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ID #450
Occurred: 1 Nov 2007
Submitted: 2 Nov 2007, 12:58 AM
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(A jury ordered an anti-gay Kansas church to pay $10.9 million in damages to relatives of a U.S. Marine who died in Iraq after church members cheered his death at his funeral.)
octoinky (11:52:06 PM): hell, I'd cheer if those fuckheads died
NathanStinson (11:52:17 PM): why? its all because of the gays, octo!@
NathanStinson (11:52:22 PM): you should cheer THEIR deaths!
NathanStinson (11:52:23 PM): :)
octoinky (11:52:30 PM): I meant the churches, and I was joking haha
(11:52:32 PM) RyanWhiteGoose has entered the room.
RyanWhiteGoose (11:52:33 PM): lol im gay
octoinky (11:52:43 PM): how fittingly timed
ID #327
Occurred: May 09 2000
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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mjf345 (10:47:35 PM): stages of goatse? what do you mean?
mjf345 (10:47:41 PM): i just saw a few pics of it
mjf345 (10:47:57 PM): then i closed the page because i couldn't bare to look at any more
mjf345 (10:48:17 PM): and i'm not the kind of person who gets grossed out easily
ledererer216 (10:50:21 PM): I'm not ashamed to admit that i have never seen tubgirl. My buddy saw it in 7th grade and described it as a scaring experience
mjf345 (10:50:38 PM): what's tubgirl?
Im Ngamer (10:50:41 PM): I've never seen all of tubgirl at once
Im Ngamer (10:50:49 PM): google it Fry!
ledererer216 (10:50:50 PM): one of those shock sites
Im Ngamer (10:50:53 PM): shhhh!
Im Ngamer (10:50:55 PM): no it's not!
ledererer216 (10:50:57 PM): of a really hot chick
ledererer216 (10:51:01 PM): damn she has a nice rack
Im Ngamer (10:51:05 PM): yeah, I know!
mjf345 (10:51:06 PM): ok
mjf345 (10:51:13 PM): it better not be a naked man
mjf345 (10:51:17 PM): *googling it*
ledererer216 (10:51:18 PM): of course not
Im Ngamer (10:51:19 PM): don't worry, it's not
mjf345 (10:52:11 PM): um, wtf is this a pic of?
mjf345 (10:52:37 PM): what's the yellow liquid?
NathanStinson (10:52:45 PM): ..........
ledererer216 (10:52:46 PM): urine?
mjf345 (10:52:52 PM): no, not urine
Regular Civilian (10:52:59 PM): lemon juice
Regular Civilian (10:53:58 PM): There's a site where you can read more about that, by the way.
Regular Civilian (10:54:33 PM): Now where did I put that url...
Regular Civilian (10:55:02 PM): http://www.lemonparty.org/
NathanStinson (10:57:01 PM): fried hasnt come back
NathanStinson (10:57:03 PM): owned
ID #577
Occurred: 7 Oct 2014
Submitted: 14 Oct 2014, 9:24 PM
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*Alec enters all excited after a baseball playoff game went 18 innings*

(12:08:43 AM) DrInvertigone has entered the room.
DrInvertigone (12:09:05 AM): Clayton Kershaw is honey and the Cardinals are bees. Zack Greinke is garlic and the Cardinals are vampires.
DrInvertigone (12:12:47 AM): I swear on my life Detroit's hitting is there, the starting pitching is there. But my oh my if the Tigers sat down and played Werewolf in the clubhouse the whole bullpen would be lynched on Day One.
isthatagoodt (12:10:09 AM): how did you handle 2 games at once going on for 6 innings
DrInvertigone (12:10:17 AM): I didn't.
DrInvertigone (12:10:23 AM): I don't have the splitscreen luxury.
DrInvertigone (12:10:30 AM): I watched all 18 innings of the Giants/Nats game.
DKK5 (12:48:02 AM): How is Alec still awake
DrInvertigone (12:49:00 AM): This thing, called Baseball. I just, can handle it. I am ready. Crazy Little Thing Called Baseball. And that, Mr. Kovaz, is why I'm still up.
Infilament (1:02:18 AM): what do you mean, "don't have the splitscreen luxury"
Infilament (1:02:21 AM): watch one of the games on your computer
Infilament (1:03:53 AM): we gotta teach you how to multitask, Al
DrInvertigone (1:04:15 AM): I'm breathing and typing at the same time. That's multitasking right there.
