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ID #356
Occurred: 16 Jun 2006
Submitted: 16 Jun 2006, 6:29 PM
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ID #163
Occurred: Aug 11 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(2:30:11 AM) NgamerAtWork has left the room.
YourElitenessPD (2:30:40 AM): Hah, he got caught looking at porn
YourElitenessPD (2:30:47 AM): Outraged boss pulled the plug on the PC
YourElitenessPD (2:31:08 AM): Or NG's only chance was to dive for the power button
ID #578
Occurred: 13 Oct 2014
Submitted: 14 Oct 2014, 9:26 PM
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*Jim texts to say he got into a car accident that morning*

Im Ngamer (3:31:24 PM): WHY were you even on the road to have your car run into Jim, I thought you had off today
GoldenJ007 (3:31:38 PM): It was in my work parking lot, had some stuff to do there!
GoldenJ007 (3:31:50 PM): Was sitting in my car talking to my buddy next to me in his car when it happened lol
Im Ngamer (3:32:30 PM): someone who drives a huge truck professionally 40 hours a week didn't notice your gigantic boat of an automobile?
GoldenJ007 (3:32:36 PM): Correct
GoldenJ007 (3:32:49 PM): Big dent in back, didn't bust my taillights at least
Im Ngamer (3:32:56 PM): just going ahead and assuming neither of you have had car insurance for 7 years
Infilament (3:33:27 PM): how much did the guy pay you off
GoldenJ007 (3:33:48 PM): $30 :-X
GoldenJ007 (3:34:42 PM): "What should we do? Call the cops? I pay you?"
GoldenJ007 (3:34:46 PM): "Hmmm, paying me is good"
Infilament (3:38:47 PM): lol $30
Infilament (3:38:49 PM): looooool
Infilament (3:38:58 PM): what do you expect to do with that
GoldenJ007 (3:39:07 PM): Buy my sweet sweet dinner
Infilament (3:39:09 PM): are you going to repair your car?
GoldenJ007 (3:39:17 PM): Nah, it's just cosmetic
Im Ngamer (3:40:09 PM): how much will you charge me when I accidentally bump Ritch off the Leo Frigo bridge on her daily jog next week?
GoldenJ007 (3:40:39 PM): $100
Im Ngamer (3:41:55 PM): hmmmm, that's fair considering the three month's pay I'd save you for that ring
(3:42:47 PM) GoldenJ007 has left the room.
Im Ngamer (3:43:07 PM): UH OH sure hope she wasn't prowling around behind him
ID #91
Occurred: 15 Aug 2004
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Neo1337 (12:24:51 AM): I'm up because I'm too angry to sleep.
Im Ngamer (12:25:45 AM): oh yeah, I hear you on that one
Im Ngamer (12:25:58 AM): how's Mario under 82%?
Im Ngamer (12:26:02 AM): RAGE!
Neo1337 (12:26:11 AM): ...
Im Ngamer (12:26:16 AM): oh, don't worry though
Im Ngamer (12:26:21 AM): he's on his way up now
Neo1337 (12:26:53 AM): arrggg
Neo1337 (12:26:55 AM): *punches wall*
Neo1337 (12:27:02 AM): I don't CARE about GameFAQs, alright?
Neo1337 (12:27:03 AM): SHEESH!
Im Ngamer (12:27:37 AM): man, what a sour attitude! I just told you
Im Ngamer (12:27:43 AM): Mario's going to finish just fine
Neo1337 (12:27:52 AM): OMG, do I look like I care?
Im Ngamer (12:27:56 AM): just wait till this day vote plays out at least, alright?
ID #515
Occurred: 12 Sep 2009
Submitted: 12 Sep 2009, 4:00 PM
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RyanWhiteGoose (2:51:33 PM): Im now going to pour baking soda on my carpet
rshepherd1000 (2:52:45 PM): ...baking soda?
RyanWhiteGoose (2:53:09 PM): well Shep
RyanWhiteGoose (2:53:18 PM): it's called Odor Eliminator by Arm & Hammer
octoinky (2:53:49 PM): WTF did you do, goose, take a dump on your floor?
RyanWhiteGoose (2:54:24 PM): no Octo
RyanWhiteGoose (2:54:32 PM): I've jizzed on my floor approx 2000 times in the past 8 years
octoinky (2:54:52 PM): wtf
PYLemire (2:54:57 PM): tissues? :p
RyanWhiteGoose (2:55:24 PM): I hate tissues
RyanWhiteGoose (2:55:27 PM): I used to use my garbage bin
RyanWhiteGoose (2:55:31 PM): but that got too gross
octoinky (2:55:10 PM): just put a box of.. yeah.. tissues.. on your desk
COME as u r337 (2:56:00 PM): or just get a girl that cant get preggers and you're fine
DKK5 (2:56:40 PM): Goose's age preference has that covered I'd imagine
ID #219
Occurred: Oct 17 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Stickmansam 1024 (3:13:10 PM): okay I got a challenge for you guys
Stickmansam 1024 (3:13:36 PM): complete this sentence: "Playing PD/GE for speed times is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman..."
Im Ngamer (3:13:55 PM): "it's over in about 16 seconds"
