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ID #220
Occurred: Oct 17 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(3:43:56 PM) BloodE of Sorrow has entered the room.
BloodE of Sorrow (3:44:00 PM): http://hellfish.gtajunkies.com/Jt.html XDXD
Stickmansam 1024 (3:44:18 PM): "more fun in multiplayer"
Im Ngamer (3:44:18 PM): shut up Blood, we're working on something
BloodE of Sorrow (3:44:43 PM): Jon, that hurt
BloodE of Sorrow (3:46:13 PM): if it was just PD it could be like"A jump pack just own't do"
BloodE of Sorrow (3:46:18 PM): but that makes no sense
Im Ngamer (3:46:22 PM): Blood: people would say shut up to you less often if you'd listen the first time
BloodE of Sorrow (3:46:45 PM): Jon : Something something something something, you're gay
ID #399
Occurred: 23 Nov 2006
Submitted: 24 Nov 2006, 11:40 PM
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Im Ngamer (12:23:38 AM): who is creeping death?
Im Ngamer (12:23:52 AM): oh, Jimmy Bauer
Im Ngamer (12:24:02 AM): someone find his SN!
Neo1337 (12:24:29 AM): That's my job isn't it.
Im Ngamer (12:24:51 AM): ah, got it
Im Ngamer (12:24:53 AM): Link4626
Im Ngamer (12:25:00 AM): interrogate him, Neo!
CieloAzor (12:25:40 AM): You don't interrogate Bauer! This isn't Soviet Russia!
Im Ngamer (12:26:41 AM): make sure you don't tell him you're a terrorist, Neo
Im Ngamer (12:26:53 AM): I've heard Bauer doesn't negotiate with them
ID #327
Occurred: May 09 2000
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Rating: 3.333/4 (27 votes)
mjf345 (10:47:35 PM): stages of goatse? what do you mean?
mjf345 (10:47:41 PM): i just saw a few pics of it
mjf345 (10:47:57 PM): then i closed the page because i couldn't bare to look at any more
mjf345 (10:48:17 PM): and i'm not the kind of person who gets grossed out easily
ledererer216 (10:50:21 PM): I'm not ashamed to admit that i have never seen tubgirl. My buddy saw it in 7th grade and described it as a scaring experience
mjf345 (10:50:38 PM): what's tubgirl?
Im Ngamer (10:50:41 PM): I've never seen all of tubgirl at once
Im Ngamer (10:50:49 PM): google it Fry!
ledererer216 (10:50:50 PM): one of those shock sites
Im Ngamer (10:50:53 PM): shhhh!
Im Ngamer (10:50:55 PM): no it's not!
ledererer216 (10:50:57 PM): of a really hot chick
ledererer216 (10:51:01 PM): damn she has a nice rack
Im Ngamer (10:51:05 PM): yeah, I know!
mjf345 (10:51:06 PM): ok
mjf345 (10:51:13 PM): it better not be a naked man
mjf345 (10:51:17 PM): *googling it*
ledererer216 (10:51:18 PM): of course not
Im Ngamer (10:51:19 PM): don't worry, it's not
mjf345 (10:52:11 PM): um, wtf is this a pic of?
mjf345 (10:52:37 PM): what's the yellow liquid?
NathanStinson (10:52:45 PM): ..........
ledererer216 (10:52:46 PM): urine?
mjf345 (10:52:52 PM): no, not urine
Regular Civilian (10:52:59 PM): lemon juice
Regular Civilian (10:53:58 PM): There's a site where you can read more about that, by the way.
Regular Civilian (10:54:33 PM): Now where did I put that url...
Regular Civilian (10:55:02 PM): http://www.lemonparty.org/
NathanStinson (10:57:01 PM): fried hasnt come back
NathanStinson (10:57:03 PM): owned
ID #371
Occurred: 19 Jul 2006
Submitted: 19 Jul 2006, 11:51 AM
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Rating: 2.000/4 (26 votes)
YourElitenessPD (08:59:10): My penis is so big, I have to wear long pants everywhere
YourElitenessPD (08:59:19): And even then it pokes out down near my ankles
YourElitenessPD (08:59:32): People screaming and pointing is a common thing for me
MallowsSexCage (09:00:06): my dick is so big that it's got its own dick that's bigger than yours
ID #132
Occurred: Jul 28 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Rating: 2.259/4 (27 votes)
YourElitenessPD (12:03:06 AM): Cyberscore PD skin update!
YourElitenessPD (12:03:11 AM): My help button is finished!
NgamerAtWork (12:07:36 AM): this skin shall own all other skins!