Infilament (1:04:45 AM): well, let's level you up to post-toddler multitasking next time
ID #586
Occurred: 9 Jan 2015
Submitted: 11 Jun 2015, 9:04 PM
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(19:20:52) GoldenJimbo007: $1873 for engagement ring
(19:21:11) DrInvertigone: You bought Rachel an engagement ring?
(19:21:21) isthatagoodlinux: they're engaged to be married
(19:21:24) isthatagoodlinux: did you literally not know
(19:21:40) DrInvertigone: When was this
(19:21:44) isthatagoodlinux: two weeks ago
(19:22:09) DrInvertigone: I hate wedding talk. :-(
(19:23:34) DrInvertigone: I'm very sad right now.
(19:26:39) DrInvertigone: Hopefully I can put a ring around someone's finger when I get this St. Paul job and become a famous baseball broadcaster.
(19:32:40) DrInvertigone: I want the attention and my moment in the limelight. A wedding could give me that.
(19:33:01) isthatagoodlinux: erm, what
(19:33:09) Infil1212: a great reason to get married
(19:33:16) isthatagoodlinux: right now i am about as confused as i have ever EVER been EVER
(19:33:23) Infil1212: typically the wedding day is the bride's moment, for the record
(19:33:26) DrInvertigone: Well, that's one of the things I'd want to get married for.
(19:33:27) TopRogue7: the wedding day is the bride's moment in the limelight
(19:33:36) DrInvertigone: I'll make sure the spotlight is on me. No worries.
(19:33:42) isthatagoodlinux: wait
(19:33:47) isthatagoodlinux: what
(19:33:52) isthatagoodlinux: did he really just say that

(19:34:07) ngonhislaptop: wedding is a really, really expensive and inefficient way to get attention
(19:34:49) DrInvertigone: But I also know the glitz and the glamor of it. I'm sick of sitting in seats watching others get married. I can't wait until it's my time.
(19:35:13) Infil1212: so you want to get married because you get to throw a huge party and people celebrate you, NOT because you want a wife
(19:35:33) Infil1212: you can throw a huge party at any time though?
(19:35:40) DrInvertigone: I don't really do that.
(19:38:16) DrInvertigone: I ain't drinking if I ever have a wedding. That's for sure.
(19:38:31) DrInvertigone: I also have no plans to hold a bachelor party if I get married.
(19:38:45) GoldenJimbo007: Who the hell doesn't want a bachelor party
(19:38:57) DrInvertigone: Me, Jim.
(19:39:37) DrInvertigone: Speak for yourself. I tend to live in seclusion. So, the night before my wedding I would just relax at my place doing whatever, maybe watching baseball or playing my N64 or something. Better yet, maybe I'll be calling baseball on the radio.
(19:39:53) Infil1212: the night before your wedding you might be throwing up with nervousness
(19:40:05) isthatagoodlinux: imagine if you had a panic attack 5 minutes before your wedding
(19:40:13) isthatagoodlinux: because you were thinking about having a panic attack at your wedding
(19:40:19) Infil1212: lol

(19:40:37) Infil1212: what's wrong with a bachelor party, alec
(19:40:43) Infil1212: isn't this exactly the attention you want?
(19:40:52) Infil1212: a party someone else plans for you where all the focus is on you
(19:41:11) DrInvertigone: I'm not a party person. I plan on deejaying my own reception, too. No requests allowed.
(19:41:57) Infil1212: i've never heard of the groom DJing a party, usually they're busy doing wedding stuff?
(19:42:03) Infil1212: like cutting the cake and dancing with their new wife?
(19:42:07) DrInvertigone: Well I plan to make an exception here.
(19:42:18) DrInvertigone: I'll be deejaying and asking my wife to come up and dance during select songs I play.
(19:43:45) venisonvixen: Why wouldn't you give a DJ your playlist so you can spend time with the wife and guests?
(19:43:57) DrInvertigone: I like to do things myself.
ID #153
Occurred: Jul 31 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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(18:09:51) Stickmansam 1024: How could I not be in the scopinfo contest?