Blueline Goddess (3:19:54 PM): "a lot of fun at first, but in the end it'll break your heart."
Stickmansam 1024 (3:20:24 PM): "requires careful joystick manipulation"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:20:32 PM): "also knowledge of the best strats"
Blueline Goddess (3:20:50 PM): "will leave you fucked no matter the outcome."
Obfuscation314 (3:21:09 PM): "vids are available on the internet"
Blueline Goddess (3:21:24 PM): "all your friends have done it too"
failurewarningV1 (3:21:29 PM): "better done going flat out"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:21:50 PM): "hard!"
Blueline Goddess (3:22:17 PM): "at first good bragging rights, until your friends ask for proof."
failurewarningV1 (3:22:23 PM): "just point and shoot"
failurewarningV1 (3:23:27 PM): "ignore the guys with gun, do the objectives fast and go for the finish"
failurewarningV1 (3:23:53 PM): "its over quicker if you look at the floor"
Blueline Goddess (3:24:01 PM): "you won't remember a thing in the morning"
Im Ngamer (3:25:57 PM): "Wouter Jansen wants to watch you do it"
Blueline Goddess (3:26:01 PM): "not so pretty when the drunkeness wears off"
failurewarningV1 (3:26:47 PM): "karl jobst quits when things get hard"
Blueline Goddess (3:27:13 PM): "lied about constantly"
Im Ngamer (3:30:06 PM): "Infiltration in under 2 minutes is impressive"
Im Ngamer (3:29:39 PM): "Investigation takes about a minute and a half; you'll want Extraction in under a minute"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:30:24 PM): "Watch out for Jaws"
Im Ngamer (3:31:18 PM): "Jaws: less trouble if you kneel"
failurewarningV1 (3:30:35 PM): "its all about control"
Blueline Goddess (3:30:43 PM): "better done with the lights on"
failurewarningV1 (3:31:02 PM): "just make sure your taping"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:31:12 PM): "Pic proof is not a good idea"
Blueline Goddess (3:31:39 PM): "you'll be begging to send proof vids in"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:32:26 PM): "the world records are infinitely superior to yours"
Im Ngamer (3:32:41 PM): "Mike Gaydeski is not ranked in the Top 30 internationally"
Blueline Goddess (3:34:16 PM): "both give you a reason to make posts at the Elite boards."
Blueline Goddess (3:36:22 PM): "Jimbo sucks at both."
Stickmansam 1024 (3:37:16 PM): "try to avoid dying"
Blueline Goddess (3:37:53 PM): "your hands will get cramped afterwards"
Im Ngamer (3:38:38 PM): "if your entire field of vision turns to running blood, you did something very, very wrong"
Blueline Goddess (3:38:39 PM): "You might wake up your mother"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:39:30 PM): "time-consuming and likely to replace all other activities"
Blueline Goddess (3:39:47 PM): "you don't deserve either"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:39:50 PM): "stops you leaving the house"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:40:10 PM): "or indeed your room"
failurewarningV1 (3:40:45 PM): "only you get game rage, not STDs"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:41:07 PM): "if it doesn't work after 500 attempts, you should probably quit"
Blueline Goddess (3:41:19 PM): "you're the only one who cares"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:41:48 PM): "censored in news reports"
Blueline Goddess (3:43:44 PM): "no matter the outcome, you'll still be called 'gay'"
Stickmansam 1024 (3:44:18 PM): "more fun in multiplayer"
Im Ngamer (3:45:26 PM): "starts to lag once you get 4 people involved"
Im Ngamer (3:45:35 PM): "...even worse with 8 bots"
Obfuscation314 (3:46:32 PM): "regardless of how much you push, that bitch will stop and complain"
Blueline Goddess (3:46:49 PM): "being tied isn't a bad thing"
ID #385
Occurred: 26 Aug 2006
Submitted: 26 Aug 2006, 6:55 PM
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BadassFal (22:48:59): Tonights KOTH is a...
BadassFal (22:49:13): Elite Summer Contest Trivia!
BadassFal (22:49:42): all answers will need to be sent via IM
BadassFal (22:51:46): I was going to do the copycat koth but there is one flaw
BadassFal (22:52:19): Well i'll leave the decision to you guys
BadassFal (22:52:34): Its either Summer Contest or Copycat!
BloodE of Sorrow (22:52:43): copycat!
BadassFal (22:53:13): ok, i will go with copycat
BadassFal (22:53:59): Basically i am going to type a sentence and you must write it out exactly as i have