NgamerAtWork (12:08:46 AM): as part of the skin, are you able to change layout options? such as, moving Community to the bottom, or whatnot
YourElitenessPD (12:08:57 AM): Yeah, I can change anything
NgamerAtWork (12:10:44 AM): is there any way to change how cyberscore is in the midst of a hopeless proof situation, which will collapse in upon the site whenever it tries to expand?
YourElitenessPD (12:11:06 AM): Umm
YourElitenessPD (12:11:18 AM): Not by skinning, no
YourElitenessPD (12:11:28 AM): Unless I make all the scores the same colour as the background
ID #285
Occurred: Mar 10 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Rating: 1.964/4 (28 votes)
CieloAzor (5:16:04 PM): Seen that site that sells pens?
CieloAzor (5:16:08 PM): Pen Island
CieloAzor (5:16:13 PM): Aka Penis Land
Im Ngamer (5:16:22 PM): dang it Q! that was implied
CieloAzor (5:16:35 PM): YOU'RE IMPLIED!
Im Ngamer (5:17:07 PM): no, my imp only tells the truth
Im Ngamer (5:17:12 PM): I raised him right
ID #140
Occurred: 8 Apr 2000
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Is Wouter your real name, by the way?
~ Ngamer, old GameFAQs topic
ID #275
Occurred: 3 Feb 2006
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Neo1337 (1:34:46 AM): Ok, get this.
Neo1337 (1:34:53 AM): Two 14 year old girls have been charged for murder.
Neo1337 (1:35:08 AM): What stupid 14 year old kills a taxi driver.
Neo1337 (1:35:18 AM): "Oh noes, can't pay the fair! I..umm...*stab stab*"
Im Ngamer (1:36:07 AM): are you sure that's what happened?
Neo1337 (1:36:20 AM): No, I made that bit up.
Neo1337 (1:36:22 AM): But they did kill him.
Im Ngamer (1:38:57 AM): but think about it this way... if they'd gotten away with it, they'd have been geniuses
Neo1337 (1:39:14 AM): They didn't get away with it though, did they Jon?
Im Ngamer (1:40:43 AM): yeah, but if they had... that's $8.42 they just saved right there
Im Ngamer (1:40:58 AM): now, imagine if they could do that with every cab drive
Im Ngamer (1:41:05 AM): and... they take cabs all the time
Neo1337 (1:41:07 AM): $8.42? Taxis cost wayyy more than that over here.
Im Ngamer (1:41:21 AM): well then, it was even better
Im Ngamer (1:41:11 AM): could have saved millions!
Neo1337 (1:41:15 AM): Yeah.
Neo1337 (1:41:17 AM): Except.
Neo1337 (1:41:23 AM): They'd run out of taxi drivers, wouldn't they?
Neo1337 (1:41:37 AM): They'd eventually be an extinct species.
Im Ngamer (1:41:49 AM): well eventually no one would want to drive them, but then the rates would just go up
Im Ngamer (1:41:56 AM): because it would become a high paying job
Im Ngamer (1:42:05 AM): so they'd just be saving even more money
Im Ngamer (1:42:09 AM): with every stabbing
Neo1337 (1:42:18 AM): Well yeah, technically, but.
Neo1337 (1:42:21 AM): THEY'D BE KILLING PEOPLE.
Im Ngamer (1:42:50 AM): well, not for some dumb reason though
Im Ngamer (1:42:53 AM): it's just to save money
Im Ngamer (1:43:01 AM): you have to think like an economist here
Neo1337 (1:43:13 AM): I'd rather rob a bank.
Im Ngamer (1:44:53 AM): dang it Neo
Im Ngamer (1:45:00 AM): you're robbing from your own community!
CieloAzor (1:45:03 AM): I like the way you think, Jon.
Im Ngamer (1:45:12 AM): thanks man
Neo1337 (1:45:25 AM): *sigh* You wouldn't agree with me if your life depended on it, Jon.
Im Ngamer (1:45:34 AM): what? yes I would
ID #560
Occurred: 4 Jun 2012
Submitted: 5 Jun 2012, 12:39 AM
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Rating: 3.546/4 (11 votes)
*after Bcks is eliminated from the Summer Contest*
Regular Mg (11:19:39 PM): Someone: Fast Death Rankings
Regular Mg (11:19:42 PM): wat
wheatrich (11:19:47 PM): I didn't get that either
Im Ngamer (11:21:25 PM): in the era when everyone was creating GE Rocket League and all that, Bcks started a competition to see who could die the fastest on each level
wheatrich (11:21:58 PM): hitler wants strategies on quick deaths
wheatrich (11:22:00 PM): surprise surprise
ID #126
Occurred: Jul 21 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(23:06:41) ShadowZero: can all booted people send me the votes again
(23:06:45) durrkmeister: no
(23:06:45) megawabs: no
(23:06:45) Wouter Jansen: no
(23:06:45) typosaur: no
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