(18:09:59) Stickmansam 1024: I played TS2 once, a long time ago
(18:10:05) Fabien "Wabs" Malavel: mostly astrolander ;-)
(18:10:03) Stickmansam 1024: OH MAN I SOLD TS2
(18:10:10) Stickmansam 1024: NOW I CAN NEVER PLAY ASTROLANDER AGAIN
(18:10:12) Stickmansam 1024: AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH
(18:10:19) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: see Sam?
(18:10:23) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: told you you'd regret it
(18:10:25) Stickmansam 1024: THAT'S WHY I WAS KEEPING IT
(18:10:29) Stickmansam 1024: NOW I REMEMBER
(18:10:32) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: haha
(18:10:37) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: always comes back to bite you
(18:10:48) Stickmansam 1024: Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurses
(18:11:16) Jon "Ngamer" Barber: quick, go buy it back for twice as much as you sold it for!
(18:11:20) Stickmansam 1024: hell no
(18:11:46) Stickmansam 1024: Mental note, never sell videogames ever again
ID #83
Occurred: Jan 01 2004
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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Yeah, Stephen Hawking is so gay... one time I rode in this cold fusion space shuttle he developed and all of the bathrooms in it had those really wide doors and handlebars next to the toilet to hold on to to get back up... Gosh, it was gay.
~ Bryan Youse
ID #445
Occurred: 21 Sep 2007
Submitted: 20 Sep 2007, 11:49 PM
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octoinky (1:47:29 PM): get jack in here, he'll love this KOTH
JackOfWailing (1:47:30 PM) has entered the room.
JackOfWailing (1:47:32 PM): koth time!!
ID #99
Occurred: Jun 13 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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A day in the life of an Ezboard staff member
5:00 AM - Get attacked by hacker, lose half the data.
7:10 AM - Secretary arrives at work.
7:35 AM - Secretary realises they've been attacked.
8:05 AM - After playing Solitaire for a while, secretary decides to call in maintenace guys.
8:50 AM - Secretary posts a message on Ezboard help forums and links it to the top of every board.
10:10 AM - Maintenace team arrives. They decide to take the servers completely offline while they inspect the situation.
12:45 PM - Maintenace team concludes that the systems are not physically damaged, just data has been deleted.
1:25 PM - Servers are back in place and missing posts have been replaced with a message claiming they "can't be restored".
1:30 PM - Lunch break.
3:05 PM - Maintenance team has finished sorting through backup and discovering which data needs to be backed up. Company policy states that this type of action should be documented. Maintenance team stands around waiting for secretary to type it up.
5:00 PM - Finished for the day.
9:25 PM - Systems are attacked again.

Cervone: When do they fuck each other with glass dildos?
ID #258
Occurred: Nov 29 2005
Submitted: 10 Jun 2006, 12:00 AM
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GoldenGreg007 (21:07:18): has anyone else seen an ad for gay.com on the elite boards?
BloodE of Sorrow (21:07:30): i don't get ads
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:37): yeah i'm too lazy to adblock
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:42): but yeah
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:43): gay.com
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:48): right above the elite banner
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:50): i thought it was a joke
GoldenGreg007 (21:07:54): then i realized it was an actual ad
BloodE of Sorrow (21:08:00): did you click it
GoldenGreg007 (21:08:04): well yeah
ID #540
Occurred: 15 Oct 2010
Submitted: 16 Oct 2010, 1:01 AM
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GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:07 PM): So everyone at work got wind of the Jimbo tour that Jon made in Nov 09
Scott (11:48:15 PM): How did they like it?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:16 PM): Man this morning sucked!
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:27 PM): "apple spice candles, Jimbo?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:32 PM): "Titanic and Boston Terriers?"
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:39 PM): "Eat some vegetables, fuck"
Scott (11:48:40 PM): How many people are we talking?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:43 PM): 20ish
Scott (11:48:50 PM): They all watched it together?
DKK5 (11:48:55 PM): How did they find out?
GoldenJimbo007 (11:48:55 PM): Yep
GoldenJimbo007 (11:49:03 PM): One guy found it while watching some GE vids
GoldenJimbo007 (11:49:08 PM): Linked it to his buddy there
GoldenJimbo007 (11:50:00 PM): I walked in this morning to see everyone watching a vid, at the time I didn't know it was the house tour
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