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ID #73
Occurred: Apr 01 2004
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(1:06:49 AM) ParagonX9 has entered the room.
ParagonX9 (1:09:51 AM): i can't believe you guys pussied out and deleted the pd/ge forums
ParagonX9 (1:10:16 AM): sure you guys run the-elite.net and feel free to shut it down or whatever if it costs you money
ParagonX9 (1:11:01 AM): you guys can continue to have your borderline homosexual flirting conversations in general chat
ParagonX9 (1:11:32 AM): if you can't stand reading the forums or watching addicted nerds lie about n64 times then just ignore them
ParagonX9 (1:12:40 AM): i'm sure there were some people that still valued the forums and enjoyed the games for what they were, even if the people in control had grown jaded
ParagonX9 (1:38:12 AM): IT"S APRIL FOOLS
ParagonX9 (1:38:13 AM): FUCK
ParagonX9 (1:38:14 AM): ALL OF YOU
ParagonX9 (1:38:18 AM): i just got pwned
(1:38:20 AM) ParagonX9 has left the room.
ID #587
Occurred: 15 Mar 2015
Submitted: 11 Jun 2015, 9:09 PM
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*Alec watches two hours of soap operas every afternoon*

(21:09:47) DrInvertigone has entered the room
(21:09:54) DrInvertigone: This Bachelor finale has been underwhelming.
(21:10:56) ngonhislaptop: well if General Hospital and The Bachelor don't meet your standards today at least you can still watch your True Blood DVDs later
(21:11:09) DrInvertigone: GH was great today.
(21:12:02) DrInvertigone: I know the main storyline now is the Sonny custody battle.
(21:12:16) DrInvertigone: I was waiting for Michael to change Avery's last name to Quartermaine.
(21:12:36) DrInvertigone: But decided he would call her AJ instead. Brilliant way to get back at Sonny to end today's episode.
(21:12:55) ngonhislaptop: quite the cunning fox, that one
(21:14:12) DrInvertigone: I do wonder if there's a way to cure Ava's cancer. I don't really care for the Spinelli/Nathan/Maxie love triangle. Franco and Nina continue to win me over. I know I'd like to see more. Hopefully they can reveal soon that Jake is Jason.
(21:14:33) DrInvertigone: Nothing worse than dragging out a long, dramatic storyline and making it underwhelming.
(21:15:00) DrInvertigone: The whole Luke storyline if he was being impersonated turned out to be Luke just going crazy. Didn't care for that.
(21:15:48) ngonhislaptop: wait, Jake is Jason? are you 100% on that, I could have sworn...
(21:15:57) DrInvertigone: Yes, Jake is Jason.
(21:16:03) DrInvertigone: Helena even told Jake he was Jason.
(21:16:08) DrInvertigone: But Jake couldn't remember who he was.
(21:16:20) DrInvertigone: And now Nick knows Jake is Jason but hasn't told Sam.
(21:17:23) Thiradell: pretty unfair to Sam
(21:17:58) Infil1212: yeah, sam's getting the raw deal here
(21:18:08) DrInvertigone: Well, Tyler, Jason and Sam are married and do have a kid together. Sam has visited Jake in the hospital with neither one of them knowing who Jake really is.
ID #258
Occurred: Nov 29 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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GoldenGreg007 (21:07:18): has anyone else seen an ad for gay.com on the elite boards?
BloodE of Sorrow (21:07:30): i don't get ads
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:37): yeah i'm too lazy to adblock
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:42): but yeah
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:43): gay.com
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:48): right above the elite banner
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:50): i thought it was a joke
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:54): then i realized it was an actual ad
BloodE of Sorrow (21:08:00): did you click it
GoldenGreg007 (21:08:04): well yeah
ID #351
Occurred: 13 Jun 2006
Submitted: 31 Dec 1969, 7:00 PM
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COME as u r337 (5:31:56 PM): Got that router sorted, Neo?
Im Ngamer (5:32:17 PM): yeah, me and Come want to team up against you and Mg
Neo1337 (5:32:30 PM): Come plays SC?
Im Ngamer (5:32:34 PM): we'll be Team Cool, you guys can be Teamo
COME as u r337 (5:32:39 PM): Ha.
Regular Civilian (5:32:44 PM): :'(
Neo1337 (5:32:46 PM): Oh fuck you.
Regular Civilian (5:32:47 PM): *cuts self*
ID #349
Occurred: Jun 07 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Larkin375 (7:31:00 PM): raise your hand if your from the states!
NathanStinson (7:31:05 PM): *hand*
NathanStinson (7:31:14 PM): if states = american 50
octoinky (7:31:14 PM): im too fat to raise my hand
octoinky (7:31:20 PM): I guess that means im from USA
ID #135
Occurred: Jul 23 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(02:56:56) BloodE of Sorrow: How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
(02:57:02) Iricu One: 35 board feet per minute
ID #124
Occurred: Jul 19 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Im Ngamer (11:06:59 PM): 69 votes, now
Im Ngamer (11:07:03 PM): how many to each player?
yoshifan28 (11:07:07 PM): Expert 41
Obfuscation314 (11:07:08 PM): 35 SZ
TheBigBossman007 (11:07:08 PM): Expert 33
BadassFal (11:07:09 PM): 40 jim!
spedparade1 (11:07:10 PM): 35 SZ
ShadowZeroPD (11:07:13 PM): expert 40 :(
spedparade1 (11:07:19 PM): 36 expert
octoinky (11:07:29 PM): 40 expert
l34ss l3oost (11:07:36 PM): 39 expert
gbattack (11:08:06 PM): SZ 38...
CieloAzor (11:08:19 PM): 37 Expert
GoldenGreg007 (11:08:21 PM): 68 expert
GoldenGreg007 (11:08:56 PM): oh i thought we were sharing minesweeper scores
ID #600
Occurred: 25 Jul 2010
Submitted: 19 Jun 2019, 4:11 PM
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Rating: 3.500/4 (2 votes)
Vote of the Day for Jimbo vs Henning