*much later*
Im Ngamer (23:23:44): back!
Im Ngamer (23:23:54): alright Euros, let's start this KotH!
durrkmeister (23:23:57): um
durrkmeister (23:23:59): start?
BloodE of Sorrow (23:23:58): its started jon
BloodE of Sorrow (23:24:01): a loooong time ago
Im Ngamer (23:24:02): wha?
Im Ngamer (23:24:05): you didn't wait for me?!
Im Ngamer (23:25:01): who's way out in front? Wabs?
durrkmeister (23:25:06): no
BloodE of Sorrow (23:25:06): Me jon
BloodE of Sorrow (23:25:08): Me and durk
durrkmeister (23:25:08): me and BloodE
Im Ngamer (23:25:18): Durk knows about the Contests?
Im Ngamer (23:25:22): I don't understand how!
Im Ngamer (23:25:53): are we IMing answers to Fal?
durrkmeister (23:25:55): no
durrkmeister (23:25:56): in chat

BadassFal (23:25:25): #8.
BadassFal (23:25:58): Who won this Years Elite summeR contest?:
durrkmeister (23:25:15): Who won this Years Elite summeR contest?:
BloodE of Sorrow (23:25:15): Who won this Years Elite summeR contest?:
megawabs (23:25:16): Who won this Years Elite summeR contest?:
BadassFal (23:26:23): jon voted "clark" to me
Im Ngamer (23:26:42): hope I was right!
Im Ngamer (23:28:33): I was expecting these questions to be a little harder
Im Ngamer (23:28:44): but I guess that's why everyone is scoring

BadassFal (23:28:50): #9.
BadassFal (23:30:04): WhaL TeH eLL R u DoLn*
durrkmeister (23:30:19): WhaL TeH eLL R u DoLn*
octoinky (23:30:20): WhaL TeH eLL R u DoLn
FrenzyFro (23:30:21): WhaL TeH eLL R u DoLn*
BadassFal (23:30:31): Im Ngamer (23:30:23): what am I doing?
BadassFal (23:30:43): Im Ngamer (23:30:28): I'm playing Euro KotH!
Im Ngamer (23:30:46): that was an odd "question"
Im Ngamer (23:30:57): I don't quite see the Contest connection

BadassFal (23:33:45): #10.
BadassFal (23:34:30): make sure yoY tpe this corretly guys...
octoinky (23:34:44): make sure yoY tpe this corretly guys...
BloodE of Sorrow (23:34:47): make sure yoY tpe this corretly guys...
TheBigBossman007 (23:34:47): make sure yoY tpe this corretly guys...
BadassFal (23:34:59): Im Ngamer (23:34:46): ok, I will
BadassFal (23:34:59): Im Ngamer (23:34:56): but what's the question?

Im Ngamer (23:38:25): I think I scored on those last 3
BloodE of Sorrow (23:38:32): Jon you're a comedy legend
ID #562
Occurred: 13 Jun 2012
Submitted: 20 Jun 2012, 4:46 PM
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(23:25:37) AlecBoy006: If I ever go to Virginia, I want to bring Mace.
(23:26:10) Ngameratwork: funny, Liz said the same thing when she heard you were coming
(23:26:21) AlecBoy006: For real?
(23:26:33) Ngameratwork: she sounded pretty serious, yeah
ID #564
Occurred: 18 Aug 2012
Submitted: 19 Aug 2012, 1:35 AM
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(18:54:13) HistoricToast: wish i had an emoticon
(18:54:47) DrInvertigone: They're called emoticons? For some reason I thought all these years they were known as "emoctions"
(18:54:55) HistoricToast: so you're an idiot
(18:55:04) TopRogue7: loool
(18:55:23) TopRogue7: i don't have enough faces to palm
(18:55:47) wheatrich: it brought a smile to my face, it's alec's best ever joke
(18:56:16) TopRogue7: would you say it brought a :) to your face?
ID #189
Occurred: 13 Sep 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Neo1337 (12:49:57 AM): Here comes Jon.
Im Ngamer (12:50:04 AM): ta da!
Neo1337 (12:50:08 AM): God I'm good.
YourGirlChica (12:50:16 AM): its like magic neo
CieloAzor (12:50:30 AM): But you didn't see me coming!
YourGirlChica (12:50:54 AM): I saw you coming Cielo.
CieloAzor (12:51:20 AM): Eek, you saw that?
CieloAzor (12:51:32 AM): I thought I had the drapes closed!
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