf??!
CieloAzor (4:06:04 AM): What the?
ShadowZeroPD (4:06:08 AM): lol
octoinky (4:06:09 AM): i have no idea
CieloAzor (4:06:16 AM): Unlucky.
CieloAzor (4:06:24 AM): That was just a bad run.
octoinky (4:06:30 AM): well, she doesn't care, it wasn't really awkward
ShadowZeroPD (4:06:32 AM): you probly need a better strat
ShadowZeroPD (4:06:53 AM): several vids on the net
ID #62
Occurred: Jan 28 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (11:01:07 AM): YE, when you were at Karl's house
Im Ngamer (11:01:12 AM): who had the lighter skin?
YourElitenessPD (11:01:19 AM): Oooh
YourElitenessPD (11:01:24 AM): I didn't really look
COME as u r337 (11:01:25 AM): They couldn't tell Jon, they lived with blankets over the windows.
COME as u r337 (11:01:31 AM): The only light was from the TV and computer
COME as u r337 (11:01:42 AM): and the LED on the front of the 64
ID #136
Occurred: Jan 01 2000
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Now that I think about it, i feel just a teeny bit bad about the people I dismissed as cheaters without a second's thought, whose times aren't even near the records today.
~ Wes McKinney, GoldenEye Extreme
ID #187
Occurred: Sep 06 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Stickmansam 1024 (7:52:44 PM): overall, the GameCube wasn't that great for me, because there were a lot of games which just demanded too much of you
Stickmansam 1024 (7:53:33 PM): TS2, Wind Waker, Melee, all required hideous amounts of effort to fully complete
Stickmansam 1024 (7:59:13 PM): WW needed ONE ring-shaped continent, with an ocean in the middle
Stickmansam 1024 (7:59:54 PM): more dungeons
Stickmansam 1024 (8:00:05 PM): higher difficulty rating
Im Ngamer (8:00:28 PM): first all these GC games are too hard, now he wants them harder!
Stickmansam 1024 (8:00:47 PM): perhaps I should just admit outright that I contradict myself a lot
Im Ngamer (8:01:28 PM): contradict yourself? just yesterday you said you never did that!
Stickmansam 1024 (8:01:35 PM): no I didn't!
ID #59
Occurred: Feb 25 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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The Ad Killer (7:30:13 AM): Time for me to play some
The Ad Killer (7:30:16 AM): WOW!
OLLE boll e007 (7:30:47 AM): what level
The Ad Killer (7:30:54 AM): ...sorry, I just saw something really amazing outside my window
The Ad Killer (7:31:00 AM): I'm playing minesweeper
ID #334
Occurred: May 17 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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CieloAzor (5:00:18 PM): DeathShang (3:57:35 PM): what rash? lol, do i wanna know?
CieloAzor (5:00:26 PM): I was really hoping that comment wasn't about me. :-\
CieloAzor (5:00:34 PM): Dang you, Come!
Im Ngamer (5:00:41 PM): haha! but somehow you knew
Im Ngamer (5:01:03 PM): your ears weren't the only things burning!
ID #118
Occurred: 28 Jun 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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BadassFal: Fal Wars!
Chanc Falpatine has entered the room.
Darth Fal has entered the room.
Lando Falrissean has entered the room.
Obi Fal Kenobi has entered the room.
neo1337 has entered the room.
Fal Fal Binks has entered the room.
Falbacca has entered the room.
R2Fal2 has entered the room.
Fal3P0 has entered the room.
George Falcus has entered the room.
Queen AmiFala has entered the room.
(17:32:36) NgamerAtWork: morning Fal Wars
(17:33:39) Chanc Falpatine: morning jon
(17:33:39) Darth Fal: morning jon
(17:33:40) Lando Falrissean: morning jon
(17:33:41) Obi Fal Kenobi: morning jon
(17:33:41) neo1337: morning jon
(17:33:42) Fal Fal Binks: morning jon
(17:33:43) Falbacca: morning jon
(17:33:43) R2Fal2: morning jon
(17:33:43) Fal3P0: morning jon
(17:33:44) George Falcus: morning jon
(17:33:44) Queen AmiFala: morning jon
(17:34:09) NgamerAtWork: ha!
(17:34:26) BadassFal: ~Q~
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