"I can't quite figure out why, but Henning just reminds me of Illu, or any of his European GE counterparts. It's tough to make an impression in a community that consists of levels and numbers being posted. So that's why I'm voting for Jimbo, he just has this down to earth quality, shares things about his life even if they are dull and boring. A real working class American who's all heart and passion, that's how I see Jimbo."

(10:14:01 PM) Infil12: jimbo's more down to earth than most of us in chat, really
(10:14:07 PM) Infil12: since gravity affects him more
ID #523
Occurred: 2 May 2010
Submitted: 3 May 2010, 2:06 AM
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Alec posts a sexy story on the board using GE levels in every line

GoldenJ007 (12:59:55 AM): "God Dam, I need to use the Facilities to take a shit my nigga, or it gonna runway from my asshole!"
"Shit nigga, on the surface you look fine, but in the bunker you must feel like a silo's running through you!"
"Frigate hurts god damnit, on the surface 2 I agree with you, but bunker 2 feels like a statue's in there!"
"Archive that nigga for later and sell it on the streets, there's depots full of weed coming on the next train"
Thiradell (12:59:59 AM): loooooooooooooooooooool
Thiradell (1:00:03 AM): three lines
HistoricToast (1:00:04 AM): LLOLOL
SupaOdin (1:00:06 AM): wtf
HistoricToast (1:00:08 AM): lmao
HistoricToast (1:00:14 AM): not even finished but lolling already
HistoricToast (1:00:17 AM): omg
HistoricToast (1:00:22 AM): he's written it in character omgfg
Infil12 (1:00:26 AM): what is this i don't even
Thiradell (1:00:30 AM): it gonna runway from my asshole
HistoricToast (1:00:34 AM): LOMFGAGF
HistoricToast (1:00:38 AM): omg
HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (1:00:38 AM): rofl
HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (1:00:40 AM): that is EPIC
HistoricToast (1:00:44 AM): i'm fucing crying
HistoricToast (1:00:46 AM): i'm crying irl
Thiradell (1:00:47 AM): archive that nigga for later and sell it on the streets
Im Ngamer (1:01:02 AM): oh man Jim
HistoricToast (1:01:07 AM): mk;nfggfn
Thiradell (1:01:10 AM): definitely an A for effort
Im Ngamer (1:01:10 AM): you just stepped up your game big time
GoldenJ007 (1:01:17 AM): "That Jungle's out of control on din mor's cavern pussy, cradle my motherfuckin dick in yo hand and call me El Azteca as I go all Egyptian on yo ass!"
HistoricToast (1:01:17 AM): omfg
HistoricToast (1:01:19 AM): ~Q~Q~Q~~Q~Q~Q~Q
Thiradell (1:01:22 AM): in the bunker you must feel like a silo's running through you
Thiradell (1:01:25 AM): aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha
HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (1:01:33 AM): rofllllllllll
HiddeNVillsgEoo7 (1:01:35 AM): this is ridic
Thiradell (1:01:35 AM): El Azteca haha
HistoricToast (1:01:35 AM): never have i lolled so hard at something in chat
ID #264
Occurred: Jan 08 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Rating: 2.444/4 (27 votes)
Brian19King (4:15:53 PM): TD CINCY :)
Brian19King (4:16:03 PM): These Bengals came to play baby
Im Ngamer (4:16:06 PM): someone stop these 'gals!
COME as u r337 (4:16:43 PM): You better get out on the field, Jon!
COME as u r337 (4:16:49 PM): We all know gals run away from you!
Im Ngamer (4:24:51 PM): 'tis true Come, I have a powerful effect on gals
Brian19King (4:25:17 PM): similar to the effect that a large rat would have.
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